Chris Potoski

Quick Facts:

Birth Date 1972
Full Name Chris Potoski
Birth Name Chris Potoski
Profession Business Professional
Nationality American
Birth City Raleigh, North Carolina
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tracey Lynn Livermore
No Of Children 1
Height 178 cm
Weight 75 kg
Networth 10000000
Education Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Psychology at Central Michigan University
Religion Christianity

Chris Potoski is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is best known as the husband of adult movie star Brandi Love. You might not know much about Potoski since he’s equally private about his personal life, but his wife is quite the popular figure in the media. So, today we course to know more about her husband Chris Potoski.

Infancy & Youth

Although Potoski’s precise birthdate has not yet been made public, it has been reported that he was born in 1972. Additionally, his hometown has not yet been updated.

Potosk was a devoted, self-assured, and diligent young man. He still puts a lot of effort into his profession and is quite dedicated to it.

Family Information

On no social media platform are Potoski’s parents or siblings’ identities made public. He is much more private and prefers to keep his personal life private. The majority of business professionals scrupulously adhere to their privacy and avoid drawing attention to it.

Potoski has never felt comfortable disclosing his parents’ names and occupations because of this. In addition, it is yet unclear if he has siblings. Potoski is currently the only child of his parents. You may also like to know about Richard Dawson.

Career Launch

Potoski started working as Curative Health Services’ director of business development in East Setauket, New York, in January 1995. He remained employed there till December 1999. He was soon appointed vice president of business development by National Healing Corporation in 2000.

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Potoski started No Rivals Media on his own in June 2004 and served as CEO until June 2008 after holding a variety of professions and positions.

Combined net worth

Chris Potoski is a wealthy businessman who has amassed a net worth of $10 million over the course of his twenty-seven years in the business world. His enormous riches includes all of his wages, stock dividends, passive revenues, and extravagances.

In addition, his wife is a wealthy film star who has earned a total of $8 million from her work in the entertainment industry.

Professional Life

At the moment, Chris holds the positions of founder and COO of two distinct businesses, TraceyJordan Properties and TJC Asset Management. Potoski is a very methodical businessman who never allows his love for the company to be affected by his private life.

He performs the twin roles of manager and chief executive as the chief operating officer. Furthermore, Potoksi is motivated to advance corporate output and steer the enterprise in the right direction.

Family Life

Chris Potoski, a happily married man, married the lovely Brandi Love on February 10, 1995. The devoted couple first connected while working on an adult film.

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Before deciding to be married and prolong their relationship, Brandi and Chris wanted to date for a while to get to know and understand one another.

Disputes & Divorce

The devoted couple has been married for almost 2.5 decades and continues to treasure their union. They have never been involved in any extramarital affair rumors or disputes.

Additionally, there are no ongoing disputes between the Potoksi marriage, and there is no indication that they are divorcing.


The Potoskis have a daughter together. Jesse Lauriston Livermore, who goes by that name, was born in 2003. According to rumors, Brandi’s family sued Chris and her for allowing Jesse to attend childcare.

Once the court made its announcement in Potoksi’s favor, the case was adjudicated.

Chris Potoski’s online profiles

On online forums, Chris Potoski is not a very gregarious person. It’s possible that he lacks the time to manage social media. However, he is the owner of a LinkedIn account.

In contrast, his wife has Wikipedia pages and profiles on several social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram Account

Despite Potoski’s absence from Twitter, his wife is very active and has a large following. On her account, she has more than 956.4k followers. In January 2009, she signed up for Twitter and used the username @brandi love.

Additionally, she has posted a total of 165.4k tweets to far and follows more than 3.8k profiles at the moment.

LinkedIn Page

InVixis’s founder, Potoski, has over 136 connections on LinkedIn. On his  LinkedIn profile, you can view his experiences, educational background, talents, and contact information.

The abilities included in this profile for Potoski include company growth, leadership, process improvement, revenue cycle management, and clinical research.

Potoski’s Wife

Tracey Lynn Livermore, Brandi’s true name, was born in Dearborn, Michigan, on March 29, 1973. The AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame both include her.

Photo of Brandi Love ( Source:

She is also a well-known Instagram user with more than 100,000 followers. Potoski has also been named a winner of the 2020 Adult Entertainment Award.

Education Information

Potoski pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from 1990 to 1995. From Central Michigan University, he received his degree.

He finished earning his Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the same university at the same time.

Former Partnerships

Chris Potoski has never been in a relationship before. Furthermore, there are no rumors that he has ever dated any women.

Like Mr. Potoski, Mrs. Potoski was single before finding her current partner.

Interests & Hobbies

Chris is a workaholic, therefore his job keeps him busy all the time. But anytime he has free time, he spends it reading the pages of his favorite authors’ novels. Furthermore, he reads the newspapers regularly.

In addition, he does research on many subjects and creates the appropriate publications.

Health Status

Every month, Potoski is required to spend nine days. He suffered a heart attack in March 2004 as a result of his workload and lack of downtime. He was employed at the time as the Vice President of Business Development at National Healing Corporation.

However, there was no long-lasting improvement in his health. Nevertheless, Potoski left the corporation and eventually started his own organization after his doctor advised him to change careers.

Physical Qualities

Chris Potoski has brown hair that complements his light brown eyes well. He also has an oval face, a fashionable mustache, and a beard.

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Additionally, he weighs 75 kg and measures 178 cm (5 feet, 9 inches) tall (165 lbs).

Asset Management TJC

The company TJC Asset Management, which was established in 2004, specializes in managing the content or assets of digital media. This business will be in charge of more than 200 TB (Tera Bytes) of digital media by the year 2022.

This business generates a sizable profit and $26.7 million in annual revenue. There are corporate offices for this corporation in Stanford, Chicago, and New York.

Professional disputes

Potoski has never been involved in any disputes at work. He has consistently shown himself to be a diligent and hardworking individual. He also has a friendly disposition, which keeps problems between his personal and professional lives to a minimum.

Potoski enjoys a flawless career as a result. Additionally, he has never had a disagreement with any of his coworkers.

Potoski as a Performer

In his early years, Potoski attempted to pursue a career as an adult film actor, but he later changed his mind and became more interested in the business sector.

He has nevertheless appeared in a few television series.

The IMDb page

Potoski has two credits and can be found on IMDb. In Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, he played a part (a 2008 TV Series documentary).

Since that time, he has only appeared on screens during his interviews. You may also like to know about Otis Dhanji.

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