Christina Daddario

Quick Facts

Full Name Christina Daddario
Birth Name Christina Titus
Profession Lawyer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married

Christina Daddario an American attorney is widely famous as the beloved mother of the entertainment personalities Alexandra Daddario and Matthew Daddario.

The celebrity mother Christina who has English, German, Hungarian ancestry, was born as Christina Titus. However, she is quite secretive. So, the detailed information regarding her early life details is still under the radar. Her exact birth details are also lacking.

Who is Christina Hudband?

Currently, Christina and Richard Daddario are married. From 2010 to 2013, her husband Richard, an American detective, worked in the counterterrorism division of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Image: Christina Daddario, an American attorney, is wed to Richard Daddario.
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Another mystery is how and where Richard and Christina met and wed. The couple chooses to keep the specifics of their marriage private. In addition, the couple hardly ever appears in public and appears in fewer of their kids’ social media posts.

Christina and her spouse had three adorably cute children together. On March 16, 1986, they gave birth to a daughter named Alexandra Daddario. On October 1, 1987, they welcomed their second child, a son named Matthew Daddario.

Picture of Christina Daddario (right) with her children Catharine and Alexandra Daddario (left).
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On December 16, 1992, the couple finally had their third child, a daughter they called Catharine Daddario. Christina and Richard are currently enjoying their time with their children and grandchildren.

proud mother of well-known kids

As was already stated, Christina’s well-known children are the main cause of her notoriety. Alexandra, her oldest child, is a prominent American actress.

The 34-year-old actress Alexandra, who was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, is well known for portraying a role in films and television programs like Texas Chainsaw 3D, White Collar, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Baywatch, and American Horror Story: Hotel.

Picture of Matthew Daddario, Christina Daddario’s adored famous son.
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Similar to Christina, Matthew, Christina’s middle child, works in the Hollywood film industry. The 32-year-old actor Matthew is renowned for his ground-breaking work in Freeform, 36 Saints, Shadowhunters, and other shows. In addition, Matthew and Esther Kim have been wed since December 2017. A daughter, their first child, was born in September 2020.

Catharine, the oldest child of Christina and Richard, is both a model and a budding actor who has appeared in the films Lake Artifact (2018), Donna (2019), and Monstrous (2020).

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What is the Net Worth of Christina ?

Christina has not disclosed the precise amount of her financial worth, similar to her early private life. However, based on estimates, she has a net worth of about $400 000, which she has amassed from her work as a lawyer.

A lawyer in the United States makes, on average, $6729 per month, according to Ziprecruiter. Working for law firms may allow Christina to make more money than the ordinary person. Her younger daughter Alexandra, on the other hand, is worth $8 million, and her son Matthew is worth $3 million.

Why is Christina Daddario famous?

Christina Daddario is an American lawyer and a famous mother. Alexandra, Catherine, and Matthew Daddario, her three children, are all extremely accomplished. They’ve all had successful acting careers as well.