Clara Hughes

One of the most celebrated athletes of Canada, Clara Hughes, has a net worth of $10 million. Deemed as ‘an athlete of all seasons,’ she has skated, cycled, and even raced professionally.

The 49 years old olympian had a difficult childhood and teenage. But a fortunate encounter with Olympic games on TV made her interested in taking up sports herself.

From a troubled teenager, Hughes claimed the Olympic medal, not once but six times, becoming a rare athlete who excels in multiple sports.

After retirement, Clara has been spending her time giving back to society and people. Moreover, she is an advocate of mental health and is connected to various other charities as well.

This kind and noble athlete has now become a role model for everyone. Now, the Canadians recognize her as an unofficial brand ambassador of Canada.

In this article, we will investigate the financial matters of this Olympic star. Before going into details, here are some impressive quick facts:

Clara Hughes: Quick Facts

Full Name Clara Hughes
Common Name Clara Hughes
Titles Order of Canada, Order of Manitoba
Birthdate September 27, 1972
Age 49 years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Mother’s Name Maureen Hughes
Father’s Name Ken Hughes
Siblings One older sister
Birthplace Winnipeg, Manitoba
Home Town Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nationality Canadian
Residence Canada
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White
School Elmwood High School
College N/A
Education Various honorary degrees
Height 5’9″/176 cm
Weight 69 kg (152 lb) approx
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Married
Spouse Peter Guzman
Children None
Ex-partners N/A
Profession Athlete, Humanitarian
Sports Road bicycle racing, Track cycling, Speed skating
Debut 1988
Jersey N/A
Coach N/A
Olympic Medals 6(2 in cycling, 4 in speed skating)
Status Retired
Retired On February 24, 2010 (speed skating), 2012(cycling
Hobbies Reading, Adventure Trips
Affiliated with Bell Canada, Right to play
Favorite Book N/A
Favorite Food N/A
Merch Book
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Last Update July, 2022

Clara Hughes’s wealth and earnings

Clara Hughes, a notable athlete, has a $10 million estimated net worth. The sum is determined after taking into account her prize money, earnings, assets, and other brand deals.

Clara is not the type of person to boast about her fortune. She prefers a quiet, adventurous existence, nevertheless.

Similarly, Hughes loves working at charity events and making people happy. Her main goal is to influence as many people as she can.

An athlete’s ability to handle their finances after retirement might become quite challenging. Clara, however, has made investments that have helped her feel financially secure.

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House and Cars House, by Clara Hughes

Clara had previously tried to purchase real estate, but she did not feel at ease as a landlord. In 2005, she and her husband purchased a property in Calgary with rental money; however, they quickly sold it.

They have acquired and sold homes in many Canadian provinces over the years. They intend to live out the remainder of their lives in their peaceful Canmore house.


Although she rode bikes for the majority of her career, she recognizes how important cars are for transportation. She has owned a wide variety of vehicles, including Mazda, Subaru, Volkswagen, and more.

Most of these vehicles were gifts from her sponsorship agreements. Clara is not a great fan of autos, but, in truth.

Hughes doesn’t picture herself behind the wheel of a large Mercedes or an expensive sports car, even though she is free to choose any automobile she wants.

In a similar vein, Hughes’s first automobile was the one she purchased in California in 1997. It was a standard Toyota T100 truck from 1995.

She still has it in her house after using it for a very long time. After that, in 2014, she made an independent purchase of a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD SUV.

Interesting fact: She brought her bike with her when she went to the dealer to make the purchase! She thinks this SUV is as fast and powerful as an Olympian.

Clara claims to be a slow driver, yet she has only only been involved in a few serious collisions. She therefore constantly favors secure automobiles.

Businesses and investments, says Clara Hughes

Clara contributed all of her winnings, sponsorship fees, and other earnings to an athlete’s fund. She now enjoys the security of a designated savings account for her retirement.

Athletes don’t genuinely have financial security after their peak years, unlike other professions. Olympic athletes are not financially comparable to “NHL athletes,” according to Clara.

Athletes need to handle their finances extremely well in that situation. To learn where to put her hard-earned money, Clara sought the advice of others who are knowledgeable in business and finance.

Her teammates persuaded her to invest $3,000 in a cattle company at the start of the 1990s.

Stock investing is risky business if you don’t have the necessary expertise. This lesson cost Clara dearly.

Hughes ultimately lost every penny she had. Well, even that little bit of cash meant a lot to Clara and other diligent workers.

She did, however, comprehend that investing without knowledge is a losing proposition. And She can feel confident about where her wealth is going because of appropriate direction.

She fortunately has a sizable amount of money invested in stocks of important businesses and financial institutions. Additionally, she has invested in businesses like Disney and Apple.

But Clara is a dinosaur. She is not the type to indulge in extravagant spending.

Money saved is money earned, as the saying goes. Her pleasure and perfect health are the Olympic champion’s greatest riches.

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Clara Hughes: Sponsorships and Endorsements

We already know that the name Clara is popular, especially in Canada, where the speaker is from.

Clara’s status as a celebrity in her nation has led to numerous collaborations and sponsorships.

Not to mention, Hughes has a website of her own that sells products from Shimano, Specialized, Lululemon Athletica, and other brands. These businesses supply her with the necessary tools, accessories, and clothing for her games.

Clara Hughes: Style of living and travel

As you might expect from a former athlete, Clara has an active lifestyle. The Canadian spends a lot of time engaging in outdoor and daring activities.

Hughes enjoys hiking and trekking just as much. The Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Baja Trail are just a few of the significant hikes she has accomplished.

Peter, her spouse, frequently goes with her because he also enjoys the outdoors. In actuality, Peter was the enthusiastic traveller at first.

He provided Clara with inspiration, and she ultimately fell in love with it. They also go camping together and enjoy kayaking and cycling.

Clara Hughes: Generosity

Clara consistently tries to help people because she thinks she can utilize her achievements to do so.

She has been a mental health champion since she experienced depression and overcame it. In 2014, she spoke to people about mental health while traveling 11,000 kilometers throughout Canada.

In addition, the “grand ride” took her 110 days to accomplish (from March 11 to July 1, 2014). The huge ride was the subject of a documentary as too, called “Clara’s Big Ride.”

Hughes has a close relationship with the Johan Olaf Koss-founded nonprofit organization “Right to play.”

Similar to this, RTP fosters peace, offers health-related assistance, and encourages children to develop life skills in underdeveloped nations and communities.

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She gave $10,000 to RTP right away after taking home the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics. She has visited Ethiopia, Mali, and Ghana with RTP in order to interact with and meet children there.

In fact, Hughes has collaborated with Take a Hike to send young people who are at danger to a program for alternative schooling.

It places a special emphasis on empowering them through the process of adventure-based learning, counseling, education, and community engagement.

Clara instantly expressed interest in cooperating when Bell Canada unveiled a new mental health campaign to assist raise knowledge of and money for supporting individuals living with mental illness. She currently serves as a Bell Let’s Talk representative.

After 751 unmarked graves were discovered near a Residential School in Saskatchewan, she recently appealed to the public to support the effort by showing their support by sharing this message.

She also serves as an ambassador for the “This is our Shot” campaign, which urges people to overcome vaccine hesitation.

T-shirt sales recently helped the cause raise $96,000 for teenage mental health.

Books, Clara Hughes

Clara is well-known in her own Canada. Therefore, when she released her book Open Heart, Open Mind in 2015, it quickly became the top seller in the country.

Every athlete has both physical and mental challenges on the road to the top. This book chronicles her development into the renowned athlete she is today.

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Clara Hughes’s Summary of Career

At age 16, Clara began figure skating and quickly became a junior champion. Even while she initially simply used cycling as a cross-training technique, she soon recognized she had promise in it as well.

After a few years of skating, she began cycling professionally when she was 17 years old.

Additionally, she has two Olympic medals and has won the national cycling title 18 times.

At the age of 28, Hughes later returned to speed skating. She still won gold in skating at the 2006 Winter Olympics despite that extended hiatus.

Clara formally retired in 2012. She has been trekking and working on charitable causes.

medal counts

Clar has won several medals in both the Summer and Winter Games throughout the course of her sixteen-year career, making her the only athlete in the entire world—not just in Canada or North America—to do so.

To begin with, Clara earned a bronze medal in both the time trial and the road race at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games.

In the time trial again, Clara won silver in the 1995 Tunja World Championships. She also made her debut as a gold medallist when she won the time trial at the 1995 Tunja World Championships.

Clara also won silver in the road race in Mar del Plata and the time trial at the 2003 Santo Domingo Olympics. She then improved her records by winning the bronze medal in the Mar del Plata time trial.

At the 2011 Pan American Road and Track Championships in Medellin, Clara won the gold medal in the time trial.

Clara’s track cycling medal totals are as follows: bronze at the Manchester points race in 2002, gold in the Santo Domingo points race in 2003, and silver at the Havana individual pursuit in 1991.

As a female speed skater, Clara won a gold medal in the 5000-meter competition at the 2006 Winter Olympics, a bronze at the same event in Salt Lake City in 2002, and a bronze in Vancouver in 2010.

Clara won a silver medal in 2006 in Turin (Team Pursuit). She competed in the World Single Distance Championships, winning gold in 2004 in Seoul, silver in 2003 in Berlin, and bronze in 2008 in Nagano and 2009 in Vancouver.

Adding to the list is a silver from Inzell in 2005. (individual and team pursuit both).

Clara Hughes: Quotes

  • “I am nowhere near my limit. I want to see if there is any such thing as a limit, I want to go and find out.”
  • “I’ve learned what it truly means to be Canadian, and in turn, I’ve been inspired to make a difference in the world, however small it’s been.”
  • “I want people to be inspired that I’ve always strived for excellence, and I’ve always gone beyond what anybody ever thought I could do, what I thought I myself could do. And I’ve allowed myself to be inspired, kept my eyes open and my senses open to inspiration around me.”

Clara Hughes: Social Media presence

Twitter: 53.3K Followers 

Facebook: 44K Followers

Instagram: 20.8K Followers

Clara Hughes: Three Interesting Facts

  • Clara had a difficult childhood. Hughes’s parents split when she was nine, and she went reckless. Drugs, smoking, alcohol, and even quitting school, she did it all. It wasn’t until she watched Gaetan Boucher skating on TV that Hughes fixed her ways and got into sports.
  • Hughes is one of those rare athletes who have won models and summer and winter Olympic games. And the only Canadian to do so. In addition to that, she has earned medals in two sports, cycling and speed skating.
  • Clara has won many honors throughout her life. She is honored with the ‘order of Canada, ‘order of Manitoba,’ and ‘Meritorious Service Cross.’ She is also inducted into Canada’s sports hall of fame and has a star in Canada’s walk of fame.
    • Furthermore, she has two honorary doctorates in Law. The hill in Ontario, where she trained for seven years, was officially renamed ‘Clara’s Climb’ in 2013. There is a school named after her in Ontario. And the list goes on.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Clara Hughes a Hall of Fame?

She has been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2010. Not only that but, Clara also serves as an Officer in the Order of Canada and inspires all Canadians.