Cleavon Little

American actor Cleavon Little gained notoriety for playing a black sheriff in the Academy Award-nominated comedy Blazing Saddles. He was a talented actor who worked largely in films and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. became the first black actor to get a Tony Award for his diverse but enthralling stage performances. Over the course of his life, he took part in over 20 plays.

At first, Cleavon’s on-screen performance was fantastic, and critics expected that Cleavon Little would become a well-known movie actor. His cinematic career, however, fell short of his potential. He played Ron Freeman in the 11-episode television series True Colors, which was his most recent noteworthy acting performance. Sadly, the actor passed away in 1992 at the age of 53.

Quick Facts

Where was Cleavon Little born?

In the United States, Cleavon Jake Little was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma. He was born to Malachi Little and Ruby Little on June 1, 1939. His natal sign is Gemini. He is an American citizen of black origin. The siblings he cherishes and cares for are Roy, Everett, Rosemarie, and DeEtta. DeEtta Little(West), his sister, is a singer. She is also well-known for her part in the Rocky soundtrack song Gonna Fly Now. Due to his Californian birth and upbringing, Cleavon graduated from Kearny High School in 1957.

A younger Cleavon Little

After that, he transferred to San Diego College. After that, he signed up for San Diego State University. In addition, he received his college degree in dramatic arts in 1965. He moved to New York City after being offered a scholarship at the exclusive Julliard School in Manhattan. After completing his studies at Julliard, he received training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts from 1965 to 1967.

How did Cleavon Little start her career?

Cleavon Little made his stage debut in the satirical drama Macbird in February 1967. After that, he played the main role in an off-Broadway production of Scuba Duba in October 1967. As he made headway on stage, casting directors in the film business started to notice him. He soon made appearances in films and television productions including 1968’s What’s So Bad About Feeling Good and 1968’s The Felony Squad. Additionally, he had a strong performance in Cotton Comes to Harlem in 1970 and John and Mary in 1969.

Little on the sets of Blazing Saddles

Cleavon made his Broadway debut in 1969 and won the Drama Desk Award and the Tony Award for his outstanding performance. He attained these successes as a result of his performance in the musical Purile. Cleavon had his busiest year as an actor in 1971. His most impressive performance came from Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddles in 1974. He received three Oscar nominations for this. Additionally, Cleavon was nominated for a British Academy Award in the category of Most Promising Newcomer.

He appeared in the comedies Bagdad Cafe and True colors in his latter years. His final appearance was on Tales From the Crypt in 1992.

What are the physical qualities of Cleavon Little?

Wide-eyed Cleavon Little is well renowned for his enticing eyes and grin. Additionally, the man weighs about 62 kg and has a thin body type. He stood 6 feet 1 inch tall. In addition, he had black hair and dark brown eyes. Unfortunately, there is currently no more information available regarding his bodily measurements.

What’s going on in Cleavon Little’s personal life?

Cleavon Little and Valerie Wiggins became engaged in 1972. His wife is from the United Kingdom. They were happily married and had a daughter together named Adia Millett Little. But what appeared to be a joyful family ended up being a catastrophe. In 1974, after only a brief marriage, the couple divorced. Little has struggled with digestive problems and ulcers for the entirety of his adult life. He unfortunately went away on October 22, 1992. Colon cancer was the reason for the death. Many of his fans were heartbroken by his demise.

The public adored his memorable performances and parts. He passed away in California, but the New York Bay shoreline was covered in his bones. Los Angeles is home to Adia, Cleavon’s daughter. His father and stepmother, Malachi Little and Ruby Little, live in San Diego. Meanwhile, his sisters and brothers also reside in Los Angeles.

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Is Cleavon Little socially active?

We are unable to locate him on any platforms because social media was previously only found in newspapers and publications. If Cleavon had been created at that time, social media platforms would have been abuzz with it. His daughter, however, goes by the handle @adiamillett on Instagram. Her most recent post, with more than 2.6K followers, was made on July 4, 2022.

Cleavon would have been 82 years old in 2021 Source :

What is the net worth of Cleavon Little?

Little’s net worth is said to be between $1 and $5 million, per sources. The actor made quite a bit of money for himself back in his day. Despite having health problems, he still delivered the audience fantastic performances. However, we are unsure of his actual earnings and assets.

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