Colin Friels

Quick Facts

One of Scotland’s talented entertainers and television actors is Colin Friels. He has received credit for 81 films and television programmes. His performances as Louis Strack Jr. in Darkman, Malcolm Hughes in Malcolm, and Walenski in Dark City earned him a following.

Colin Friels, who was born and reared in Scotland, moved there for his academic pursuits. After that, he wed Judy Davis, with whom he had two children. In addition, the actor received a Helpmann Award for his 2003 performance in Copenhagen. Follow this page to find out his age, net worth, marital status, and family.

How old is Colin Friels?

The 25th of September 1952 saw the birth of Colin Friels. Similar to this, he spends his boyhood in Kilwinning, UK, having fun and living a great existence. Colin is currently 69 years old, however on his upcoming birthday in September 2022, he will turn 70. The actor has never made any comments regarding his parents, siblings, or their line of work. Colin’s mother, however, is listed as a former mill worker on Wikipedia, whilst his father was a carpenter.

What country does Colin hail from?

When he was 13 years old, he moved to Australia. Then, his parents enrolled him in college and a better school. Colin is a dual citizen of Australia and Scotland. Additionally, the man is of mixed heritage.

How Did Colin Begin His Acting Career?

At the age of 28, Friels started his professional life. He started acting after earning his degree. In the 1980 film Bog Toys, the actor made his acting debut. His outstanding performance in every role that was provided to him was adored by the public and the directors.

through Colin Friels and Jack Friels

Colin Friels has appeared in some of the best films and television programmes, including Underbelly: Vanishing Act, Jack Ramsay’s Total Control, Wakefield’s Baz, Mystery Road’s Tony Ballantyne, and Interceptor’s Frank Collins.

Colin Friels’ departure from Water Rats: Why?

He shot the final episode of his career’s run on the popular drama “Water Rats” back in 1999. From 1996 until 1999, Colin produced all the episodes and entertained the audience. In Colin’s Tearful Farewell, he expressed his sentiment and bond with the crew.

He had to leave Water Rats because of his condition. The actor was undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer. In addition, the physical demands of his job left him worn out.

Who is the spouse of Colin Friels?

In 1984, Colin Friels and actress Judy David exchanged wedding vows. Before the couple tied the knot, the husband and wife dated for a considerable amount of time. The couple soon welcomed two gorgeous children, a son called Jack Friels in 1987 and a girl named Charlotte Friels in 1997.

Judy Davis, Colin Friels’ wife

In Hoodwink, Kangaroo, High Tide, and The Man Who Sued God, Judy Davis and Colin Friels co-starred and gave their best performances. However, the actor had a really difficult existence. He was accused of domestic assault against his wife Judy back in 2002.

As a result, he was given a court order in Australia warning him not to “attack” or “harass” his wife under any circumstances. However, things improved, and the couple is now content to live with their two adult children.

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Colin Friels: Is he dead?

Pancreatic cancer struck Colin in 1997. He learned about his sickness during the Water Rats season, which forced him to the sidelines of the programme. He was also dealing with a great deal of disruption in his family, which worsened his illness.

Colin, though, made a modification and is now fine. He completely overcame pancreatic cancer and enjoyed a happy old age with his wife and children. Colin is still alive and has survived his battle with cancer. His supporters and well-wishers were delighted to see fresh photos showing him to be in good health.

How much money does Colin Friels make?

Colin is a well-known actor. His acting career has brought him a respectable sum of money for him. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2022. One of the most prominent and wealthy actors in the Australian-Scottish entertainment sector, he has achieved success and fortune. In addition, the actor has a well-maintained Melbourne home and a fleet of expensive cars. In addition, Judy Davis, Colin’s wife, is thought to be worth $5 million.

What is Colin Friels’ height ?

The height of Colin Friels is ordinary. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Furthermore, his exact weight is unknown because he exercises frequently. His hair is black, and he has been endowed with a pair of dark brown eyes. Colin is currently 69 years old, but he still appears healthy and fit. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed about his measurements and other body types as soon as we can.