Colt Knost

Quick Facts

Full Name Colt Christopher Paul Knost
Date Of Birth June 26, 1985 
Place Of Birth Garrettsville, Ohio, United States
Nick/Pet Name Colt Knost
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Don Paul
Mother’s Name Luann Knost
Number Of Siblings Unknown
Education Southern Methodist University
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Age 37 years old
Height ‎5’9″ (1.75 m)
Weight 215 lb(98 kg)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Build Average
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Yes
Children No
Occupation Retired American professional golfer
Net worth $5-$10 million
Salary Unavailable
Active Since 2007
Pets Unknown
Current works GOLFs Subpar
Social Handle InstagramTwitter
Merch  Golf TeesGolf AccessoriesGolf BagBirdie Juice
Last Update September, 2022

Winners value effort. They enjoy the discipline involved and the sacrifices they have to make to succeed.

Colt Knost embraced this saying and used it to guide his actions. He is an ex-PGA Tour member and retired American professional golfer.

Colt formerly participated in the Tour. Knost has garnered numerous accolades and prizes during the course of his career.

One of the most real and modest golf professionals, according to the media, was Knost. Colt is currently updating his professional image from the perspective of the media after retiring.

Colt has changed his job from professional golf to something else that has a lot more people in it. In addition, he has a noteworthy and fluid golf swing.

He maintains that through enhancing one’s swing, one can become a better golfer.

What is the Physical Measurement of Colt Knost?

Colt Knost was born on June 26, 1985, which means that in 2022 he will be 37 years old. The former master golfer’s height and weight are frequently questions from fans.

Colt is a magnificent 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall and weighs about 215 lbs (98 kg). His height to weight ratio indicated that he had a bouncy body.

It shows that Knost appreciates all that life has to offer and favors a relaxed lifestyle over a hardworking one.

Fans like their idol because of his abilities on the course, not because of his size or weight. Knost is a superb gold player who is well-known all around the world.

Colt was born in June, making him a member of the Cancer zodiac. They are renowned for their commitment, loyalty, and easygoing way of life.

Childhood And Family

The beloved son of proud mother Luann Knost and late father Don Paul, Knost is from Garrettsville, Ohio.

Colt barely recognizes his father because he passed away in a vehicle accident when he was 19 months old. Despite never having ever seen his father, Knost decided to change his name to Colt Christopher Paul Knost in his honor.

Colt Knost is still his full legal name, though. Colt’s family relocated to Texas when he was four years old, where he grew up.

Although Luann played golf as well, she never turned pro. When young Colt began to show an interest in golf, the mom was overjoyed.

Like Baby Knost, who played the game for the first time with his two best pals at the time when he was only twelve.

He especially loved going to Garrettsville to play golf with the rest of his family.

Northeast Ohio golfers remember the very young youngster with the outstanding swing and astonishing distance. They had a gut instinct that Colt the infant would one day make a fantastic golfer.

Colt received his education at Pilot Point High School. Son of Luann won his first game as a freshman in high school.

Colt Knost.(Source=Instagram)

He also played football, basketball, and soccer, but his mother claimed that he preferred golf.

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How did Colt Knost Start HIs Career?

From Southern Methodist University, Knost received a degree. He had a great start at SMU and earned All-Conference and All-Region honors.

The Western Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year award went to Colt as well.

Following that, he received three USGA sanctions; the only other players were Bobby Jones and Jay Sigel.

He eventually won the U.S. Amateur by a score of 2 and 1 against Michael Thompson.

Colt had a stellar record of 2-0-2 when he had the intriguing opportunity to represent the United States at the 2007 Walker Cup that same year (W-L-H).

After winning, Knost gained a lot of popularity. Additionally, he held the top ranking in the World Amateur Golf Position for five weeks in a row.

Furthermore, Knost received the first-ever Mark H. McCormack Medal from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in 2007.

Early Career Highlights

The 2007 U.S. Amateur then switched to professional golf, forgoing his invitations to the Open Championship, U.S. Open, and Masters.

Colt enjoyed himself in three PGA Tour contests as a specialist. The gifted golfer first headed to the licensed section to get his PGA Tour card for the following season. But regrettably, he didn’t finish T-85 well enough.

Knost participated in the Countrywide Trip shortly after that and won the Fort Smith Classic and the Price Cutter Charity Championship.

Turning Pro

Colt ultimately received his PGA Tour card after placing sixth on the money list. But things did not turn out well for him in the end.

Knost only made 11 of 24 cuts, which is why he finished on the 193rd money list and went on another cross-country trip the following year.

For Knost, things weren’t looking good just then, but he was able to acquire another PGA Tour card, so there is still hope.

2012 and 2013 weren’t great years for Colt’s career because he was working so hard to keep his PGA tour card. He began to remember the Tour as a result.

Colt Knost for PGA Tour.(Source=Instagram)

Knost eventually put in a lot of effort to rejoin the PGA tour for 2015 since he didn’t want to remain on the tour.

Since effort triumphs over skill and good fortune, he was able to rejoin the tour in 2015 with great success. Colt advanced to a subsequent year with the tour card that year and finished the season with a higher ranking.

After failing to make the cut at the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Colt announced his retirement from the game of golf.

According to his PGA Tour statistics for the 2019–20 season, his driving distance was 276.0, driving accuracy was 65.48%, the percentage of normal greens he hit was 54.63%, and his scoring average was 72.970.

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After Retirement

Knost wanted a more laid-back lifestyle and was obviously annoyed by all the obstacles. He obviously wanted to retire at a relatively young age because of this.

A former golfer claimed that Colt wanted to do other things but was unable to because of how focused he had to be in practice.

Alongside fellow ex-professional golfer Drew Stoltz, Colt currently co-hosts the podcast “GOLFs Subpar.”

After successfully running the show for a full year, the previous participants are eager for year 2.

Colt and Drew are happy and satisfied with what they accomplish. Knost couldn’t believe how well received his podcast was.

He also said that he is appreciative of all of the listeners and that season 2 would bring tremendous things.

Additionally, the pair invites a variety of current and former golfers as well as coaches, managers, and anyone directly associated with the sport.

The podcast has gained a large following since it never gets boring and is always enjoyable. He continues to run it today, and it has only grown more well-known.

In a recent podcast interview, Colt questioned Scott Stallings, a professional golfer, about his concerns about how his weight loss would impair his game.

“There’s definitely always in the back of your mind, like, man, I’m making some significant changes,” Stallings retorted.

What is the Relationship status of Colt Knost?

Even though Knost hasn’t yet wed, it appears like Natalie Johns has already snatched the eligible bachelor away from his admirers and supporters.

Colt’s connection with his stunning girlfriend Natalie is well-known, and the two appear to be much in love.

From Scottsdale, Arizona, initially, Natalie is a pediatrician. She works as a manager and beauty consultant for the clean beauty brand Beautycounter.

Johns recently received a promotion to manager, and in addition, she sent an encouraging letter to all of her customers.

Natalie also expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she got.

When he was younger, Colt had a special bond with his mom’s cousin and her husband. Tom and Diane Trautman are who they are.

When Colt visited Uncle Tom in the summer, Uncle Tom was the one who took Knost to his golfing lessons and made him practice.

As a close family member of Knost, Tom and Dianne have watched his career and have always been supportive. He currently resides in a stunning Scottsdale home.

How was the Networth Value of Colt Knost?

The majority of Knost’s admirers are curious about his earnings and wealth as a gifted golfer.

Golf was his primary source of money in the past, but he is currently looking for other sources of revenue.


He earned $420,000 in prize money in 2016. Similarly, by the time he retired at age 34, his career earnings were $4 million.

He didn’t make a lot of money in college before starting his professional job. His wages from college may therefore be negligible.

He is currently making a good living from his well-known podcast show.

The main ways that the podcast makes money are via selling commercials, taking part in affiliate programs, providing subscriptions, or raising money on Kickstarter.

Social Media

On Twitter and Instagram, Knost is quite active. In fact, he frequently tweets and blogs to inform the audience of the guests on his show.

From his Instagram postings, we can witness Colt’s carefree and calm lifestyle. On Instagram, the former golfer shares photos of his partner and his travels.

Knost enjoys hanging out with his buddies and traveling with Natalie, his girlfriend.

Tweets on golf and links to Twitter podcasts about golf are abundant in his feed.

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