Connor Bird

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1992
Full Name Connor Bird
Birth Name Connor Bird
Profession Celebrity Son
Nationality American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Larry Bird
Father Profession Former player
Mother Name Dinah Mattingly
Mother Profession Housewife
Gender Identity Male
Marital Status Single
Networth 75000000
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Connor Bird is a popular American personality known for being the son of Larry Bird, a former American Basketball player.  The celebrity son Bird came to the limelight since his childhood. Moreover, he made news headlines for his criminal activities. He has been arrested multiple times.

Who is Connor Bird?

Larry Bird, a former American basketball star, is the father of Connor Bird, a well-known American personality most known for being Larry Bird’s son.
Bird, the famous son, has been in the spotlight since he was a child celebrity. In addition, his illicit activities made him a well-known figure in the media. He’s been arrested some times.

Early Life and Bio

In the media, the public figure On this day in 1992, Larry Bird was born. In the year 2021, he will be 29 years old. Despite his notoriety, he has only made a few public appearances, and as a result, there is very little information available about him. Larry Mattingly and his wife Dinah have an adopted kid named Connor. Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, his younger sisters, round up his family. His brothers and sisters may have a positive relationship with him. It’s also sad that he hasn’t divulged anything about his educational background or childhood experiences.

What is the current status of Connor Bird’s relationships?

Connor Bird, the famous son, most likely leads a single life at this time. He is expected to pursue a solitary life because his present partner is unknown. He was however detained in 2013 for using a telephone to assault his girlfriend.

Picture of Connor Bird’s girlfriend shows him spending time with his brothers.
Twitter @ConnorBird6 as a source

She suffered a wrist injury. He was also detained in 2018 for drinking and acting inappropriately. He was also charged with drug-related offenses.

Love Life of Father, Larry Bird, and Mother, Dinah Mattingly

Regarding the relationship between his parents, Larry and Dinah Mattingly enjoy a nice marriage. In 1989, the couple exchanged vows. Connor and Mariah Bird were the two children they adopted collectively.

After winning an honor, Larry Bird poses with his wife, Dinah Mattingly. via Getty Images

Larry was previously wed to Janet Condra. The couple traveled a brief distance together. 1975 saw their wedding and 1976 saw their divorce. Their daughter Corrie Bird is also theirs.

How rich is Connor Bird?

Larry Bird, who is his father, was born in Indiana, the US, on December 7, 1956. He goes by the name Larry Legend. He studied at Indiana State University. Additionally, he has been involved in basketball since 1979.

He was a Boston Celtics player between 1979 and 1992. Then, from 1997 to 2000, worked as a coach for the Indiana Pacers. He is currently a National Basketball Association executive. In addition, he has won the NBA title three times and been named MVP of the NBA Finals twice.

Is Connor Bird wealthy?

Given his celebrity status, Connor Bird probably has a posh existence. Regarding his occupation, nothing is discovered. According to estimates, he may have a net worth of more than $1 million, the majority of which comes from his father’s riches.

Photo: A young Larry Bird sporting a Celtics uniform.
Origin: NBA

Regarding his father’s wealth, Larry Bird has amassed earnings of roughly $75 million. He has gained the most of his wealth from his work in various industries. One of the elite athletes and coaches is Larry. When his career was at its height, he used to earn over $3 Million annually.

Additionally, he has a number of houses in the US, with prices ranging over $2 million in the current market. The Bird family is currently leading an opulent existence.

What is his age? His family and age

the public figure in media In 1992, Larry Bird was conceived. He will be 31 years old in 2022. Despite being a celebrity son, he has only sometimes appeared in the media; as a result, not much is known about him.

The couple Dinah Mattingly and Larry are adoptive parents of Connor. Additionally, he has two sisters: Corrie Bird and Mariah Bird. He might get along well with his siblings. Additionally, little is known about his educational background or early life.


Parent’s Love Story

When it comes to his parents, Larry Mattingly is married to Dinah Mattingly and they have a lovely family. In 1989, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Connor and Mariah Bird are their two children, whom they adopted as a couple. Larry had two children with Janet Condra, with whom he was previously married. The two arrived at their destination together after a short vehicle journey. In 1975, they married and divorced the following year. Their lone kid, Corrie Bird, is their only child.