Connor Jessup

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 23,1994
Full Name Connor Jessup
Birth Name Connor Jessup
Profession Actor, Writer, and Director
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Birth City Toronto
Birth Country Canada
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Gay
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Single
Height 180 cm
Networth 1000000
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Connor William Jessup, aka Connor Jessup, is that actor who played the role of Ben Mason on the TNT science fiction television series, Falling Skies. Well, he is a well-known Canadian actor, writer, and director who has roles in the ABC anthology series American Crime, Blackbird, and Closet Monster.

The prominent actor, Connor, was born on 23 June 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, under the birth sign, Cancer. Moreover, his ethnicity is white, and his nationality is American. After coming out of the closet, Jessup’s fans are eager to find out about his dating life. So, who is his boyfriend? To know read along.


Connor William Jessup is a popular Canadian actor, writer, and director. He is predominantly known for his roles as Ben Mason in the TNT science fiction television series Falling Skies (2011-2015). He has also featured in popular, award winning movies like blackbird (2012) and Closet Monster (2015).

Connor Jessup was born on June 23, 1994 in Toronto, Ontario. His mother is Brenda Thurston and his father is Bill Jessup. He also has a brother named Liam Jessup.


At the age of 11, Jessup started performing as a youngster. After holding a number of early positions, including one in a stage production of The Full Monty, Jessup was cast as the main character in the kids’ TV show The Saddle Club.

Jessup was a prominent figure in the TNT science fiction series Falling Skies in 2011. Jessup portrays a troubled youngster wrongly accused of plotting a school shooting in the 2012 Canadian independent film Blackbird. And Jessup also had a role in the 2015 movie Closet Monster which won the best Canadian Film Award 2015.

In 2016, he was also starred in American Crime series as Taylor Blaine which won the Emmy Awards. Later in 2018, he was casted as Taloy Locke, in the Netflix’s series Locke and Key, which is an adaptation of the popular comic series Locke & Key.

Is Connor Jessup  A Gay?

Recently, Connor, a 27-year-old actor best recognized for his work on TNT’s Falling Skies, came out as gay. In June 2019, he made this announcement on Instagram with a lengthy justification of his sexuality and his struggles. He stated:

“When I was thirteen, I discovered I was gay, but I hid it for several years. I crumpled it up and tucked it away among my other emotional junk. It’s not worth the trouble. It won’t matter to anyone. If I can only make it smaller and smaller, etc. My shame was shrugged off, but it was still shame.”

He currently feels at ease being himself and concentrating on his acting career.

Conner Jessup: Is He Dating Anyone?

Conner may be a single man by the year 2020. He keeps his personal affairs very private and is rarely seen cuddling up to anyone. He appears to desire to keep his personal life separate from his professional life. But at one point, Miles Heizer, a well-known actor, was linked to his name.

Picture of Connor and Miles kissing on-screen
from fmforums

The rumor that he was dating proved to be untrue when Connor spelled out his denial. Instead of being actively involved in dating and relationships right now, he is concentrating on his professional life.

Picture of Connor and his pet dog
Source: @connorwjessup on Instagram

In addition to his romantic life, he enjoys hanging out with his pals and frequently posts photos of them having fun on Instagram. Additionally, he also has two Maltese and Chihuahua type pet dogs.

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What is Connor Jessup’s estimated net worth?

He must have made a good living up until now as an actor. As of 2022, Connor’s net worth was approximately $1 million, comparable to Gavin Leatherwood’s. He has appeared in more than ten films and television programs to date. Blackbird, Fragments, White Lie, and Night Flight are a few of them.

As of 2020, an actor’s annual salary was roughly $56,820. However, as a renowned and skilled actor, he must make more than $80,000 annually. His other sources of income also include endorsements, promotional work, and advertisements.

His total yearly earnings must undoubtedly exceed $100,000. He has a wealthy lifestyle thanks to all of his profits.

Starring Sean Randall was Connor’s character in the Netflix series Locke & Key from 2012, when he made his acting debut in Blackbird. He has since made multiple film appearances. In addition to movies, he has also participated in TV shows including Falling Skies, where he co-starred with Moon Bloodgood.

Watch the Locke & Key series trailer to learn more!

According to reports, he will play Tyler Locke (Main Role) in the Locke & Key Netflix series in 2020. The series, which belongs to the horror subgenre, was written by Joe Hill for an American comic book series. Along with Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, Connor co-stars in the show as the main.


  • Connor Jessup was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Jessup enjoys directing movies. He wrote and directed a short film Boy, was shown at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.
  • He was included in the 2016 Filmmaker Magazine list of 25 New Faces of Independent Film.
  • Additionally, he was featured in the 2015 movie Closet Monster, which was well-received and screened at numerous film festivals all over the world.
  • He is an excellent photographer as well, and he has admitted in an interview that he loves taking pictures.