Corey Kluber

Quick Facts

Name Corey Scott Kluber
Birthplace Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Birthdate April 10, 1986
Age 36 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Father’s Name Jim Kluber
Mother’s Name Ellen Kluber
Siblings Unknown
Education Coppell High School
Stetson University
Profession Professional Baseball Pitcher
Nickname Klubot
Height 6 ft. 4 inches (1.93m)
Weight 98 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
MLB Debut 2011
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net worth $10 million
Achievement Three times All-Star (2016-2018)
Two Times AL Cy Young Award (2014,2017)
All Era Leader (2017)
Two Times Al wins leader (2014,2017)
Debut Team Cleveland Indian
Win-Loss Record 100-60
Strikeouts 1491
Position Pitcher
Jersey Number 28
Bats Right
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital status Married
Married to Amanda Kluber (2010)
Children Kendall, Kennedy, and Camden
Throws Right
Current team Tampa Bay Rays
Earned Run Average 3.15
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update July, 2022

Baseball player Corey Kluber has been playing professionally since 2011. Corey, a well-known MLB (Major Baseball League) player, is currently a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. Since making his debut, Corey has won the admiration and respect of several baseball fans and aspiring players.

Corey has also played for the Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, and New York Yankees in addition to the Indians. At Coppell High School and Stetson University, he played baseball in college. Not to mention, on July 31, 2010, the Indians selected Corey after acquiring Kluber from the Padres in a three-team transaction. In the same way, Corey made his MLB debut in 2011.

He couldn’t play well in the beginning of his career, though. But after years of perseverance, practice, and dedication, he finally succeeded in reaching his goal location.

Corey Kluber: Who is he?

Baseball pitcher Corey Scott Kluber, better known by his stage as Corey Kluber, plays the position. He currently represents the Major Baseball League’s New York Yankees. Corey has previously played for the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians.

Corey Kluber was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 10, 1986. He was also conceived by Jim Kluber (gather) and Ellen Kluber (mother). However, little is known about Corey’s parents and his early years.

Additionally, Corey participated in baseball in high school. Corey had a lifelong passion for baseball and always dreamed of playing the game. Despite coming from a typical home, Corey’s parents didn’t forbid him from playing baseball.

Corey enrolls at Stetson University after receiving his diploma from Coppell. In 2007, Corey won the Atlantic Sun Conference Pitcher of the Year award there. Without a doubt, Corey was a fantastic baseball player from the start of his career.

Early Years

After participating on the baseball team at Coppell High School, Corey started his career as a baseball player. In 25 innings pitched as a junior, Corey had a 2-2 win-loss record with a 7.2 ERA (Earned Run Average). However, as a senior, he had a 12-2 win-loss record, a 2.05 ERA, and 117 strikeouts.

Similar to this, Corey was chosen by the Padres during his first season. Later, Corey was moved to the Indians, and shortly after that, in 2011, Corey made his MLB debut.

But prior to 2011, Corey had several unsuccessful attempts to play in the Major League Baseball. He occasionally struggled with performance, while other times, luck was not on his side.

Due to an elbow injury, Corey missed out on the opportunity to play in MLB in 2004.

Corey didn’t give up either, and he continued to train. Carey finally got the chance to play in MLB after all of his hard work paid off.


As expected, the San Diego Padres selected Corey in the fourth round of the MLB draft. Additionally, Corey received a $200,000 signing bonus in 2007.

When Kluber joined the Fort Wayne Wizards shortly after, in 2008, he fared so brilliantly that the Midwest League named him Pitcher of the Week. In every game, Kluber gave his all. He was consequently promoted to San Antonio Mission in 2009. He had a 4.55 ERA and an 11-13 win-loss record during the 2009 season.

But in 2010, the Cleveland Indians acquired Kluber via trade from the Padres. Unfortunately, he could only record between 18 and 24 at the time. As a result, Corey was not included in the top thirty Padres farm systems.

Despite suffering so many setbacks, Kluber never gave up and remained confident that he would eventually reach greater heights. But in 2012, Kluber was hired to take Josh Tomlin’s job as the starting pitcher.

After Brett Myres had an elbow injury in 2013, Kluber was eventually promoted. Since then, Kluber’s life has undergone a drastic change.

Nevertheless, Kluber makes history by becoming the first pitcher to retire 14 batters in a row. Fortunately, Kluber has a 3.85 ERA and an 11-15 record for the 2013 campaign.

The Best Season in Corey Kluber’s Rise to Stardom

Early in 2014, Corey started his incredible season, which many consider to be one of the best. The American League Player of the Week award was given to Kluber on September 21, 2014.

Similar to that, Corey wins the AL CY Young Award in just his second season. thus becoming the lowest-drafted player to receive that honor. Additionally, Kluber agreed to a $38.5 million, five-year deal with Cleveland in 2015. After record after record, Kluber was producing.

Additionally, Cleveland declared that Kluber was a part of the American League All-Star squad in 2016. Finally, with an 18-9 record, 227 strikeouts over 215 innings, and a 198 ERA, Kluber completes the 2016 campaign.

In 2017, Corey’s back issue prevented him from performing. He did, however, make a strong comeback and was named AL Pitcher of the Month for June.

Corey joyfully achieved a milestone by winning the 20th game of the season in 2018. Corey injured his right arm in 2019 and was regrettably put on the disabled list.

The Texas Rangers receive Kluber in a trade from Cleveland in 2019. Sadly, Kluber had yet another diagnosis of a torn muscle and was unable to play the season from Texas.

Kluber then agrees to a five-year, $11 million deal with the New York Yankees in 2021. Fortunately, he achieves his 100th career victory the same year.


Career 33.6 102 61 3.15 219 214 0 1396.0 1517 1.090

Learn more about his scouting report, splits, and pitches on Baseball America, Fangraphs, and Rotoworld.

Salary, Income Statistics, and Net Worth | What is Corey Kluber’s annual salary?

Without a question, Corey has amassed a sizeable fortune, with his baseball career accounting for the majority of his earnings. But in addition to that, Corey also makes money by endorsing certain brands.

Corey’s net worth is thought to be $10 million.

Similarly, according to (a website that keeps data on players’ earnings), Corey received a $200,000 signing bonus in 2007.

Similarly, in 2011, I made $414.00 for a year, $480,000 for a year, $491,000 for a year, $514,000 for a year, and eventually $7,700,000.00 for a five-year free agency contract in 2015.

Corey and his family lead opulent lives. However, Corey earned this life since he put in a lot of effort to be where he is now.

Corey Kluber | Body Information

Corey is 35 years old and content with his life as of the writing of this sentence. He comes from a lovely family. He had a birthday party a few days after April 1st.

We would also want to point out that he is a very focused and diligent individual. Work has always been Corey’s top priority, and he has always given it his all.

Even though I’ll be returning as a Ranger, I’ll always be from Cleveland. @playerstribune

— Corey Kluber on January 8, 2020 (@CKluber).

Corey belongs to the White racial group and is an American by birth. He adheres to Christianity. Additionally, Corey Kluber is an Aries, according to his natal chart.

But those with this sun sign are frequently devoted, driven, and passionate. Because of his perseverance and passion, Corey is an ambitious and dynamic individual who wouldn’t be where he is now without them.

Corey’s height and weight are 6 feet 4 inches and 98 kilograms, respectively. His gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes go nicely with him. Corey also keeps himself in fantastic shape and pays close attention to his food.

Personal Life of Corey Kluber

When he has free time, Kluber enjoys spending it with his family because he is a true family man. Corey is married to Amanda Kluber and has a lovely family of his own.

Kendall, Kennedy, and Camden, the couple’s three gorgeous children, were born in 2010, two years after their marriage. They are residents of a stunning home in New York City.

Even though Corey is well-known, he makes an effort to avoid the spotlight so that his kids can lead regular lives and have fun growing up. Both members of the Kluber marriage watch out for their kids’ normal, healthy lives.

Likewise, his wife looks after the family when Corey is away from home or abroad. Corey has never been alone; Amanda has always been there for him.

Achievements and Awards

  • Two times American League AL CY Young Award winner.
  • Six times MLB Player of the Week
  • Players Choice Outstanding Pitcher of the Year
  • Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.
  • Five times Pitcher of the Month Award.
  • Ensurance MLB Award (Best Pitcher).
  • Bob Feller Man of the Year Award.
  • Some Facts about Corey Kluber

Kluber comes on the list of those five baseball players in the history of baseball who strike out 18 or more batters without surrendering.

Corey Kluber has won four CY Young Awards continuously.

Corey Kluber has awards that are named after him. And he won 8 of them.

Al Qaeda once captured Corey; however, Corey didn’t show any hint of fear and struck out the side.

Corey Kluber | Social Media Presence

Corey Kluber is active in social media. He shares a lot of posts which are primarily about his family and training videos.

He revealed his beard-free face that made the fans crazy in 2018. Besides that, Corey currently has 58.4k followers on Instagram. Similarly, Corey has around 92.6k followers on Twitter.

Corey Kluber | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Corey Kluber called a power pitcher?

Corey Kluber is a power pitcher because he gives high strikeout rates and a breaking ball that unevenly matches a slider and a curveball.

Did Corey Kluber kill a coyote with a fastball?

No, he did not kill a coyote with a fastball. Apparently, the athlete threw a baseball at the animal that hit its rear end, and the coyote quickly fled his backyard.

Has Corey Kluber played for the Dodgers?

No, Kluber has not played for the Dodgers. Instead, he played for the Cleveland Indians from 2011 to 2019 and Texas Rangers in 2020. Currently, he plays for the New York Yankees.

Should you draft Corey Kluber or Chris Sale in Fantasy Pros?

Many experts endorse Corey Kluber over Chris Sale.

What are Corey Kluber’s pitching count and batting average?

The baseballer’s pitching count is 99.66, and the batting average is 0.115.

Is Corey Kluber a Hall of Famer?

Yes, he is. In 2014 Corey was inducted into the Stetson Athletics Hall of Fame.

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