Corey Sevier

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 3,1984
Full Name Corey Sevier
Profession Actor
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Ajax
Birth Country Canada
Father Name Bruce Sevier
Mother Name Lynda Sevier
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Married
Spouse  KatiePragnell
No Of Children 1
Height 185 cm
Weight 77 kg
Networth 1.4
Sibilings Kyle Sevier
Twitter Link Twitter Link

Corey Sevier is a well-known Canadian actor, filmmaker, and model who is best known for his role in several movies and T.V. series such as Road Trip Romance, Decoys, Heart of the Holidays, and Little Men.

Further, Corey was born on July 3, 1984, in the beautiful city of Canada, Ajax. He was born under the birth Zoadic sign of Cancer.

Early Years

Corey, who plays Corey in the Little Men, had a typical childhood. Kyle Sevier, his younger brother, and his parents all had an important role in his upbringing in a joyful and tranquil environment.

Additionally, Corey has always worked very hard since he was a young lad. Since early on, he has taken his work very seriously and has always attempted to learn from and looked up to famous people. You may also like to know about Ainsley Earhardt.

Physical Perspectives

Corey Sevier weighs about 77 kg and has a good height of 185 cm (6 feet 1 inches). His personality is really endearing and seductive.

Even more handsome and alluring are his dark brown hair and bright brown eyes. People generally discuss his muscular physique.

Picture of Corey Sevier posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Furthermore, Corey has not yet disclosed any information regarding his body measurements. However, don’t worry; if this changes in the future, we will keep you informed.

Parents Information

Speaking of Corey’s parents, he was born in Canada to Lynda Sevier, his mother, and Bruce Sevier, his father. He frequently cited his parents as the main source of inspiration and the foundation of his professional success.

His mother is of Norwegian ancestry, while his father is of French and Irish ancestry. He hasn’t said, though, what his parents’ present jobs are or what they used to do for a living.

Net Worth

One of the most well-known and prosperous stars in the entertainment business is Corey Sevier. Because of his diligence and commitment to his work, he has succeeded up to this point. He thinks that the secret to success in life is hard effort.

In addition, Corey has a respectable net worth of $1.4 million after deducting all of his possessions and royalties. His acting career is his main source of income. He makes an average of $12 per hour and $23,400 annually.

In addition, he engages in a number of commercial ventures and brand endorsements, earning a respectable income.

Fitness Addict

Speaking of fitness, Corey is a health-conscious individual who participates in all gym-related activities. The majority of individuals are admirers of his strong body. He appears to be a great fan of the gym from the photo.

Picture of Corey Sevier posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Hollywood Zam)

Additionally, he frequently draws other individuals to him because of his nice and courteous demeanor. He adores spending time with his family and close friends. He also offers advice to others on how to maintain their health and strength.

Academic Background

The Decoys actor When it comes to his professional life in teaching, Corey is a pretty private person. He has not provided any information regarding his study, his schooling, or his university. It appears that he does not want to show it to the public or the media.

However, based on his attitude and talent, it can be argued that he is a well-educated man who has made several film and television appearances. Fans frequently laud his performances in his films.

Family Life

Katie Pragnell, a well-known English portrait photographer and business entrepreneur, is happily married to Corey Sevier. In a very private wedding ceremony, Katie and Corey were wed. They both haven’t revealed a lot of details about their wedding.

They were just married in front of their loved ones and close friends, without the use of any media. Lucas Sevier was born to Katie in December 2018, and she is now enjoying a joyful and affluent life.

In relation to Katie Pragnell, Corey’s wife

In High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, England, on February 24, 1853, Katie, a well-known businesswoman, was born. She is primarily recognized by the general public as Corey’s wife. From a very young age, Katie showed great focus and drive.

Picture of Corey Sevier’s wife Katie Pragnell. (Image source: IMDb)

She is also a very intelligent person who enrolled in the Bristol School of Art for her studies. Her family relocated to Bristol in 1862 in quest of a better way of life and more chances.

As a result of Katie’s lifelong passion in photography, she partnered with William Friese-Greene in 1890 in London. From 1893 to 1900, she operated her own studios at 164 Sloane Street in Chelsea.

on social media

Unlike other celebrities, Corey Sevier is not active on social media. He seemed to be more preoccupied with his work than with other things, one could say. Although he does not have a personal account, he does have a fan account.

However, Corey can be found on Twitter as @Corey_Sevier, where he has amassed more than 4.1k followers and posted a total of 268 tweets. His Twitter profile hasn’t been verified yet.

with Laura Vandervaart

Corey and the stunning actress Laura Vandervaart have been dating for five years, starting in August 2005. He guest featured in the third season of Instant Stars “18,” where they first met. On the set of The Jazzman, they shared a screen.

Photo of Corey Sevier and Laura Vandervaart, his ex-girlfriend (Image source: FamousFix)

However, they were unable to maintain their relationship for as long as they had hoped, and in 2011 they both made the decision to part ways. Both are currently enjoying good lives with their families.

Recognition For Achievements

As we all know, Corey has a strong work ethic and dedication. He has been able to reach the pinnacle of his career as a result of his dedication to his profession. He has always given his all to achieve his goals, and he keeps working harder to acquire more frames.

In his acting career, he has received some major honors, including the “Action on Film Award” in 2011, the “Short Film Award” in 2018, and the “Silver Award” in 2017. Additionally, Corey has received nominations for the 2017 Festival Awards, the 2022 Canadian Screen Award, the 1999 Gemini Award, and more.

movies and television shows

As we all know, Corey is a talented and versatile actor who has played a variety of parts in numerous films and television shows. He puts a lot of effort and devotion into his work.

Additionally, the charming Corey had notable appearances in a number of films and television shows, including Sadie and Emmie, Cedar Cove, Messiah Complex, Moonshine, Private Eyes, Meet Me in New York, Sadie and Emmie, Lemonade Stand Romance, and more.

In addition to directing It Takes a Christmas Village and Heart of the Holidays, he has worked as a producer on the films Haley, Path of Souls, Dead Dreams, and Path of Souls.

The IMDb page

The actor Corey from The Heart of the Holidays has 101 acting credits and 6 self-credited credits on his IMDb page. In addition, he has three credits as a producer.

Additionally, his page contains a brief biography, a list of his honors and nominations, and other private information. He receives the remaining credits for directing, editing, and soundtrack.

North Shore’s Corey

Peter Elkoff is the creator of the American soap opera television series North Shore, which airs during prime time. The television show premiered on June 14, 2004, and it was cancelled on January 13, 2005. There are twenty-one lists of episodes in one season.

Additionally, Corey portrayed Gabriel McKay, a lifeguard who is one of the series’ most well-liked characters. You may also like to know about Sandy Wernick.