Curler Jennifer Jones

Life gives you many options to choose from. But, it’s upon you how you would master your choice. For instance, life gave Jennifer Jones two options; Volleyball or Curling.

It was hard for her to choose. She was good at both. But, she had to choose only one option, and she decided to curl.

Now, she is the most delicate curler globally with record-setting achievements and becoming the first Manitoba-based curler to win gold at Olympics.

The curling history book is full of Jennifer Jones’s record-setting curling journey, and it keeps on coming.

In this article, we will make sure to talk about the fantastic curling journey of Jennifer Jones and her personal life.

But, before that, let’s look at her quick facts.

Quick Facts

Name Jennifer Jones
Full name Jennifer Judith Jones
Date of birth 7 July 1974
Age 48 years old
Birthplace Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Father Larry Jones
Mother Carol Jones
Sibling 1; Heather Jones (Sister)
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 138 lbs
Marital Status Married
Spouse Brent Laing
Children Isabella and Skyla
Educational Qualification Bachelor in Law, B.A. in economics and psychology
School General Vanier School
High School Windsor Park College
University University of Manitoba
Spouse Brent Laing
Children Isabella Laing and Skyla Laing
Profession Curler, Senior legal advisor, Motivational speaker
Title Greatest Canadian Female Skip
Olympic Medals 1; Gold
Other Medals 9; Gold, 4; Silver and 7; Bronze
Club St Vital CC, Winnipeg MB
Net Worth $1 million- $5 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch Curling Game Set
Last update July, 2022

Jennifer Jones: Who is she?

Canadian curler Jennifer Jones, sometimes known as the Olympian, won the gold medal at the Olympics. She is well renowned for being the most accomplished female skip in Canada and the first skip to an undefeated Olympics.

Jones is a medal-winning curler who has created records and competed in competitions all around the world.

In her first Olympics, the 2013 Games, she took home a gold medal. She has also won 16 Grand Slam Curling competitions, four World Championships, six Scotties Championships, and four Olympic Games.

She is one of the best female skips in the world thanks to her great performances and accomplishments in the sport of curling.

Jennifer Jones | Education and Early Life

On July 7, 1974, Jennifer Jones was born in Manitoba, Canada. She has a sister named Heather who is 18 months older than her and is the second child of Larry Jones and Carol Jones.

It’s not surprising that she developed her extraordinary curling skills because her parents were competitive curlers. She curls with her sister as well.

Jennifer attended General Vanier School in South Winnipeg for her primary education and Windsor Park College for her secondary education.

Jones graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.A. in both psychology and economics. She has an LLB as well. She was hired by National Bank Financial as a legal advisor. Jones is presently employed there as a senior legal advisor.

Career in Curling
She started curling in what way?

Jones took an early interest in curling because she was born into a family of competitive curlers.

She had a special passion for curling and volleyball. Her volleyball coach once queried her on whether she wanted to play volleyball or curling. She gave it some thinking before deciding on a curler.

Since then, Jones has begun to concentrate more on curling. In 1990, Jennifer took part in her maiden Junior Championship. At the time, she was fifteen. Her sister played on the squad that her dad coached, which also included other players.

Despite the fact that they lost, Jones felt as though it had been confirmed that she wanted to play curling and win these competitions. The Curler soon won three provincial junior titles and a national junior title.

Taking the ideal picture

Jennifer competed in the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts alongside Cathey Gauthier, Jill Officer, and Cathy Overton.

Jonas made her shot last in the competition, and her team was already down. She carried the weight of the victory, but there was very little chance that it would actually happen. She had to shoot flawlessly in order to win.

Although it was an extremely stressful scenario, it quickly turned into excitement when Jones made the winning shot, scoring 4 points.

Everyone remarked about how amazing the shot was, and as a result, people began to value and recognize Jennifer Jones’ potential.

The season of curling is bittersweet.

Jones was given the chance to participate in the Olympics after his flawless shot. At order to represent Canada in the Olympics, she first had to qualify for the Olympic trial and win it.

Jones was a member of the team that included Georgina Wheatcroft, the 2000 World Champion, but due to their lackluster result at the trial, Jones was unable to compete in the Olympics.

She later competed in a number of other international competitions but was unsuccessful in bringing home any medals.

The triumph set a record.

The season of curling had been heartbreaking, but Jennifer had shown everyone who she was. She broke records by taking home numerous prizes at regional, national, and international competitions.

The Canadian has also claimed 11 victories in the provincial championship of Manitoba. Jones has also made a total of 16 appearances in the Tournament of Heart. In 2002, she had made her public debut.

Jones is the Curler who has made the most appearances and victories at the Tournament of Hearts. In the competition, she took home four gold, one silver, and two bronze medals.

She has also competed in six other World Championships, where she has won four medals.

Additionally, within a ten-year period, the Canadian earned two gold medals, one in 2008 and the other in 2018. She additionally took home bronze in 2011 and silver in 2015.

Sochi Olympics marks first Olympics appearance and gold medal

There were a lot of expectations for Jennifer at the 2013 Olympics because she was setting international records. She had previously been unable to qualify for the Olympics, but this time she succeeded and was in.

One of the most formidable teams in the game was still Jennifer and her group. They defeated Britain on their route to the semifinals, and in the final, they competed against Sweden. Jones’ squad came close to taking home the long-awaited Olympic gold medal and winning the contest.

After 1998, it was Canada’s second gold medal in women’s curling at the Olympics. Jennifer Jones was chosen as the best Canadian women’s curler of 2019 after her contribution.

Individual Life

Brent George Laing is wed to Jennifer Jones. Brent is a renowned curling world champion. Before they made their connection known to the world, the curling couples had a private relationship. Curling was the beginning of a straightforward love story.

Both have similar career paths, thus they frequently cross each other’s roadways. Sometimes they would practice curling together while competing in the same competition.

They were professional acquaintances, but they never imagined they would get married. Jones’ Olympic success in Sochi captured Liang’s attention.

Liang admitted that he wasn’t initially interested in watching ladies curl. But after witnessing Jones win that gold at the Olympics, she became his greater motivation. He wished to get to know her better.

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Liang took action as a result, and they soon developed a romantic relationship. Both kept their romance a secret from the press.

There were some rumors about them, though. However, when Jones became pregnant with his kid, they were no longer able to keep their relationship a secret.

In order to advance their relationship, they decided to wed in Mexico in 2015. Interestingly, Liang has a son from her ex-wife and is five years younger than she is.

Children of Jennifer Jones

Isabella and Skyla Carol, two lovely kids of Jennifer Jones, are hers. Isabella, her first child, was born too soon. On November 13, 2012, she was born in Barrie, Ontario.

In the middle of December, Jennifer was due with her daughter. When an unexpected labor pain struck, she continued to meet her old acquaintance. The Olympian was taken urgently to a hospital for a speedy birth.

Though she weighed more than 3.2 kg, Jennifer’s premature daughter was not as underweight as she had feared. Not even a nursery was used for her. Despite being rushed, Jennifer was relieved that her child was safe and sound.

Skyla Carol, the couple’s second child, was born. She was conceived on August 18, 2016.

Jennifer Jones: Salary

Jennifer Jones is thought to be worth between $1 and $5 million. Her Olympic curling career, commercial sponsorships, and endorsement deals all contributed to her wealth.

Jennifer Jones Online networks

Jennifer is active on Twitter and Instagram. In her posts, she discusses both her personal life and its inner workings.

You should follow her on her social media accounts if you want to learn more about her life and the activities she engages in during a sporting event.

Instagram: 3.3k Followers 

Twitter: 24.2k Followers 


Who has won most Scotties?

Jennifer Jones has the most Scotties wins with 153 victories so far. She beat the former record holder Colleen Jones who had 152 victories. Jennifer and Colleen are the only ones who have more than a hundred Scotties win.

Is Jennifer Jones curling in 2021?

Yes, Jennifer Jones is curling in 2021. She had her 153rd Scotties win in Scotties Championship 2021.