Daniel Ricciardo

Anyone who enjoys racing tournaments is familiar with the name Daniel Ricciardo.

One of the celebrated Australian racing drivers, he currently drives for McLaren in Formula One. Before this, he had a two-year contract with Renault.

Because of his fearlessness, Ricciardo is famous as “the Honey Badger” in the racing world.

Daniel, who has several trophies to his name, has recently decided to pursue a career in the wine industry. Also, with the help of renowned winemaker St. Hugo, he launched his wine label.

Moreover, in another news, Ferrari was supposed to be partnering with Daniel Ricciardo.

Below, you will learn every detail there is to know about the star Daniel Ricciardo in this post.

Quick Facts 

Full Name Daniel Joseph Ricciardo
Common Name Daniel Ricciardo
Nick Name Honeybadger
Birthdate 1 July 1989
Age 33 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Mother’s Name Grace Ricciardo
Father’s Name Joe Ricciardo
Siblings Sister – Michelle Ricciardo
Birthplace Perth, Western Australia
Home Town Perth
Citizenship Australian
Residence Los Angeles, USA
Religion Christianity
School N/A
College N/A
Education N/A
Height 1.8 m (5’11″)
Weight 66 kg (146 lb)
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Shoe Size 11 US
Martial Status Unmarried
Partner Jemma Boskovich
Children N/A
Profession Formula One Racing Driver
Debut 2011 British Grand Prix
Current Team McLaren
Car Number 3
Career Points 1185
Fastest Laps 15
Status Active
Net Worth $50 million
Hobbies Surfing, Hiking
Brands Amazon, Go Pro
Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagram
Website www.danielricciardo.com
Merch ApparelJersey
Last-Update August 2022

Early Years & Nicknames of Daniel Ricciardo Ricciardo

He was born in Australia. Daniel is of Italian ancestry and a devoted Catholic.

As he was reared in Australia, Daniel frequently pronounces his last name as “Ricardo” as opposed to the Italian pronunciation of “Ricciardo.”

As his spirit animal, the Australian man started referring to himself as the honey badger.

He said in an interview, “Honey badgers are, as we all know, cute and cuddly on the outside. However, they are the bravest animal in the kingdom.

Daniel Ricciardo: Family and Childhood

Ricciardo, a Formula One racer, was born in Melbourne, Australia, on July 1, 1989.

His father is Guiseppe Ricciardo, also referred to as Joe. Born in Ficarra, he was an Italian racer. His mother, Grace Ricciardo, was born in Australia but was raised in Italy.

Michelle Ricciardo is a sister of Honey Badger. The two are still quite close and have a strong relationship.

One of his earliest memories is of his father competing at Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo. At the age of nine, he started his karting career as a result of this.

The racer went to Newman College for high school, according to his education. He never attended college because after graduating, he started his Formula One profession right away.

His parents supported him in participating in racing despite the dangers of the sport. The parents of Ricciardo always pushed them to strive for success rather than give up.

Professional Career of Daniel Ricciardo

When Daniel was still a teenager, he started his career. In 2005, he entered the Western Australian Formula Ford Championship with his 15-year-old Van Demien.

He struggled in his first few races until finding success with Eurasia Motors in the Formula BMW Asian Championship. Additionally, he was a racer, and this was the first of many triumphs for him.

In 2007, Ricciardo transitioned to Formula Renault. The next year, he won the Western European Cup for a second time in a row.

Daniel was the first Australian to win the British Formula 3 title after David Brabham in 1989. He also won the race with a vehicle powered by a Volkswagen.

Ricciardo sporting a McLaren uniform

BRDC was won by Daniel. the British Racing Drivers Club’s invitation-only tournament for the Bruce Mclaren Trophy in 2013.

In 2014, he was the Confartigianoto Motodriver of the Year and the Trofeo Lorenzo Bandini winner.

The Australian was also named GQ: Australia Sportsman of the Year in that same year. After that, he won the Bruce Mclaren Trophy for the BRDC two years in a row.

He won the Innes Ireland Trophy twice in a row in 2014 and 2015.

Likewise, he won the Breakthrough Performance of the Year Laureus World Sports Award in 2015.

Investments and Business

Daniel is taking advantage of his fame to peddle some incredible goods. On his website and Facebook page, followers can purchase these merchandise directly.

His most recent clothing brand, called RIC3, features socks, hoodies, beanie hats, and helmets.

Daniel displaying his goods (Instagram as a source)

In 2021, he introduced his DR3 wine brand. Additionally, he worked on this undertaking with renowned vineyard St. Hugo.

Likewise, Honeybadger seems to be fully conscious of his precarious employment situation. Nevertheless, he has made investments for the long run in real estate and other areas.

His investments have a current value of $4.8 million.

Drive to Survive by Daniel Ricciardo

You may have watched the Netflix original series Drive to Survive if you are a big fan of Formula One racing. The documentary series, which was about Formula One races, focused on Daniel.

Before the first episode of the show, the Australian was hardly known. Racer visibility is limited since they frequently wear helmets.

Daniel asserts that people have started to approach him and talk to him since the episode’s release.

Since then, as fans have started to take the sport more seriously, the broadcast has benefited the entire F1 racing community.

Daniel Ricciardo: Personal life

Undoubtedly, F1 racing is one of the most daring sports out there. Daniel certainly lives an exciting and active lifestyle for someone who has made a career out of it.

The Australian star enjoys beach basketball, surfing, hiking, and bicycling, among other activities. He loves the beach and the intense heat at the same time.

Daniel is outside having fun. based on Instagram

If you pay close attention to Formula One, you might remember that Red Bull marked the 2018 break with a massive road tour across the United States.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas Boulevard, and Monument Valley were among the well-known American locations that Ricciardo and his racing team visited. Daniel appreciates Singapore as well as his native country. He craves the vibe of Los Angeles, but he hasn’t yet seen much of America.

How much is the Value of Daniel Ricciardo?

One of the sportsmen whose compensation has dramatically improved over the past several years is Daniel. The majority of his income comes from races and brand endorsement deals.

When he was employed by Renault, he received 35 million dollars in remuneration. He is among the highest-paid racers in the world.

A $50 million net worth has been estimated for Ricciardo.

The well-known racer, who is used to leading a lavish lifestyle, also has a $1.1 million residence in his hometown. He also has a property in Monaco worth $4.8 million.

He owns a rather modest collection of vehicles for a racer. His collection includes a Range Rover and a Ford worth $600,000.


A range of endorsement and sponsorship deals help to increase Daniel’s income. He has received backing from companies like Amazon, GoPro, Puma, Stance Socks, Blue Coast, Renault, and Aston Martin.

Among others, he has previously collaborated with Dior, Eye Respect, JMD, and Qantas.

His website has a list of all of his official partners. In addition to McLaren as the official racing partner, he lists Optus, AWS, Amazon, Beatsbydre, EAsports, Thorne, St. Hugo, and Go Pro as his various partners.


Daniel represented the Wings for Life program while he was working for Red Bull. Daniel was a Red Bull racer since Red Bull funded this organization, which is not surprising.

The racer even put his Aston Martin V8 up for auction. The group Racing for MNDi (Motor Neuron Disease International) received the proceeds and profits from the auction as a donation.

In the wake of the devastating Australian bushfires in 2019, Honeybadger even donated to IRES animal rescue and the Australian Red Cross. He also urged his followers to lend a hand in any way they could.

In a similar vein, Daniel has already raised money for charity by auctioning off his race suit.

The Australian honey badger also contributes to the Inner Ninja Foundation, a mental health organization. Since joining the corporation, he has served as the public face of McLaren’s philanthropic initiatives.

Daniel Ricciardo: Differing opinions

Racing is among the most exhilarating sports, but it’s also among the riskiest. By bringing up a potentially dangerous feature of Formula One racing, Daniel triggered a discussion.

He lost his temper during an interview and started berating the Formula. The entire drama started when F1 kept bringing up Romain Grosjean’s fiery crash in Bahrain.

He claimed that in recent years, the sport’s popularity had exploded. In fact, some people could find the danger element intriguing. Even after saying that only kids under the age of twelve will find that content entertaining because they don’t know any better, the racer continued.

Daniel claims that the crashes only reveal a small portion of their potential. Ricciardo continued by saying that he would change the way he phrased and presented the situation at the moment.

Connections Affairs

Over the years, Daniel has been the subject of many relationship rumors, some of which have come to pass.

Although the F1 racer likes to keep his love life private and out of the spotlight, his family makes it challenging. He dated his longtime partner Jemma Boskovich till 2016. Childhood sweethearts and first loves, they had been.

But for reasons that Ricciardo did not disclose, they decided to break up. He then moved quickly to start relationship allegations involving ex-Redbull staffer Annemarie Horbass.

The German citizen Annemarie Horbass was engaged by Redbull as an event management specialist. Following Ricciardo’s victory, photos of the couple having a good time in Monaco were taken.

Additionally, they were getting near. Daniel said that it wasn’t anything noteworthy when he was questioned about it. The affair was short-lived, and they both went on without harboring any grudges. Daniel started dating the model Jessica Gomes in 2018.

The two briefly dated in December of last year. They made an effort to keep their affair under wraps for a while, but they were unsuccessful.

Model Jessica Gomes was born in Australia to a Chinese mother and a Portuguese father. Gomes was signed to IMG models and appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuits cover every year for eight years.

Additionally, Jessica has walked the Victoria’s Secret runway and modeled for Hyundai, LG, and Vogue. She has also collaborated with some of the most well-known companies and appeared in the movie “Once Upon a Time in Venice” with Bruce Willis.

Their relationship, meanwhile, wasn’t as successful as their careers. Currently single and focused on his career aspirations, Ricciardo is single.

Daniel Ricciardo: Social Media Presence

Daniel is a frequent user of social media. He uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Instagram4.8 million followers

Twitter2.2 million followers

Facebook1.4 million followers  

 Interesting Facts 

  • Ricciardo has had a passion for racing since he was a child. Additionally, as a member of the Tiger kart club, he even won national titles. His abilities were recognized, and he was awarded a scholarship with Eurasia Motorsport in 2006, which proved to be quite beneficial to him.
  • When Daniel was only 17 years old, the star dropped out of school because he found it uninteresting and didn’t see his interest there. Since the time he dropped out, racing has been his sole focus.
  • Since his childhood, Daniel has always been a die-heart fan of driver Dale Earnhardt of NASCAR. His fandom was up to the point that his first go-kart number was three. As a result, when formula one asked him to choose a number, he decided 3 in honor of Dale.
  • Daniel has also contacted Earnhardt Jr. over social media, expressing his support for his intention to race with his father in Formula One.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was it when Daniel had a big crash?

In 2018, he was involved in a crash in Baku alongside Max Verstappen, which was very notable.

At McLaren, who did Daniel Ricciardo take over from?

In 2021, McLaren signed Daniel as a replacement for Carlos Sainz. Carlos has joined the Ferrari team.