Danyelle Sargent

Do you recognize Eric Musselman’s name? Coach of the incredibly successful Nevada Wolf Pack is currently working with the Arkansas Razorbacks. However, Danyelle Sargent, the coach’s equally accomplished wife, is the subject of our conversation today. Mrs. Musselman began working there in early 2000 and left her position as a broadcaster in 2013.

Danyelle Sargent: Quick Facts

Full Name Danyelle Sargent Musselman
Birth Date May 19, 1978
Birth Place The United States of America
Nick Name Danyelle
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity/Race African American
Education Florida State University
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings None
Age 44 Years Old
Height Unavailable
Weight Unavailable
Shoe Size Updating soon
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Updating soon
Build Lean, Muscular frame
Married Yes
Husband Eric Musselman
Children Yes (Mariah Musselman)
Profession Sports television reporter
Net Worth $500k to $1 million
Affiliations ESPN, NFL Network, FOX Sports
Active Since 2000
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
TV Shows Totally Football, Cold Pizza, Onion SportsDome
Stepchildren Matthew and Michael Musselman
Last Update July, 2022

Bio of Danyelle Sargent: Early Years & Education

Danyelle Sargent was born in Georgia, United States, on May 19, 1978. Her hometown’s precise location and the whereabouts of her parents, however, are still being investigated.

Furthermore, whether she is the lone child or not is in doubt. On the other hand, the fact that Danyelle attended Florida State University is something we do know. The American majored in Bachelor of Science in Communications while attending the university.

Danyelle Sargent with her husband, stepsons, and daughter

In a similar vein, a Georgia native found employment with CNN after graduation as a production assistant, specifically for CNN Sports Illustrated.

Danyelle also entered the sportscasting industry less than five years after landing her first job, which included anchoring.

The height of Danyelle Sargent. Height, age, and body measurements

Sargent is 44 years old at the moment. Social media images would have you believe otherwise because she doesn’t appear to be 40 but rather just as young and attractive as a 25-year-old.

Although her exercise regimen may have been the key to her attractiveness, Mrs. Musselman still had a youthful glow after a decade of a demanding work schedule.

The sports reporter often posts motivational videos of her workout routine on Instagram. On the other hand, we don’t know her height or exact body type.

The beauty queen is taller than her spouse, as can be seen from certain Instagram images, and is probably around 5’8″ (1.76 m) tall.

Additionally, as a result of her intense workout regimen at the gym and other outdoor activities, Mrs. Musselman has a slender but slightly muscular figure. Danyelle stands out mainly for her afro hairstyle, cheerful demeanor, and muscular build.

Career | Sports Reporter for Danyelle Sargent

The Georgian-born woman first traveled a few hundred miles south, into the state of Florida, to pursue her education.

After that, she relocated back and started working right away at WGXA in Macon, Georgia. Sincere praise should be given to those who work in the media, primarily journalists and anchors.

They must report the news in its purest form, free from any prejudice or emotion. For instance, it’s exhausting to perform the same action day in and day out while a camera records every second.

Danyelle looked destined for the industry when she first entered it. Sargent is one of the few journalists who has such innate talent for their line of work.

The African-American formerly worked for Metro Sports, a Time Warner Cable sports channel, before joining ESPN.

Similar to this, the reporter stayed with the network company with a Kansas City headquarters for two years starting in 2002. Danyelle was subsequently assigned by the network to cover the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2004 preseason as a sideline reporter.

Ms. Sargent gladly served as a co-emcee at the NCAA women of the year honors ceremony the following year. In a similar vein, the American happily took on the job once more in 2006.


Moving forward, ESPN was keeping an eye on Danyelle’s employment status at Metro Sports.

At the same time, ESPN was seeking deserving candidates for the ESPNEWS channel and decided that Sargent would make a good addition. Her time at ESPN wasn’t without controversy, either.

One time, a technical issue resulted in Danyelle’s voice being recorded over a live broadcast, which allowed the audience to hear the American swearing on national television.

Nevertheless, the incident was ignored and turned into a joke for the news network in the future.

Although Sargent enjoyed her time at ESPN, the network decided to cut ties with her after her contract ended in 2006.

FOX  Sports

The brilliant reporter eventually joined FOX Sports and made his debut on FSN Final Score in late 2006.

Danyelle also participated in the segment’s recorded version in July 2011.

It appears that wherever you go, there will be a small controversy.

For instance, on October 26, 2008, Sargent interviewed Mike Singletary, the coach of the San Francisco 49ers, while serving as a sideline reporter.

Danyelle Sargent in one of the NBA games

The FOX reporter then enquired as to what it meant for Mike to serve as the team’s head coach and what their phone discussions with Bill Walsh’s mentor involved.

She was unaware that Bill Walsh had passed away a year before, so the interview abruptly ended.

NFL Network, Yahoo, and Comedy Central

Danyelle only had a real-time job, but she played Melissa Wells in a comedy series called Onion SportsDome that was based on a real-life sportscaster.

The former sportscaster covered high school drafts, college football, NFL, NASCAR, and fantasy football at the beginning of 2012. Sargent was also hired by NFL Network to serve as an anchor from April 2012 until April 2013.

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Danyelle Sargent’s Net Worth & salary

Ms. Sargent reportedly accumulated a net worth of between $500k and $1 million, according to a number of sources. Nevertheless, because her financial information is kept private, it is difficult to trace them.

Contrarily, Eric Musselman, Danyelle’s husband, amassed a startling net worth of $2 million from his time as a coach and previous career as a basketball player.

Despite this, hypothetical monthly earnings are not yet accessible. Additionally, according to Nevada Sports Net, the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks will earn a whopping $12.5 million from a new contract.

Musselman’s life thus appears to be comfortable. The same is true for Danyelle’s stepsons, who are almost old enough to pursue careers as professionals.

Having said that, Dad Musselman and Mom Musselman lead pretty contented lives, occasionally engage in humanitarian activities, and occasionally take exotic vacations.

Danyelle Sargent Family

In addition, Mrs. Musselman’s lifestyle isn’t ideal, even after she retired. The beauty queen gained some local notoriety after her TV appearance, and you can see her at the Full Pedal Cycling Studio.

The former reporter actively engages in addressing numerous social concerns while supporting and endorsing a number of regional groups.

Additionally, Sargent supports the Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation by participating in charity events and fundraisers. She also collaborates with Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run to fight breast cancer. You may know more about Sarah Huffman

Relationship Status of Danyelle Sargent | Who Is Her Husband?

Ms. Sargent is a contentedly married woman, as was already established.

Accordingly, somewhere in September 2009, the FOX Sports reporter got married to famed college basketball coach Eric Musselman. Mariah, the couple’s daughter who was born in 2010, truly was a blessing.

Despite this, Danyelle is as happy to have Michael and Matthew, Eric’s boys from a previous relationship, as stepsons.

Gisele Bundchen first used the term “Bonus Mom,” and Sargent uses it to describe herself. She views Michael and Matthew as her biological children rather than as her stepchildren. The guys are probably happy to have a motherly figure in their lives.

Danyelle Sargent on her wedding day with her husband, Eric Musselman

Additionally a sports anchoring nerd, Mariah Musselman Like her mother, Mariah Musselman is particularly interested in sports anchoring. She enjoys using the microphone and looking into the camera. She even recently spoke with Eric Musselman, her father.

Mariah was born with the genes that drew her to sports, as her father is an excellent basketball coach and her mother is a superb sports anchor.


What is Danyelle Sergent’s nationality, for example?

Danyelle Sergent is of Black ethnicity and is an American national.

Who is the first spouse of Eric Musselman?

Wendy Bauer was Eric Musselman’s first spouse. In 2005, the couple divorced.

Has Danyelle Sergent taken any naked photos?

Yes, the reporter bared all for the women’s magazine “Bliss Babe” in Reno. The goal of the segment was to instill body positivity in women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 1

Was Danyelle Sergent’s position lost?

During one of her live broadcasts with ESPN, Sargent made a mistake and used the f-word on camera.

When her two-year contract was set to expire in the fall of 2006, the corporation decided not to renew it.

As a result, she technically lost her job but wasn’t fired in the traditional sense.

Danyelle Sergent is now doing what?

A well-known name in the sports anchoring business is Danyelle Sergent. She could go months without appearing on TV and still be recognized for her charm.

In addition to covering sports, Sergent is a huge advocate for fitness and wellness. She frequently encourages her online family to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She has also recently participated in a number of fundraising events for worthy causes. Also she is affiliated with Pinocchio’s Moms, the Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society.