Darren Naugles

Quick Facts

Birth Date July
Full Name Darren Naugles
Birth Name Darren Naugles
Profession Emergency Medician Physician
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Birth City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Birth Country United States of America
Father Name late Kurt Emanuel Naugles
Father Profession Former member of the US AIr Force
Mother Name Anna Lee Naugles
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lisa Nicole Cloud
No Of Children 2
Networth 2000000
Sibilings Derreck, Kurt Kortez, Marcus Naugles (brother), Lynn Baker (sister)
Education Clark Atlanta University, Boston University, Howard University Hospital
Religion Christianity
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Darren Naugles is a Chief Medical officer at MAJL Diagnostic Laboratories. Naugles also served as an Emergency Medician Physician at the health care center, Envision Health Care. Darren is also affiliated with Northside Hospital Cherokee.

Besides the professional works, Darren is also gaining media recognition as a celebrity spouse. He is the husband of an American entrepreneur, reality star Lisa Nicole Cloud. Get to know about Lisa and Darren’s marital relationship in the following sections.


Every year in July, Darren, who is from Oklahoma City, celebrates his birthday. But we still don’t know his his birth year. He is the late person’s son. Anna Lee Naugles and her father, Kurt Emanuel Naugles (mother). Kurt, Daren’s father, died on June 19, 1981. He belonged to the US Air Force.

Darren has a sister named Lynn Baker, three brothers named Derreck Naugles, Kurt Kortez Naugles, and Marcus Naugles. Twin twins Darren and Derreck exist. Regarding Daren’s schooling, Clark Atlanta University awarded him a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology. The Boston University School of Medicine also awarded him a Master’s degree in medicine. Likewise, Daren graduated with a degree in Emergency Medicine from Howard University Hospital.

Who is Darren Wife?

As was already said, Darren is frequently featured in the media as Lisa Nicole’s devoted spouse. The Lisa Nicole Collection is a popular apparel business owned and run by Nicole, Darren’s wife and a Johns Hopkins University alumna.

Photo: American entrepreneur and reality personality Lisa Nicole Cloud is married to Darren Naugles, an emergency medicine physician.
Source: Darren Naugles on Facebook

Fashionable items from the Lisa Nicole Collection have also been seen on the runways of events including Bermuda Fashion Festival, Cannes Film Festival, New York Fashion Week, and LA Fashion Week.

In addition, Lisa is a reality TV star. As a cast member of the Bravo reality series Married to Medicine, she is well-known. Lisa Nicole is also a co-author of the book Princess Amaira: Every Little Girl Is a Princess, which was written by another author.

Gay Affair

Atlanta male Damen Wayne claims that Dr Naugles allegedly cheated on Lisa Nicole Cloud with him. ”I met Darren the night of the season 2 [Married to Medicine] premiere party in April 2014,” said Damen Wayne. He continued: I met him very briefly at the bar, and we shared causal conversation.”

Damen also stated that – ”He called me the next day on a private cellphone number. Then a day after that, we met up at a hotel in the Sandy Springs area and hooked up. The 3rd time we hooked up, he came to my condo, and things started getting a little more serious.” Damen Wayne further claimed that Dr Naugles gave him money and paid his car loan, rent, and groceries for around 30 days.

Moreover, Damen Wayne said that when Dr Naugles was at his place, he would complain about his wife, telling him that she always accused him of doing wrong, emasculated him, and signed them up to do the reality show without his consent. ”One time I asked him about his marriage and if he was going to leave his wife, he blew up on me.” Apparently, this was the reason the two stopped seeing each other.


Dr. Darren Naugles has almost two decades of practice experience in his profession as an emergency medicine doctor that made a huge impact on his net worth. Darren is also included in one of the 50 doctors at Northside Hospital Cherokee, who specializes in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Darren Naugles has been diagnosing and treating patients ever since he graduated from Boston University School of Medicine. He saves people from life-threatening diagnoses such as excessive bleeding, an overdose of drugs, heart attack, and any related.

Aside from his profession as a doctor, he is also somehow inclined to stardom because of his wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud. His wife, Lisa Nicole, is appeared from season two to season four of the Married to Medicine series. Dr. Darren Naugles became popular due to this show.

However, Darren Naugles also faced an issue of allegedly having an affair with Damen Wayne. In an interview with Damen, he said that they met during the night of season two (Married to Medicine). This is where it all began, he said; later on, Darren Naugles gave him financial support for 30 days, paying for Damen’s car loan, groceries, and rent.

This event made a huge blow in their marriage, they have gone through a lot of counseling, and fortunately, they were able to patch things up and even decided to have a baby. Darren may have faced various ups and downs as a doctor and as a husband, but the couple made sure to fight for it. In the reunion of the Married to Medicine series, Dr. Darren Naugles addressed the issue.

In 2017, Lisa Nicole Cloud released that she decided to depart from Married to Medicine. She needs more time for her business and family. However, she hinted that she might return to the show with Darren Naugles.

When did they got married?

It is unknown how or when the entrepreneur Lisa Nicole and the doctor Darren first connected. But the couple dated for several years before they joyfully wed on July 19, 2007.

Snap: Lisa Nicole Cloud and Darren Naugles have been wed since 2007.
Source: @lisanicolecloud on Instagram

Cloud and Naugles exchanged their vows in privacy. So, there is still a dearth of specific information about their marriage. However, as of 2021, Mr. and Mrs. Naugles are a good match as a married couple.

They are happily commemorating their 13th wedding anniversary. The husband-and-wife team travels to numerous exotic locations and joins each other at social gatherings. They are also co-parenting their children

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How many kids does they have?

Darren and Lisa have two gorgeous children. In December 2004, they gave birth to their first child, a son named D.J Naugles. Similar to this, Lisa and her husband Darren had a daughter called Amira Faith Naugles, making them parents for the second time.

Picture of Darren Naugles, his wife Lisa Nicole Cloud, their children, D.J. and Amira.
Source: @dnauglesmd on Instagram

Their daughter Amira is in eighth school, while their oldest child, DJ, is currently a student in the tenth grade. Similar to Tristan Milos Trump, the Naugles siblings are becoming well-known in the media as famous kids. They frequently appear in posts that their parents update on their social media accounts.

For the record, Amira has appeared in runway presentations for the apparel line Happy Fish by Sami Chen during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

What is the Net Worth of Darren?

Darren has an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he amassed from his occupation as a doctor. The board-certified practitioner in medicine may be making a sizable fortune.

According to US News Money, doctors receive an average salary of $196,490. But Darren is a skilled physician. He may therefore be making more money than the average. As a result of his volunteer work, Naugles has also been given the US President Barack Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

However, Darren’s wife Lisa has an estimated $8 million in wealth, which is comparable to that of businesswoman Carol E. Reiley.

What is Naugle Height and weight?

Dr. Naugle’s height is 5’6.  And His weight is 88kg.