Daryl Macon

Quick Facts | Daryl Macon

Full Name Daryl Douglas Macon Jr
Birth Date November 29, 1995
Birth Place Little Rock, Arkansas
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nick Name D-Mac, D4
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African Descent
Father’s Name Daryl Macon Sr
Mother’s Name Deloise Macon
Siblings Two Sisters: Tiffany Macon and Tierra Macon
Education Parkview High School, Holmes Community College, University of Arkansas
Age 26 years old
Height 6’2″(or 188 cm)
Weight 185 lb (84 kg)
Body Build Lean & Athletic
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Married No
Partner None
Children No
Profession Basketball Player
Position in team Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Teams Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, AEK Athens
Jersey Number #4
Affiliations NBA, Greek Basket League
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
AEK Athens’ Merch Men’s Athens Logo Hoodie
Last Update July, 2022

Leaving your home country to play in a foreign land is a big move in life. Furthermore, leaving at a young age takes a lot of strength and confidence. Daryl Macon is one such player who plays in Greece.

Daryl Macon is a basketball player who plays as a point guard or shooting guard for AEK Athens. Furthermore, he has played for Dallas Mavericks alongside Slovenian superstar Luka Doncic.  As we head on to learn more about Daryl Macon, let’s take a look at some quick facts about him.

Who is Daryl Macon? | Childhood, Education, and Family

On November 29, 1995, Daryl Macon Jr., aka D-Mac, was born. He was also born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Daryl Macon was also born to Deloise Macon (Mother) and Daryl Macon Sr (Father). However, Daryl’s father, Daryl Macon Sr., died when he was only two years old.

Macon spent the majority of his childhood without a father. Furthermore, his mother, Deloise, had to raise him and his two sisters on her own.

Daryl has two lovely sisters. Tiffany and Tierra Macon are their names. Furthermore, his mother has played a significant and influential role in her children’s lives.

A single mother raised her children

Daryl frequently praises the hardship his mother had to endure because Deloise (Daryl’s mother) had to raise all three children on her own.

Furthermore, he is inspired and grateful for his mother’s hard work and effort. The Macon family has faced many difficulties and problems as a unit. As a result, Macon cites his mother as the person who made the biggest difference in his life.

Daryl grew up with his grandfather, Robert Lee Harrison, who was a significant figure in his life. His grandfather raised him and supported the family after his father left.

Furthermore, Robert Lee Harrison became a father figure to Daryl, who had been without his father for two years.


Daryl Macon was a student at Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School. The school is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it emphasizes science and the arts.

Similarly, he graduated from high school in 2014.

Community College of Holmes

Macon attended Holmes Community College after graduating from high school. He also began playing baseball for Holmes Community College.

Similarly, Macon was a prolific player from a young age.

University of Arkansas Transfer

Macon decided to transfer to a new college after two years at a community college. Several scholarship offers from the University of Mississippi, Memphis State University, the University of Memphis, and the University of Massachusetts surrounded him.

Despite the attractive offers, Macon chose to attend the University of Arkansas. As a result, he became a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Furthermore, Daryl Macon’s major subject was Sociology.

Daryl Macon’s Height | Age, Height, and Physical Appearance

On November 29, 1995, Daryl Macon was born. He is currently 26 years old. He will also be 27 years old on November 29, 2022.

Daryl was born on November 29th, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. A Sagittarius is known for his love of liberty and truth.

Furthermore, Sagittarius people enjoy having fun and are open-minded. So, what is Daryl Macon’s height? Daryl Macon stands an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall. His height is also ideal for a point guard or shooting guard.

Macon also weighs 186 pounds. Furthermore, Macon has a handsome appearance with black hair and eyes.

When did Daryl Macon begin playing basketball?

Macon’s basketball career started at a young age. Similarly, Macon was a Parkview High School basketball player.

College Life

Daryl Macon was a student at Holmes Community College. Similarly, as a junior, Macon was a regular starter for Holmes CC.

Macon averaged 13.4 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game as a freshman. Holmes was named junior college All-America after being a prolific player in his junior year.

Macon was also named to the NJCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Third Team All-America during his sophomore year.

Razorbacks of Arkansas

Macon transferred to the University of Arkansas after two years at Holmes Community College. The Arkansas native accepted a basketball scholarship with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Similarly, Macon spent his junior and senior seasons with the Arkansas Razorbacks. For the Razorbacks, Macon averaged 13.4 points as a junior and 17.1 points as a senior.

Macon was also named to the All-SEC Tournament team as a result of his impressive stats. Similarly, he was named SEC Player of the Week after scoring 30 points against Ole Miss.

Similarly, after his junior season, Macon declared for the NBA Draft. He did not, however, hire an agent and instead returned to the Razorbacks.

In addition, he was named to the Second Team All-Sec in his senior year, which was an incredible honor. As a senior, Macon was named SEC Player of the Week three times.

Similarly, Macon reached a career high when he surpassed the 1,000-point mark. He received numerous congratulations.

Basketball Career

The point guard was not selected in the 2018 NBA Draft. Despite going undrafted, Macon received multiple offers from NBA teams.

Furthermore, he went on to play in the NBA Summer League for the Miami Heat. Similarly, on July 30, 2018, the Dallas Mavericks signed Daryl Macon to a two-way contract.

Furthermore, the contract called for him to split his time between the Dallas Mavericks and their G-League affiliate, the Texas Legends.

Texas Legends and Dallas Mavericks

Macon made his Texas Legends debut in 2018. In addition, he scored 35 points in his debut for the Legends. Similarly, Macon made his NBA debut on October 26, 2018, against the Toronto Raptors. However, he only got one minute of game time.

Daryl Macon was released by the Dallas Mavericks on July 26, 2019. During his time with the Mavericks, however, he became close friends with Luka Doncic.

Other Groups

Similarly, after being released by the Dallas Mavericks, Macon signed an Exhibit 10 contract with the Miami Heat. Macon also played for the Sioux Falls Skyforce under the terms of his contract.

As a result, Macon was released by the Miami Heat. He later signed with the Turkish basketball club Galatasaray. On July 24, 2020, he agreed to terms with Galatasaray.


Daryl Macon’s contract with Galatasaray was terminated. As a free agent, Macon joined AEK Athens of the Greek Basket League.

Similarly, Macon made his debut for the Greek club on February 6, 2021. Furthermore, he made his debut against Peristeri. Similarly, in his debut game, he scored 18 points in 28:09 minutes.

Daryl Macon | Stats

  • College Stats
Career 71 15.1 2.8 3.1 45.0 40.5 87.1 55.7 22.6 8.9
  • NBA Stats
Career 8 0 11.3 .370 .455 .571 1.5 .9 .1 .0 3.6

Learn more about his wingspan, scouting report, and recruiting on NBA Scouting Live and 247 Sports.

Who is Daryl Macon dating? | Relationship & Girlfriend

The big question asked by everyone is whether Daryl Macon is dating?

According to the reports, Macon is currently not dating anyone. So, there is a relief for all those who have a crush on the 6’2″ basketball player.

However, we can report that Macon has had one major relationship in the past. A few years ago, Macon tweeted that he missed his girlfriend.

We can only assume that he meant that he missed his high school sweetheart.

Daryl Macon hasn’t publicly shared his romantic life. Thus, we can respect the privacy he wishes to keep.

Daryl Macon | Personal Life

Most Prized Possession is His Father’s Picture

Macon’s father, Daryl Macon Sr., passed away when Macon Jr. was only two years old. Furthermore, since then, Macon’s mom, Deloise, raised the family.

Macon has no living memory of his father as he was too young to remember anything. As a result, Macon’s most prized possession is the picture of his father, Daryl.

Bought His Mother a House

There is no doubt that Daryl Macon loves his mother very much. So, to express his love in action, Macon brought his mother a beautiful house.

Furthermore, Macon presented the house as a Christmas gift to his hard-working mother. Macon posted a heart-warming video on Twitter as he surprised his mother with the house.

Loves Video Games and Movies

The shooting guard for AEK Athens is a big gaming fan. Furthermore, Daryl Macon has revealed that he absolutely loves to play different games on his gaming consoles during his free time.

Furthermore, Macon is also an avid movie watcher and loves spending time watching movies.

Future Career Coach or Motivational Speaker

Every basketball player’s playing career comes to a stop at some point. Normally, many players are confused as to what they want to do after their retirement.

However, Daryl Macon has made some plans for his future career.

When Macon retires, he wants to become an NBA Coach. Likewise, he also has a goal to become a motivational speaker.

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What is Daryl Macon’s net worth? | Net Worth & Salary

Macon has accumulated his career earnings and net worth through his basketball career. Macon has played for the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Galatasaray, and several other clubs.

Currently, he is a player for AEK.

According to several sources, Daryl Macon has a net worth of $1 million.


  • Be patient; we about to be good, Ma!
  • Keep dream chasing. It gets hard sometimes but don’t give up!

Is Daryl Macon on social media? | Social Media Presence

Yes, the shooting guard who played for the Arkansas Razorbacks and Dallas Mavericks uses social media. Daryl Macon uses Instagram and Twitter to connect with his fans.

He has an Instagram account with over 32k followers. Similarly, Macon loves posting pictures of his in-game highlights and photos. Furthermore, Macon posts several pictures of his family, friends, and trips.

Likewise, Macon has a Twitter profile with over 13k followers. Due to his Mavericks affiliation, he is followed by Dallas Mavericks and Luka Doncic.

His Twitter feed is mostly related to Basketball. Furthermore, he also tweets about his views, opinions, and feelings about different topics and issues.

You can follow Daryl Macon through the following account handles.

Twitter: 13.8k Followers

Instagram: 32.7k Followers

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Daryl Macon | Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Daryl Macon?

Daryl Macon is playing for the AEK Athens in the Greek Basket League.

What is Daryl Macon’s contract? What is his Euroleague stat like?

Macon is on a  one-year contract with AEK Athens for the 2020/21 season.

For the season 2021/22, Daryl Macon has played 31 games and saved eighteen of them. Currently, he stands with an average statistic of 13.1 points, 2.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 0.7 steals.

Has Daryl Macon sustained an injury?

There is no exact information or rumors regarding his injury.

(Make sure to comment down below if any information regarding Daryl Macon is missing.)

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