Dave Gettleman

Quick Facts

Full Name David Alan Gettleman
Birth Date February 21, 1951
Birth Place Boston, Massachusetts
Nick Name The Mayor
Religion Messianic Jew
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Boston Latin School, Springfield College
Horoscope Pisces
Father’sName Not known
Mother’sName Not known
Siblings Not known
Age 71 years old
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Not available
Career Highlights and Awards 3 times Super Bowe wl Champion (XXXII, XLII, XLVI)
Build Athlete
Marital Status Married
Wife Joanne Gettleman
Kids Aaron, Samuel, and Ana Jane
Position Senior Vice President and General Manager
Profession American Football Executive
Net Worth Not known
Salary Not known
Currently Works for New York Giants
League NFL
Active Since 1986- present
Social Media Not available
Giants’ Merch JerseyShortsHoodie
Last Update July, 2022

Success is not achieved through laziness, negligence, or imitation. To achieve success, it takes a man of average stature, laser-like focus, and a failure rate that is twice as high.

In a similar vein, Dave Gettleman’s success is not the result of a single, magical night.

It took days and nights as he gradually embraced all the stages of his life. Prior to that, he was just a face attempting to establish his identity.Looking back at his career history, he was not just a teacher of driver education but also a high school football coach.He has three times guided his teams to the Super Bowl championship as an executive.

Come, let’s explore his personal and professional lives through this article as we delve into his past to try to uncover the bestaspects of him.Dave Gettleman is the senior vice president and general manager of the NFL’s New York Giants, for those who are interested.

In addition, over the course of his 30-year NFL career, he spent years working with four different teams.

Education and Early Life | Dave Gettleman

On February 21, 1951, David Alan Gettleman was born in Boston, Massachusetts. The names of his parents, siblings, and details of his early life are sadly kept a secret.

However, we can certainly talk about his time in school and the college he attended. In the Boston, Massachusetts, neighbourhood of Mattapan, Dave spent the majority of his formative years.

Later, while a student at Boston Latin School, he had the opportunity to play football for the varsity squad.

Dave enrolled at Springfield College to continue his education, where he excelled as an offensive tackle for the first-year football team and also earned a degree in education.

A 1978 master’s in physical education from Southern Connecticut State and a 1986 master’s in sports administration from St. Thomas University were both earned by Dave.

Career in Football for Dave Gettleman


Spackenkill High School, then, is inextricably linked to his football career. A coach position opened up for Dave in Poughkeepsie, New York. From 1973 to 1978 and again in 1980–81, he served as the head coach there.

Dave led his teams to two league championships while attending Spacekenkill High School, where they competed against institutions twice as big.

It was all about his success, but did you know that his best years were spent at Spacekenkill?

Gettleman was born in Spacekenkill and became Gettleman.One of his former students, Colleen Drummond, spoke highly of him.

Dave, on the other hand, treasures his eight arduous years at Spacekenkill. He was the one who established the school’s football competition in 1973; he was only 22 at the time.

Few things in his office are still the same and provide a refreshing vibe, despite the fact that the football team’s weight room has been converted into a janitorial closet.

Dave Gettleman, during the start of his career.

The office is located behind the crammed trashcans and buckets of mop water, to name a few things. There is also the same whiteboard that Gettleman used to write plays on.We would typically find the same tiles in our bathroom from 40 years ago.

Since Clinton DeSouza took over as the school’s coach ten years ago, there haven’t been many improvements.

Although he was not Mr. Gettleman’s employee, he claimed that “this building can be proud of the fact that it hired him for the GM post.”

A couple of years ago, Gettleman attended homecoming and a celebration of the first-ever championship team of the school.His fans, who included teachers, coworkers, and both current and former students, filled the entire room.

Most of the amusing tales about his time at Spackenkill were told by Dave. For Dave, talking about football in the high school curriculum was a passion project rather than a job.

Dave only had one piece of knowledge:

Teams bring in the championship, not individuals.

Loved Drivers Education Instructor

While having breakfast with her husband, Abby Donnelly, who now resides in Charlotte’s house, happened to learn about Dave Gettleman, the new Panthers general manager.

Evidently, Dave was the same person who instructed her in driver’s education and coached football in Poughkeepsie.

Annual book featuring Dave, the girl’s junior varsity basketball coach at Spackenkill High School

Even when it was necessary to reprimand and scold his students, Dave never used a loud voice in front of them. Donnelly mentioned her own experience and added that she never felt anxious about riding in the car with him.

Dave instilled trust in anyone who came his way looking for straightforward advice.He would occasionally lose control of his anger, but whenever you would annoy him, he would give you a noogie of the head.

Coach G insisted on teaching basketball to the JV girls basketball team despite already being a football coach and an education teacher. He did concur, but his stay there was only temporary.

A Good Person

People, if you believe that Dave was a person who was only constrained by his obligations as a professional, then you are mistaken.

He was a good man with a strong sense of humanity. During his time, there were two male students who shared a home with a mother, a single parent, and seven brothers and sisters.

Their drunken but foolish father was either absent or unwilling to carry out his part of the bargain.

Dave Gettleman working in his former high school

So, if you must know, how did Dave factor into this scenario? The short version is that he made sure the students arrived at class on time.He would get them out of bed, drive them to school, and use his student driver’s car if they failed to appear.

He had love, respect, and discipline as his three defining character traits. Dave was a great mentor to the kids because he was both kind and strict.

He was adept at walking the fine line between being a friend and a teacher. He worked harder at his responsibilities, was creative in his plans, and strict on the field.

After Spackenkill, the post-career

In 1979, Dave spent the entire season working as a volunteer assistant at Cal State Long Beach.


After that, in 1982, he joined the faculty at Kingston High School, and in 1984 he was promoted to head coach.

Dave led his team to a Section I Bowl berth while attending Kingston High School.

Front desk

As a scouting intern for the Buffalo Bills in 1986, entering the NFL was like starting a new chapter in his life.Dave worked in their scouting division for the following seven years before moving on to the Broncos.

In order to condense his time with the Bills, he only remained a scouting intern for the first year, but the following year, following the 1987 draught, he became a full-time area scout.

Dave was then given the responsibility of representing the Bills at the BLESTO scouting.

From June 1992 to December 1993, Dave worked as a regional scout for BLESTO, where he demonstrated his abilities.After the 1993 season, Dave accepted the Denver Broncos’ offer of a scouting position, and he held it through the 1997 campaign.

In 1998, he entered the New York Giants organisation as a scout once more. After joining the Giants, he gradually received a number of promotions and opportunities.

In 1999, Dave received a promotion to the position of Senior Pro Personnel Analyst, and in 2012, that title was officially announced for him.

Panthers of Carolina

Dave was appointed general manager of the Carolina Panthers in January 2013.

His work history and experience really impressed the company’s founder, Jerry Richardson, who saw him as the ideal candidate for the position.Meanwhile, Dave agreed that the circle was a good group to be in. On February 7, 2016, Dave led his team to the Super Bowl 50.

But the Broncos defeated his team by a score of 24-10. The Panthers advanced to the postseason three times over the course of the five years and won three NFC South championships.

Go back to Giants

Some professional names, however, hold a special place in a person’s life. New York Giants also played a role in his life. On December 28, 2017, Dave was introduced as the new general manager of the New York Giants, ending a six-year tenure.

He was chosen as the best candidate for the position by franchise president John Mara and chairman Steve Tisch after noticing his demonstrated track record.

They thought that Dave would bring his own approach to our organization’s selection of athletes through the draught and free agency. Without a doubt, he did.

Kevin Abrams, the interim general manager, Marc Ross, Giants vice president of player evaluation, and Louis Riddick, former NFL personnel executive and current ESPN analyst, were the people interviewed.

And as per sources, Dave is still running with the Giants with the same title, performing the same duties and responsibilities. And he is the one to accumulate the best players for the roster position.

However, many considered the Giants contract signing with Odell Beckham Junior for $90 million by Gettleman a bad move. After all, they ended up trading him eight months later.

2019 and 2020 hire

Hiring star running back Saquon Barkley, the No. 2 overall draught pick in 2018, and quarterback Daniel Jones, the sixth overall pick in 2019, was all his part of the construction.

Besides that, some of his best free agent signings in 2020 were Logan Ryan, Blake Martinez, and James Bradberry.

Dave Gettleman | Personal Life, Wife, and Kids

Coming to the personal aspects of his life, Dave is a happily married man. He tied the knot with his lovely wife Joanne Holt in 1984 and has three kids together, Aaron, Sam, and Ana.

The duo first came across each other in 1983 at a wedding where Dave was called by one of his former students, and accidentally, Joanne also happened to be there. She is also a Spackenkill Alum.

As per Fabwags, Joanne is a former preschool worker, and when they stayed in Florida, she worked as a preschool supervisor for kids who have cerebral palsy.To remain specific, Joanne was the one to make the earnings and run the home at that time. She made $21000 compared to her husband’s $18,000 scouting for the Buffalo Bills.

However, no matter what, Joanne always stood by her husband’s side and supported her throughout the thick and thins.

Not to mention, Dave’s son Sam works as a Support Technician at Berkeley College Information Technology and Services.Likewise, daughter Ana is at YWAM Minneapolis, while Aaron lives in New Jersey and is married. Now, this was all about his personal life and family.

Like any other normal human being on the planet, even he had his own ups and downs. Not everything was smooth and sailing in his life.

Dave Gettleman was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

The news got widely spread when Dave announced his battle with Lymphoma on June 05, 2018. He was 67 years old and found out about his disease during a medical checkup.

Dave was clearly allowed to make a presence for his work as the doctors showed a positive outlook for the treatment, and the prognosis was also positive.

After going through at least seven rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors at Hackensack University Medical Center told him he was in remission.

Not to mention, each chemo round included five days in the hospital. Family support was already there.

But moreover, the amount of support that Dave gathered from the Giant organisation itself was beyond anyone’s imagination. It made him feel strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dave Gettleman | Net Worth and Salary

Dave Gettleman, as a general manager, tries hard to maintain the right salary management strategy, but there is nothing revealed about his annual salary or income on the internet.

However, this does not mean that Dave must be making quite a low amount of money or is struggling hard.

Looking at his name and fame, it is no hidden fact that Dave is heading a lavish life.Nevertheless, research on the salary of the NFL General Manager shows that they typically earn between $1 million to $3 million annually.

The experienced and veteran ones can earn more than that too. The GM is one of the highest-paid front-office employees; thus, their salary is directly decided by the CEO or owner.

The factors that affect their salary amount, in general, are the leadership structure, the team’s overall performance, and attendance.

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The reason behind keeping Dave Gettleman

Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman were two personnel who banded together in 2017 to help restructure Giants. However, Pat got fired in 2019, and Dave successfully held the same position.

Giant’s co-owner, John Mara, said a few words in his favour,

“Dave was our general manager in 2020 and, hopefully, for many years to come. He is the perfect fit for our organisation who can guide us moving forward.”

The only reason to hold him back for the Giants was an easy-going technique to handle the bad contracts and overpaid players, clearing salary cap space and restocking the team with youth.

They had $90 million in the year 2020 to spend for the offseason in salary-cap space. And also, Dave accumulated a nucleus of smart players for championships in the future.

Social Media Presence

This must be quite the saddest part of the article to the Gettleman fans out there. We could not really find him on social media, which means he is not active and has no account.

But yes, while searching for his social media handles on google, we found some fake accounts embedded with his name

They must be the Anti-Gettleman, and well when people start criticising behind your back. Think, you are growing successful.

Dave Gettleman | FAQs

How long has Dave Gettleman been working with the Giants?

As an NFL scout executive, Dave holds more than 30 years of experience and can be claimed as a veteran. He grabbed the General Manager position for the Giants in 2017, and still, he is clinging to that post.

Not to mention, Dave is the fourth person since 1979 to grab the post after George Young, Ernie Accorsi, and Jerry Reese.

Did Dave Gettleman retire from the Giants?

Yes, Dave Gettleman announced the end of his tenure as a General Manager of the Giants on Jan 10, 2022. He served the team for four years as a GM and described it as a privilege to have been able to work with the team.

Besides that, he was also with the team as a scout, director of pro personnel, and senior pro personnel analyst. The Giants record was a 19-46 with Dave as their general manager.

What did Dave Gettleman say in the year-end press conference?

Dave Gettleman said that the two years have been productive and that the arrow is pointing up is the year-end press conference. He said,

“As I’ve already admitted, ’18 was not a stellar year, personnel-wise. We’ve learned from our mistakes. Our processes are better. I think this past year showed the fruits of that, both in free agency and in the draught. I really believe strongly we’ll continue in that way.”