David Packouz

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 16,1982
Full Name David Mordechai Packouz
Birth Name David Pakouz
Profession Musician
Nationality American
Birth City Missouri
Birth Country US
Father Name Rabbi Kalman Packouz
Father Profession Author
Mother Name Shoshana Packouz
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Amabelle Jane
No Of Children 1
Networth 1500000
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David Packouz is an American former arms dealer and musician. He is a popular face of America who is a subject of the 2016 film War Dogs. Packouz being a former arms dealer was arrested for betraying the United States.

David has always been in the limelight for his actions. Apart from being a musician, he is an inventor and entrepreneur. Chris Watson and Alan Price are some of the popular musicians.

Who is David Packouz?

David Mordechai Packouz is a former musician, arms dealer, businessman, and inventor. He was born on 16th February 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri.

At an early age of 23, David got into the business, and in just a few years became successful and popular along with his business partner Efraim Diveroli. Their company was called AEY Incorporated, a supplier of arms and ammunition. The company received millions of dollar deal mostly from federal contracts. However, the company was caught for fraud.

The company was shut down, and  David Packouz and his business were in prison for cheating the U.S government.

What is the Education Level of David Packouz?

David Packouz is a multitalented person having a talent in music, business and many more. It is said that he met his future business partner Efraim Diveroli at his school as a friend.

But the name of the school is not shared. Further, it is believed that he is a former student of the University of Florida, Gainesville attended in 2002. Then I visited Miami Dade College in 2003.

David Packouz Earlier Life

David Packouz joined the AEY Incorporated, a supplier of arms and ammunition company at the age of 23 after getting invited by friend Efraim Diveroli, who was just 20 at that time.

After a year joining AEY Incorporated in 2006, the company earned 149 contracts with a total worth of $10.5 million. Later, the duo won the U.S. government contract to provide arms and ammunition for the US-allied forces in Afghanistan in the time of George W. Bush administration with nearly a worth of $300 million.

The deal was to supply 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, millions of rounds for SVD Dragunov sniper rifles, aviation rockets, and other munitions in 2007.

However, AEY Incorporated cheated the US government by breaching the contract, purchasing the ammunition from China which was a restricted territory for arms and ammunition to get into the US.

Other than the source of arms and ammunition, the quality was lower and the duo cheated by rebranding and repackaging. The fraud was uncovered by the United States House Committee and Government Reform, which led to further investigation. Later, numbers of lawsuits were found against AEYIncorporated.

As a result, Efraim Diveroli was sentenced for 4-year in prison, and David had to go through 7-month house arrest order for his part.


David Packouz has begun a career in music. Currently, he is the CEO of Singular Sound, a music technology company. Earlier in the movie, David has also done a cameo as a singer and guitarist.

Movie About David Packouz

The story of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli made a headline. There was an article written about the duo by Guy Lawson which later was turned into a book called “Arms and Dudes How three stones from Miami Beach became the most unlikely Gunrunners in History.

The book caught the attention of a famous movie writer and director, Todd Phillips who made a movie on it in 2016 with a title War Dogs. However, the film was not a big hit receiving both positive and negative reviews and grossing a total of $86.2 Million.

David Packouz is Living Life as a Single Father

David, the dashing hottie, is a single father at the moment. In spite of his enormous popularity, he favors low-key conversations and hardly ever discusses his personal life. Therefore, only the barest of details about his life are provided.

Picture of Amabelle Jane and IZ, David Packouz’s girlfriend. Website: YouTube

Packouz is indeed the father of one child, Amabelle Jane, it has been established. Jane, the infant girl, was born in 2007. Packpuz frequently appears in photos with his daughter in various places around the globe. He appears to be a good father who enjoys being with his daughter.

Additionally, there is no information available about his baby’s mother. When David penned the song More Than Anything for his ex-girlfriend IZ, it was revealed that she was Annabelle’s unknown mother.

How wealthy is David Pocock?

David, a versatile musician, is thought to be worth roughly $1.5 million. He leads a luxury lifestyle and is one of the wealthiest celebrities. Packouz continues to reside in his own home in Florida.

Picture: Live music performance by David Packouz.
Source: David Packouz on Instagram.

The musician’s reputation has grown as a result of his involvement in several scandals and his musical career, which guarantees that his income will expand in the next years. He reportedly earns about $80,000 a year from his projects and performances.

Additionally, he was previously employed by Efraim Diveroli’s AEY Inc. Arms company, which brought in about $10.5 million in 2006. The business won a $300 million U.S. government contract in 2007.

Police Penalty and Association with War Dogs on Packouz

After reportedly agreeing to have sex with an undercover Collier county officer for $400, Packouz was detained in 2012 at the Motel 82 in Naples, Florida.

In a similar vein, the 2012 incident was covered in Guy Lawson’s 2015 book Arms and the Dudes. And Todd Phillips turned it into the 2016 movie War Dogs. David appeared in the film as the guitarist and singer in a cameo role.

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David Pockouz was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 16, 1982. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he was given to a Jewish family. How to prevent marriages was written by Rabbi Kalman Packouz, the father of the musician. Shoshana, his mother, built houses.

Picture of David Packouz and Amabelle Jane, his daughter.
Source: David Packouz on Instagram.

Packouz employed as a certified massage therapist while he was struggling. He then began his business as a weapons merchant. He made the decision to enter the music business after experiencing some problems with constituents.