Dayana Crunk

Dayana Crunk is an actress and model. She is, however, a self-professed model and Instagram sensation. Her Gothic appearance, as well as her Gothic-style attire, have made her famous. Gothic fashion has a connection to black fashion.

People who dress Dayana Crunk in Gothic fashion wear black as their primary hue. It can be in the form of fashionable clothing or their physical appearances, or both. As a result, models frequently dress in dark colors. Her Instagram account, which has 180,000 followers, helped her attain notoriety. She’s also a goth Instagram influencer with a large following.

Quick Facts

How old is Dayana Crunk?

Dayana was born in Ukraine on October 1, 1998. She is 23 years old right now. She used to spend time with her sister when she was younger. Her father was a local truck driver, and her mother was a high school teacher.

She was enamored with the gothic style when she was in elementary school. She then made an Instagram account and began posting gothic-style selfies and images when she started high school. Her popularity grew as a result of this initial beginnings. She, on the other hand, did not attend college and instead focused on her internet profession.

How did she established her Gothic-style career?

Her professional career began when she created an Instagram account and began posting selfies. Her passion for gothic attire began to surface on the internet. It was during her high school years that she experimented with her passion of gothic attire. Her Twitter account was created in 2013, however she did not receive enough followers. On the other hand, she appears to be rising in popularity on Instagram.

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For the past two years, she has served as the brand ambassador for the clothes and accessory online business “KillStar.” The Gothic-themed clothes at Kill Star is well-known.

What’s going on in Dayana Crunk personal life?

Dayana is forthcoming with information regarding her personal life. She has a younger sister with whom she spent her childhood. Her parents are also on board with her being an Instagram influencer. She is active on a number of social media platforms, and she frequently posts about her personal style.

She enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Her love for environment may be apparent in her Instagram posts and images. Winter is one of her favorite seasons to spend time in. She also enjoys petting animals, with cats being her favorite. Dayana is a pleasant and fun-loving individual. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, especially her family and partner. She also uses social media to talk about her relationship, demonstrating that she is honest about her personal life.

Relationship And Dating Rumors

Dayana Crunk is unattached. She was more open to her relationships at initially, but after a heartbreak, she became more closed. Dayana Crunk doesn’t talk about her dating life on social media. She had been dating the same man for six years. They both attended the same high school. She was more outspoken about the connection on social media, but it didn’t last long.

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The heartbreak that followed came as a result of that event. Dayana prefers to keep her dating life to herself most of the time. She is currently involved in a new relationship, but she has kept it a secret. Around August 2020, this relationship information surfaced in the public.

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What is Dayana Crunk estimated net worth?

The net worth of Dayana Crunk is unknown. Dayana Crunk’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 million to $2 million. Her main source of income is as an Instagram influencer and gothic model.

What are Dayana Crunk physical attributes?

Dayana Crunk is a young woman in her twenties. She has long brown hair that is generally a mixture of colors. Her hair is dyed half-black, half-black, and half-black. Her eyes are brown in tone. She is approximately 5′ 8′′ tall and weighs approximately 62 kgs. Her nationality is Ukraine, and she is white.

Is Dayana Crunk active on social platforms?

Dayana Crunk. Source: Instagram

She has accounts on Facebook and Instagram (@dayanacrunk), but no YouTube channel. Her videos, on the other hand, are frequently available on YouTube. In recent years, she has become more mature.

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