Debra Jannie Thomas

Figure skating was the first winter event to be included in the Olympics, debuting in 1908. Ice skaters at that time also had a great opportunity to compete internationally in the sport. In addition to earning a bronze medal at the 1987 Olympics, Debi Thomas has won three World Professional Championships (1988, 1989, and 1991). Debi Thomas doesn’t miss a chance to talk about how much she loves the game that altered her life, even at the age of 54.

Quick Facts about Debra Jannie Thomas

Name Debra Jannie Thomas
Birthdate March 25, 1967
Birthplace Poughkeepsie, New York, United States
Age 55 Years Old
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Black
Religion  Christianity 
Father’s Name McKinley Thomas
Mother’s Name Janice Thomas
Siblings  1
Education  Northwestern University
Stanford University
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
San Mateo High School
Profession Figure Skater, Physician
Nickname Debi
Height 5 ft. 5 inches
Weight  53
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black
Shoe Size 9 (United States),  8 (United Kingdom)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net worth  $20 thousand 
Achievement World Figure Skating World Champion (1986)
Olympic Bronze Medalist (1988)
Two times US National Championship
Salary Unknown 
Started Career  At the age of 9
Retired  1988
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Marital status  Divorced
Husband Chris Bequette (1996-2010)
Children  Luc Bequette
Fiancé  James Looney
Coach(s) Alex Magowan
Social Media  Inactive
Last Update 
July, 2022

Net worth of Debra Jannie Thomas

Debi Thomas had a successful career and made a lot of money, but now she is broke. She has a $20k net worth. Debi also went from having money to having none. Debi’s life altered as soon as she declared bankruptcy in 2014. Despite being a wonderful surgeon, she was unable to renew her license because it had already expired.

Debi’s divorce, which required her to pay her ex-husband a sizable sum of money as an alimony to support their son, is the primary cause of her bankruptcy. But because of her bankruptcy, she even lost custody of her son. Debi and her fiancé currently reside in a mobile home, which is filled with piles of paperwork and dishes. Debi shares a small house with three other family members, just enough room for two individuals to live there. You may also visit Roger Federer

How was Early Life, Education, and Parents Debra Jannie Thomas?

Debra Janie Thomas, better known by her stage as Debi Thomas, was born in New York’s Poughkeepsie on March 25, 1967. Since she was just five years old, Debi has actively participated in numerous skating contests. She has always had a passion for skating.

Debi’s parents, Mckinley Thomas (the father) and Janice Thomas, divorced when she was very young. Unfortunately, not much is known about Debi’s parents. Debi began official lessons at the age of nine and began competing in ice skating events. Despite this, Debi has never had it easy, as she was the first skater of African descent.

Debi secured the third position in the Olympics.

Debi had a lot of issues as a result of this. The judges chose other white contestants over her simply because they were more deserving. She did manage to keep the silver medal she received at the national novice finals when she was 12 years old. Coaching Debi and directing her for the Olympics was Alex McGowan.

Regarding her training, Debi received her orthopedic surgery degree from Stanford University. She earned a good degree in addition to having a successful skating career.Debi obviously put in a lot of effort because she continued to pursue her passion while prioritizing her schooling and realizing her parents’ desire.

Age, height, and body measurements of Debra Jannie Thomas:

Debi, who was born in 1967, is now 54 years old. She started out having to deal with a lot of adversity and hardships. Nevertheless, Debi was able to inspire many admirers of skating and prospective skaters. On the other side, this American woman is 53 kg tall and 1.67 meters tall. Debi also has stunning black eyes in addition to the rest. Her shoe size is the same in both countries—9 in the US and 8 in the UK.

Her birth chart indicates that she is an Aries.  Also her sun sign suggests that she has a passionate, driven, and self-assured attitude. Debi is undoubtedly a strong and determined lady because without her zeal and commitment, she would not be able to balance both her engineering and skating careers.

Debi also has an agile and flexible body, which is a must for a figure skater. But as we pay attention to her performance, we realize what a difficult undertaking figure skating is. There is also no room for error. We all know that even a small error can cause serious wounds that can terminate a career. As a result, a skater needs to be physically fit while maintaining a smaller frame. Debi had a slimmer frame and a toned leg when she was a young Olympian.

Debra Jannie Thomas | Figure skating career

Debi’s career began early because she entered her first skating competition at the age of just twelve. She won the two biggest matches of her career while still a student at an engineering college. Debi’s mother, who used to drive 100 miles a day and devote her time between home, school, and the ice rink, has a big influence on Debi’s career.

Los Angeles Figure Skating Club gave Debi’s career in figure skating a start. Similar to Thomas, who won the short program when she was only 18 years old, the long program saw Thomas finish in second place after three notable long leaps.

Debi Thomas

The way Thomas skated and competed was improving as a result of her successful performances. Additionally, Debi finished seventh at the World Championships in 1985, and Thomas won the gold medal in 1986.


Similar to how she continually wins tournaments, Debi is named the Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year by ABC.

It’s interesting to note that, while attending college full-time, Debi became the first female athlete to win all three awards. Debi is also the first female skater of African descent to have earned numerous accolades. She found time to attend college and university despite being a pre-med student. Debi receives the Candace Award for Trailblazing from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women as a consequence.

Debi is an incredibly resilient person since she never gave up, regardless of the circumstances. Thomas, for instance, suffered an ankle injury in 1987, but she still competed in the US Nationals despite her injury. In spite of the injury, she managed to come second, which is commendable.

Debi and Katarina Witt had a rivalry during the 1988 Winter Olympics. Debi, on the other hand, finished third and took home the Olympic bronze medal. Unfortunately, Debi made a lot of mistakes in her second round, and she had trouble jumping correctly in the third, so she gave up after that round.

Debi therefore moves up to third. She does, however, make Olympic history as the first African-American woman to take home a medal. Following her 1988 World Championship victory, Debi gave up amateur figure skating. She gained the title of World Champion twice after giving up amateur figure skating. Debi was nevertheless admitted to the Ice Skating Hall of Fame in 2000.

Health Career

She traveled to Boulder to attend Martin Luther King Jr. University’s orthopedic surgery residency program after completing her engineering degree at Stanford University. She began her professional medical career in 2007 after clearing many exams to become a licensed orthodontist.

She went from clinic to clinic every year since her personality prevented her from being in one area for very long. She was, nevertheless, very talented, and her patients valued her.

Personal life about Debra Jannie Thomas

When Debi Thoms was married to Brian Vander, her first husband, she lived a happy existence. Debi divorced Brian after eight years of marriage, and in 1996 she wed Chris Bequette, a gorgeous lawyer. Luc Bequette, the son of Chris and Debi, is a defensive tackle for Boston College. However, after her divorce from Chris, things started to alter. Similarly, Debi received a bipolar illness diagnosis in 2012.

A series of setbacks, including bankruptcy, a broken marriage, and losing custody of her son when Luc was 13 years old, piled up. Debi begins to feel unhappy as a result of all the difficulties she has encountered. And this failure was incomprehensible to her after witnessing so much triumph.

Debi Thomas with her current life partner.

However, Jamie Looney, Debi’s fiancé, had alcoholism and temper problems in 2015. Nevertheless, despite Debi’s issues, she supported her fiancé in overcoming his issues. Debi currently resides in a little home with her fiancé and his two sons.

Debi Thomas and her spouse at the moment.

Debi’s medals are similarly stashed somewhere in her suitcase. She is unable to display them despite the fact that they are a symbol of her achievement and pride. DEBI IS A STRONG WOMAN; IN FACT, SHE HAS LOST EVERYTHING, BUT SHE IS CONFIDENT THAT SHE STILL HAS TIME TO RISE AGAIN.

However, Debi is content with her fiance for the time being. Looney and Debi are each making every effort to improve their lives. Debi is an inspiration in a similar way because she was born during a time when black women were marginalized and denied equal chances. She also developed her own individuality as a result of her diligence and hard work.

Social Media

Debi doesn’t use any social media sites. Despite the fact that she is not active on social media, her followers would dearly love to see more from her and learn more about her. If someone is interested in learning more about her, they can locate her on many websites.


What has become of Debi Thomas?

Debi is presently residing someplace in Virginia with her fiancé in a modest home.

Is Debi still a doctor, right?

Debi is currently not engaged in any activities linked to her medical career. She hasn’t said anything about why she isn’t a doctor, though.