Demetrius Haley

Demetrius Haley, a 30-year-old former police officer who worked for MPD for three years, was born on January 4, 1993. (Memphis Police Department). He was fired in January 2023 along with 4 other officers for the murder of Tyre Nichols, a law-abiding motorist.

Quick Facts

Real Name Demetrius Haley.
In Limelight Killed Tyre Nichols.
Age 30.
Birth Date January 4, 1993.
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, United States.
Gender Male.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Capricorn.
Ethnicities African-American.
Parents Father: —
Mother: —
Follow on
Instagram Not Available.
Love Life
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 117.9.
Pounds: 260 lbs.
Height feet: 6′ 1″.
centimeters: 185.4 cm.
meters: 1.854 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
Profession Former Police Officer.
Joined Memphis Police Department August 2020.
Got Fired From Memphis Police Department January 2023.
Net worth $835.21k.

Learn About Demetrius Haley, the person responsible for the murder of Tyre Nichols

An internal investigation was carried out as soon as the relevant authorities became aware of the incident. It turned out that Haley was one of five policemen—the others being Desmond Mills, Emmitt Martin III, Justin Smith, and Tadarrius Bean—who used excessive force against Nichols before killing him.

Tyre-Nichols-Killer-Demetrius-Haley-Mills-Martin-Smith-Bean. Source: Google

Following Tyre’s passing on January 10, people began calling for the bodycam film to be made available to the public, but officials chose to wait until the situation had calmed down before doing so.

Finally, on January 27, 2023, Tyre Nichols’s cam footage and shocked everyone because it revealed how a group of individuals who were under the spell of authority and power carried out a heinous act.

There hasn’t been much time since the death of George Floyd, and now we are forced to witness another such tragedy. The only difference this time is that African-Americans, not Caucasians, are responsible for the murders, making this a case of police brutality.

Why did the police pull Tyre Nichols over?

When MPD officers pulled down Nichols on January 7, 2023, for allegedly driving recklessly, they displayed erratic conduct that led Tyre to suspect that they were members of a neighborhood gang that steals automobiles and poses as police officials. The young father managed to get away somehow, and the pursuit began.

Tyre Nichols struggling with officers of the Memphis Police Department. Source: Google

Soon, Tyre was apprehended by police, who used excessive force, tasers, and pepper spray to force him to lie down.

Nichols repeatedly questioned what his mistake was, but Demetrius and his team paid no attention. The battered Nichols had trouble breathing, so emergency personnel transported him to a local hospital, where he passed away 3 days later.

Police Bodycam Video in the Tyre Nichols Case

The Memphis Police Department made a video of what happened to Nichols 20 days after the incident. In the footage, it is possible to see the cops employing disproportionate force against the young driver.

Tyre was compliant, but the officers were behaving violently, using tasers, pepper spray, and abusive language. One of the officers can be seen kicking Tyre savagely.

Tyre’s health began to decline after enduring the fury of the Memphis police force for a number of minutes. He struggled to survive in the hospital for three days and was unable to even sit up straight. Sadly, luck was not on his side, and he passed tragically, leaving behind a little child.

Where is Demetrius Haley coming from?

Demetrius Haley (age 30) was reportedly born on January 4, 1993, in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. He resided in areas like Cordova all of his life. According to the material that has surfaced, Haley had a beautiful upbringing and a solid education. He completed his high school education in 2011 and enrolled in college to study law.

Demetrius-Haley-Memphis-Police-Officer. Source: Google

He returned to Memphis after receiving his bachelor’s degree and made the decision to join the police there. He began his career with the Shelby County Division of Corrections, where he was accused of strip-searching an inmate by the name of Cordarlrius Sledge but managed to escape with nothing and also was hired by MPD in August 2020, and they offered him a nice salary of $45,623.

No one with a rational mind could do what he did to Tyre Nichols, so it appears that over time he lost sight of the fact that he was hired to help people, not to harm them.

Who is the wife of Demetrius Haley?

Haley is not wed at the moment. After the Tyre Nichols incident, he reportedly deleted his personal Instagram and Facebook accounts in January 2023, but, like Tadarrius Bean, he failed to conceal his Twitter account (@DemetriusHaley7), where he never shared a single post. Lacey Amour Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, OnlyFans, Instagram, Height & More

Demetrius-Haley-Police-Profile. Source: Google

We cannot determine if he is dating someone due to a lack of information, but we will keep you informed if we discover anything new.


Ques: When was Demetrius Haley born?

Ans: January 4, 1993.

Ques: How old is Demetrius Haley?

Ans: 30 (in 2023).

Ques: Is Demetrius Haley present on Instagram?

Ans: No.

Ques: Where does Demetrius Haley live?

Ans: Memphis, Tennessee.

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