Derek Otcasek

Derek Otcasek has grabbed the fame of being the son of the famous multi-talented personality Richard Theodore Otcase well known as the Ric Otcasek. Ric was a singer-songwriter who has risen his fame through the songs like Just what I needed, You might think, My best friend’s girl, Tonight she comes, Dangerous type, It’s all I can do and many others.

Derek Otcasek was also a record producer and musician in the American music industry. He was also the rhythm guitarist and lead singer.

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1981
Full Name Derek Otcasek
Birth Name Derek
Nationality American
Ethnicity American


Ric Ocasek’s son was born in the United States in 1981. With his parents, he was raised and grew up in his hometown. He, like his father, was interested in music, singing, and songwriting, but he had not yet achieved the same level of renown.

What is Derek Relationship Status?

Derek Otcasek is a young and rising famous son who has maintained a presence in the spotlight since a young age thanks to his father and prefers to keep his status low-key. Although there is no evidence that he is in a relationship or dating anyone, there is no guarantee that Otcasek is single.

He could be in a relationship and keeping it hidden from the public eye, or he could be single and concentrating on his profession. He also hasn’t posted anything on social media about his previous relationships or escapades.

How much is Derek Net Worth?

Derek Otcasek’s net worth has yet to be updated due to his lack of transparency regarding his occupation and earnings. He does, however, live a lavish lifestyle with his mother.

However, we do know how much money his father, Ric Otcasek, makes. He was highly compensated for his work as a singer, composer, and guitarist, as well as an author. He had an estimated net worth of $40 million at the time of his death in 2019, according to a credible source. Aside from his job, he didn’t have any own businesses or other sources of income.

Otcasek’s Relatives

Otcasek is the son of Richard Theodore Otcase and Suzanne Otcasek, a well-known celebrity. Eron Otcasek, his only sibling, was born to him by his own mother.

Derek Otcasek poses for the camera with his father Ric Otcasek, mother Suzanne Otcasek, and brother Eron Otcasek. is the source of this image.

His step-siblings are Jonathan Raven Otcasek, Oliver Orion Otcasek, Adam Otcasek, and Christopher Otcasek.

Regarding Derek’s Sibling Christopher

The model Paulina Porizkova’s son is an actor. He rose to prominence as a result of films such as Pretty Woman (1990) and Elvis Is Alive (2001).

Since the beginning of his career, he has been active in the film industry.

The Marriage of Otcasek’s Parents

In 1971, musician Ric Otcasek and his wife Suzanne Otcasek married. After dating for a few years, the pair married each other.

They were unable to maintain their connection and chose to separate as husband and wife in 1988, after having given birth to two children together. In the media, they had not revealed the specific cause for their divorce.

Otcasek’s Father’s First Wife

In 1963, the songwriter Ric Otcasek and his wife Constance Campbell married. She was his first marriage, but they were unable to maintain a long-term relationship.

Ric Otcasek, Derek’s father, and Suzanne Otcasek, Derek’s mother, pose for a portrait. Popular networth is the source of this image.

In 1971, they made the formal decision to end their relationship. They did not, however, provide the cause for their divorce.

Otcasek’s Father’s Third Wife

It was exactly what I needed. singer Paulina Porizkova, a Swedish model and actress, was Ric’s wife. After dating for a few years, they married in 1989 after dating for a few years.

Ric’s death in 2019 brought the marriage to an end. For a long period, they couldn’t spend any more time with each other.

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When Did Otcasek’s Father Pass Away?

You might believe that American singer Ric died on September 15, 2019, in the Manhattan Boroughs of New York City. He was born in Baltimore City, Maryland, on March 23, 1944.

Ric was discovered dead on September 15, 2019, at his New York City townhouse, which he and his estranged wife, Paulina Porizkova, still shared after their divorce in May.

He’d been recovering from surgery for a while. Ocasek died of natural causes, according to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office. There is no precise reason for his death or the circumstances that led to his death. Apart from his profession as a singer, songwriter, and musician, Otcasek’s Father Dangerous type singer was also a novelist. With his vast knowledge and abilities, he had penned numerous novels.

Ric Otcasek, Derek Otcasek’s father, was photographed sporting a black coat and a white shirt, as well as spectacles. spectacles. Biography Mask is the source of this image.

The Cars, Lyrics & Prose, and Good Times Roll: A Children’s Picture Book are among his best-known works. He has authored these books based on his musical skills and experience.

The Car Band of Otcasek’s Father

Ric Otcasek was the lead singer as well as the guitarist for the well-known American rock band Car. From 1978 to 1979, the band was on the upswing. Proto-punk, garage rock, and bubblegum music were the band’s earliest influences.

The rock band formed in Boston in 1976 after emerging from the late 1970s new wave culture. The band was formed in the pop-rock and new wave genres.

Benjamin Orzechowski was an American musician and singer best known for his work with the rock band car as the bassist, co-founder, and co-lead vocalist. Ric was a close friend of Benjamin’s and the founder of the rock band Car.

Father Controversy

Derek’s father was once a media darling after his third wife Paulina Porizkova claimed in the press that he was ‘controlling’ her during their marriage.

Except he hadn’t been involved in any of the recent incidents that have dominated the news. Rather of getting involved in issues, he had won the hearts of millions of people with his incredible voice and melodies.

On Social Media

Derek Otcasek does not use social media like other celebrities. He spends a lot more time on Twitter than he does on other social media sites. On social media, he does not have a large fan base.

He has a Twitter account @dotcasek, which he has had since October 2011. His Twitter account has a modest number of followers. He also goes by the handle preparedcorn on Instagram. His account has been set to private. His Instagram account has 149 followers.

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