Devanne J Villareal

The ideal relationship is one in which both parties start out as nothing and progress through life together. Popular NFL quarterback Davante Adams is fortunate to have that kind of bond with his wife, Devanne J Villareal, despite the rarity of that kind of relationship.

Quick Facts about Devanne J Villareal:

Full Name Devanne J Villareal
Age 29 Years Old
Birth Date January 14, 1993
Birthplace Salinas, California
Residence De Pere, Wisconsin
Nationality American
Mother Barbara Davis
Father Gustavo Villareal
Stepmother Adelaida Villareal
Siblings Logan, Alessa, Nate, Celeste, and Christopher.
Marital Status Married
Star Sign Capricon
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Husband Devante Adams
Daugther Deija Leigh Adams
Eye Color Black
High School Everett Alvarez High School
University Fresno State
Profession Esthetician and skincare professional.
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth Not Available
Merch of Davante Adams Notebook
Last Update July, 2022

Who is the wife of Davante Adams?

Davante Adams’ wife Devanne J. Villareal is a well-known NFL athlete. He represents the Green Bay Packers in the NFL and is a well-known professional football player.

Devanne, a professional esthetician and makeup artist, was the Adams’ longtime girlfriend before she became their wife. Deija Leigh Adams, a child of Devante Adams, is also raised by her.

Early Life, Family, and Education according to Devanne J. Villareal

On January 14th, 1993, Devanne J. Villareal was born in Salinas, California. Her mother is Barbara Davis, and her father is Gustavo Villareal.

Despite being Mexican, her father had long since resided in the United States. Barbara, Devanne’s mother, was formerly a fitness model.

Devanne J Villareal with siblings and father.

Unfortunately, Devanne’s parents separated, and her father later wed Adelaida Villareal.

Although Devanne lived with her father, she frequently saw her mother.

She has five siblings, one of which, Logan Vonne, is well-known on TikTok and plays football for Alvarez High School. Alyssa Esparza, her sister, creates makeup.

Devanne’s brother Nate is a valedictorian at UC San Diego who plans to study aeronautical engineering. Celeste and Christopher, two of her other siblings, recently completed high school.

Despite the fact that her parents were separated and she had to live with her stepmother, Devanne had a wonderful upbringing. She had five siblings, and she had a pleasant childhood.


After graduating from Everett Alvarez High School, Devanne went to Fresno State for college. Devanne and Adams met there, and a lovely love tale began.

Devanne had a strong interest in cosmetics and skincare. She therefore pursued related coursework to earn her license as an esthetician and skin care expert.

Devanne J. Villareal, Work

Villareal is a qualified skincare expert and esthetician. In her clinic, she offers facials, waxing, pore-cleansing, and exfoliating procedures.

In Fresno, an esthetician makes an average salary of about $37,000.

Villereal might make more money if she had more experience and knowledge.

Adams and Devanne J. Villareal’s relationship

Adams and Devanne both went to the same university. Before deciding to move beyond their relationship and begin dating, the two were first just friends.

They had a protracted relationship and helped each other out professionally. Devanne was pursuing her studies to become an esthetician as Davante started his football career.

Davante shared a photo of Devanne during her graduation and captioned it, “She ain’t a gold digger, I am lucky,” which went viral on social media.

Devanne is a powerful, self-reliant lady who doesn’t need anyone else to get what she wants.

She worked very hard in college to earn her degree and land the job of her dreams as an esthetician, even after Davante was drafted.

Devanne may have gained notoriety as Davante’s wife, but she also has her own unique aura and charm that allow her to maintain her own identity as Devanne J. Villareal in addition to being Devante’s wife.

With Davante Adams, Devanne has experienced both good and bad times. She helped him through his difficult times and watched him develop into a well-known NFL player in America.

Davante has never been implicated in any affairs or rumors throughout his entire career and is devoted to her long-term partner. You may know about Who is Mario Chalmers Wife?

The Career

Everyone enjoys seeing romantic comedies where the hero kneels down and asks the girl to marry him.

Everyone desires to experience that in their life. Devanne experienced that movie scene firsthand.

Devanne was informed by Davante that they would be traveling to the Bahamas for a photo shoot. Devante, however, had a surprise in store for her.

In fact, Devanne planned the entire trip with the intention of popping the question to her on the stunning Bahamas beach.

Devante had a stunning diamond ring ready to propose to her, and he took care to avoid giving Devenne any cues or making her suspect anything.

Devanne assumed they were simply hanging out without her being informed of the proposition. She was completely unaware of the proposal.

Adams proposed to her girlfriend in the Bahamas.

They were strolling side by side on July 6, 2017, taking in the refreshing breeze.

Devenne noticed Davante halt moving at that same moment. She turned around to see Davante removing his wedding band while he was on his knees.

‘Will you wed me?’

asked Davante, and Devenne yelled, “YESSS!” in response.

The Stunning Wedding

Davante and Devenne were no longer romantically together as of June 23, 2018. They exchanged wedding vows and became legally married.

The wedding took place in Pebble Beach in the Californian county of Monterrey.

Many individuals attended the lavish wedding, including Adam’s teammates Bryan Bulaga and Aaron Rodgers as well as their family and close friends.

In their white strapless gown and dark tuxedo, the bride and groom both looked stunning. The location of their wedding was exquisitely decorated with gorgeous flowers and spectacular lights.

Devanne J Villareal and Davante Adams on their wedding day.

The couple’s wedding photo went viral online, and their supporters showered the comment area with compliments. Everyone was pleased for them, and their wedding was the talk of the town.

They spent their honeymoon in Santorini, Greece, following their grand wedding. You may know more about Edward Wesley Rodgers

Taking the first step toward motherhood

The couple eagerly anticipated becoming parents to complete their family following their magnificent wedding and unforgettable honeymoon.

Their hope was soon realized because Devanne was expecting Adam’s child. Adams revealed that he and his wife were having a girl after the Packers’ Week 3 victory over the Broncos.

Once more, a deluge of well wishes and congrats for the pair filled the comment section. A lovely baby girl was born to Devanne on September 20, 2019. Deija Leigh Adams was the baby’s name given by the parents.

Devanne with her daughter.

On September 20, 2020, infant Deija had her first birthday. For the celebrations, the couple hosted a party in their home. Due to the covid epidemic, sadly, just a few people were invited.

Devanne J. Villareal: the canine enthusiast

Devanne adores dogs a lot. She is most in love with her pet, Louis, who she owns.

Pitbulls are Louis’ natural breed. He has black spots all over his body and is pristine white.

Louis, her pet, is all over her Instagram feed. She sees him as a kid, and Devante does too.

She formerly owned a dog named Mia. Also she spent her childhood years with the family dog, who passed away after 15 years.

Devanne said in a depressing Instagram post that a portion of her dog is now in paradise.

Currently, Louis resides at the home of Devanne and Adams. He is most likely the couple’s first child because they treat him like their son and adore him dearly.

Devanne J. Villareal: Social Media

Devanne, who is 29 years old, has a sizable following on her personal Instagram account. She can be seen actively uploading pictures of herself with her family, including her husband Devante Adams, daughter Deija Leigh Adams, and pet Louis.

Her posts are entirely made up of images of her with Devante or of her kid Deija. Additionally, she is completely transparent about her personal life on Instagram.

Devanne has more than 19.8K followers on  Instagram under the handle @ devadams. Apart from Instagram, Devenne appears to be inactive on other social media platforms like Facebook.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What race is the wife of Devante Adams?

USA state of California is where Devanne J. Villareal was born.

She is American even if her father is Mexican because she was born and reared in the USA.

Who is dating Devante Adams?

Davante Adam’s wife, Devanne J Villareal, was once his girlfriend. Deija Leigh Adams, another daughter of the couple, was born.