Diane Mizota

Diane Mizota is a famous American versatile actress. She is well known for her role as a News Reporter in the TV series Runaways.

Diane Mizota was born on September 9, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, The United States of America. Her role as a Kelly in the TV series Awkwardness was liked by many. She is also a very famous American dancer and TV personality.

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 9,1973
Full Name Diane Mizota
Profession Actress, dancer
Nationality American
Birth City Los Angeles, California

How was Mizota Earlier Years?

Mizota, the lovely dancer, has always been a hardworking young lady. She had been dedicated to her profession since she was a child. She was born in the United States of America, where she spent her childhood.

Her Japanese parents gave birth to her. She received everything she desired and grew up with her parents’ love and care. In the United States of America, she began her professional career.

What is Mizota Height and Weight?

Diane Mizota is stunning, with her jet black hair and enticing dark eyes. She has a fair skin and an oval face.

Picture of Diane Mizota’s twins character in the movie Austin Power'(Image Source: Kidad)

She also stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (167 cm). She, on the other hand, has never revealed her weight on social media or anyplace else. And she is highly health conscious and concerned about her appearance as an actress. Diane appears to be in good shape and attends the gym on a regular basis.

What is Mizota Education Level?

Mizota, who plays Mizota on True Detective, is a dedicated, well-educated, and well-trained woman. She is a regular participant in several of her college’s events and theatrical plays.

Her lower schooling, on the other hand, is unknown. Mizota, on the other hand, completed her high school education at UCLA Anderson School of Management, a graduate business school at the University of California, Los Angeles.

She also earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from one of Danville’s universities after graduating from high school. Mizota went on to complete her studies and training and begin her professional career.

What is Mizota Relationship Status?

Diane Mizota is a happily married woman who lives with her parents and siblings. She is solely focused on her job and has never been married or engaged in the past.

She had a relationship with an attractive person in the past, but she never shared his identity on social media. Mizota, like other celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and romantic lives private.

The Twins of Mizota Inaba, Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann Inaba is a well-known American television personality, dancer, choreographer, actor, and singer who is best known for her role in the television series Nikki. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States of America, on January 5, 1968.

Carrie Ann is most known for playing the twins’ character Fook Yu of Mizota in the Austin Powers film series. An actress who could play Mizota’s Twins was needed for the cast of Austin Powers. As a result, Mizota suggested Carrie, one of her closest friends.

In the film Austin Powers, Diane Mizota’s twins are depicted (Image Source: Kidad)
Carrie Ann is a talented dancer as well as an actress. She also performed a stunning dance with Mizota in the comedy and espionage film series Austin Powers.

Information about the family

Mizota, an American actress, was born in Los Angeles, California, and has spent her entire life in Danville, California, with her family. She grew raised with a lot of love and care under her parents’ supervision.

She, on the other hand, dislikes sharing personal information on social media platforms. Also, she hasn’t shared any information about her parents or their occupations on social media. She has also refused to divulge any information about her siblings.

Beginnings of a Career and Profesional Life

Mizota has loved acting since she was a child. Later on, she turned her hobby into a full-time job. Mizota, a dynamic actress, became interested in acting when she was six years old and enrolled in an acting class.

Mizota is a fantastic versatile actor, as we know from her role as Jean on The King of Queens. She has appeared in a variety of films and television shows.

He played the job of reporter for the most of the series. As a result, we might speculate that she could enjoy working as a reporter in real life. In real life, however, she has never worked in the field of journalism.

How much money did Mizota make?

Diane Mizota is a successful TV series and movie actor, so acting is her main source of income. Her professional experience has netted her a sizable sum of money.

Mizota’s monthly compensation and the contracts she signed with some of the film production companies are tough to come by. Mizota’s entire net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be around $1.9 million. She appears to live in a beautiful home with her parents and siblings, based on her total net worth.

Films and television series

Diane is a versatile actress who has appeared in a variety of short films. Pluck, Duck, Duck, Goose, Pauly Shore Is Dead, Impostor, Boys and Girls, Out to Sea, and more are among them. She puts in a lot of effort at work.

Picture of Diane Mizota with her twin character and a co-actor in co-actor a sean of the movie Austin Powers (Source: austinpowers fandom)

In addition, as an actor, she has been in a variety of television series. American Crime Story, Tacoma FD, Runaways, American Horror Story, Major Crimes, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Scandal, Bones, and other shows are among them. She created some of the short films and TV programs in which she acted in addition to acting.

The Wonderful World of Disney, George of the Jungle, Monkeybone, and Beautiful are just a few of the popular TV shows and series in which Diane has performed her beautiful dance.

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Profile on IMDb

Diane, the star of How I Met Your Mother, has forty-eight acting credits on her IMDb page. In addition, he has fifteen credits as a self.

Picture of Diane Mizota with a cute smile (Source: Diane Mizota’s Twitter @DianeMizota)

Her profile also includes a brief biography, awards, nominations, and other personal information. In 2004 and 2006, she received two Daytime Emmy nominations.


Diane has never been involved in any rumors or scandals. She prefers to avoid all unnecessary attention, which is why there are currently no rumors about her.

Mizota also keeps her personal life private, with few details about her family and personal life being revealed.  She is also very humble by nature which makes her a rumor-free personality.

Social Media Presence

Her Facebook and Twitter accounts are more active than her Instagram account.

Diane is active on Twitter, where she has more than 4.5k followers. @DianeMizota is her Twitter handle. The majority of her posts are from her acting sets and studio, as well as her personal life. She enjoys using Twitter to share photos of her crew.

She also has over 2,500 Twitter followers and over 8,000 tweets. This demonstrates that, despite her large fan base, she is more active on social media.

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