Diego Maradona

Quick Facts

Full Name Diego Armando Maradona Franco
Date of Birth 30 October 1960 (Sunday)
Birth Place Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nick Name Hand Of God & The Golden Boy
Religion Christianity
Nationality Argentine
Ethnicity Argentinian
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Age 60 years old
Height 1.65 m (5’5″)
Weight 155 lb (70 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Father’s Name Diego Maradona Senior
Mother’s Name Dalma Salvadora Franco
Siblings Brothers: Hugo Maradona & Raul Maradona
Sisters: Ana Maria Maradona, Rita Maradona, Maria Rosa Maradona & Elsa Maradona
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Claudia Villafane (1984-2003)
Kids Sons- Diego Maradona Junior & Diego Fernando Maradona
Daughters- Dalma Maradona, Gianinna Maradona & Jana Maradona
Affairs/ Girlfriends Lucia Galan (1981-1982)
Cristiana Sinagra (1985)
Veronica Ojeda (2013)
Rocio Oliva (2014)
Profession Professional Footballer
Position Attacking Midfielder
Debut Club- 1976
International- 1977
Jersey Number 10
Retirement 1997
Favorite Food Pizza, Pasta, and Cakes
Net Worth $100 Thousand (Approx.)
Social Media Instagram
Date of death November 25, 2020 (Wednesday)
Place of death Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cause of death Heart Attack
Merch Diego MaradonaMaradona: The AutobiographyRetro Jersey

Diego Maradona, a well-known Argentine football manager, coach, and former player, had a $100,000 net worth at the time of his passing.One month after turning 60, on November 25, 2020, Diego Maradona passed away. The Argentinean athlete was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 30, 1960.

Diego received tens of millions of dollars in pay and accolades during his time as a player and coach.Diego was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world in the early 1980s, receiving several million dollars annually in pay and endorsements from brands like Hublot, Puma, and Coca-Cola.

He is still regarded by many as one of the best football players. Not to mention that the options are frequently Pele or Maradona when the question is posed.

In addition, he helped the Argentine people win the 1986 World Cup, making him and now making him a hero in their eyes.

Diego Maradona income and net worth

According to estimates, Maradona is worth $100,000 (£75,000). He had a successful 20-year career, practising his craft with Barcelona, Napoli, and Boca Juniors.

The well-known footballer has made a lot of money right away. On the field, he was a true superstar, and nothing could stand in his way.

From his earliest days, Puma supported him and has remained friendly with the German giants until this day.

Likewise, endorsement deals with Hublot, Coca-Cola, and a few other companies enabled me to move up that financial ladder. At one point, his worth was valued at close to 50 million euros.Sadly, the Italian tax seized his assets, and he was forced to make substantial payments—current estimates put the total at 90,000 Euros.

As a trainer

The pay Maradona receives as the manager of Gimnasia de La Plata, a temporary position lasting through the 2019–20 season, is mostly unknown.

According to the records, the former Argentine manager earned $150,000 (£118k) per month while serving as the head coach of Dorados, which amounted to $1.6 million (£1.25 million) throughout the course of his 11-month contract.

Maradona serving as a Fifa ambassador (Source: The Telegraph)

He was the FIFA ambassador at the 2018 World Cup in Russia before to taking over as manager of the Dorados. Additionally, he had agreed to a three-year contract to lead Dinamo Brest of Belarus.He did, however, spend a brief time working in Belarus after relocating to Mexico.

The Cars of Diego Maradona collection

People have always envied celebrities’ glitzy lifestyles. Their opulent lifestyle, extravagant spending, and who could forget the rides they were taking!

Maradona’s amazing collection of automobiles included his first Porsche 924, which was put up for auction at JamesEdition in 2010, a black Testarossa BMW i8, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost, in addition to Golden Balls and other sporting awards.

911 Porsche

Porshe 924, a 1979 German-made product, was shipped to Argentina at the request of a 19-year-old soccer player.

In 2010, this vehicle with a 125 HP engine and less than 40,000 miles (64,374 km) on the odometer was listed for sale for $500,000.

Its market worth increased to $112,928 by the year 2020.

Formula One Testarossa

Maradona purchased the black Testarossa in 1987, a year in which Ferraris were only offered in the red hue.

After Michel Jackson and Silvester Stallone, the football player is Ferrari’s third customer to park a black Testarossa in his garage.

Only two of these cars, manufactured in 1988 and 1990, are offered for sale at JamesEdition, with prices ranging from $112,000 to $159,000.

BMW i8

Maradona recently purchased the car while he was undergoing training in the United Arab Emirates.

One of Maradona’s most used automobiles in recent years, the Rolls-Royce Ghost, was apparently included in his estimated $90 million estates.


As part of his initial deal, the Argentinos Junior sold the house to Maradona in 1978. The two-story home has been transformed into a museum so that his fans may see what life was like before the icon became famous.

In 2016, the Maradona “House of God” museum opened its doors to visitors. Alberto Perez, the former manager of Argentinos, paid £82,000 for the home.

Diego’s way of life ended up being the exact cause of his demise.

The way Maradona lived and the way he was seemed to live above his means. The moment he quit playing, the situation deteriorated.

He has fortunately survived due of his enormous size and recognition in Argentina. Additionally, there is Fidel Castro’s generous and strong support in the UAE or South America.

Why did Maradona die?

The Discovery Plus documentary “What Killed Maradona” takes viewers inside the worlds of the greatest football players in history. along with how his life off the field impacted his play, career, health, and heart.

As fans around the world mourn, Maradona’s passing has been added to the list of unsettling news this year brought on by the coronavirus.

Death of Diego Maradona (Source Sky News)

The famous Argentine was a professional in the area. However, he was leading a life in which he struggled to control his addiction.

In contrast, it tells the tale of a young guy who suffered unfair punishment for failing to control his reputation and worsening injuries. and experience physical abuse and addiction at a young age.Maradona battled a number of health issues, despite the fact that his accomplishments on the football field were different.

Donations Work

Maradona’s philanthropic endeavours are not generally known. But he has contributed to numerous charitable organisations, including UNICEF.

He participated in a shooting game in 2010 and helped raise $500,000 for a children’s charity at an occasion hosted by one of their sponsors, Hublot.

Book publications, investments, movies, and endorsements

There is no doubting that as he grew older, Diego Maradona led a miserable life. Nevertheless, he received $8 to $10 million in praise for his beauty.

But the disputes with other dishonest advisors did put Maradona’s enormous business influence in jeopardy.

However, a lot of companies wanted their names to be linked to the well-known thinkers or organisations that they had supported.

These businesses became well-known all over the world by placing their logos on Maradona’s mighty chest or his enchanted feet.

The Argentine shirt worn by Mexico in 1986 is the subject of one amusing tale. To avoid clashing colours with the other team, each team in the competition has two uniforms—one light and one dark.

Argentina had a dark blue shirt in addition to their standard blue and white blue line.The team also wore it during their illustrious quarterfinal match against England, where Maradona netted a Hand of God goal and a stunning solo goal just four minutes apart.

But Maradona noted in his book “Touched by God: How We Won the Mexico 86 World Cup” that it was likely the team lacked alternative match-ready shirts.

Pumas x Maradona

One of Maradona’s cornerstones was Puma. He wore their issues for the majority of his career.

Finally, the company presented the King Maradona Super, a sneaker honouring Maradona.

In one of the brand’s first commercials, a young Diego Maradona is heard declaring, “Puma is mi major amigo,” or “Puma is my best friend.”

After a short hiatus, Puma and Maradona allegedly agreed to a lifetime pact. Not to mention that Maradona frequently appeared sporting Puma attire.


A huge cola contract was almost as attractive to sportsmen as a water-based tarot contract until aerated beverages were discovered for their harmful health consequences.

One of the most famous was a Coca-Cola “A Coca Cola pour a sour,” or Coca-Cola smile, owned by Maradona. The Argentine star endorsed the company in his early years.

Maradona visited India almost ten years ago to launch the jewellery line of Kerala businessman Boby Chemmanur.

José Maradona (Film)

Asif Kapadia is the director of the 2019 British adaption of Diego Maradona. based on never-before-seen footage of Argentine footballer Diego Maradona.

The movie was also made by On The Corner Film, with help from Film4 and Altitude Film serving as distributor. On June 14, 2019, it was formally released in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, it contains writings and references to Diego Maradona, who left FC Barcelona for S.S.C. Napoli in 1984 and went on to win two Serie A championships and the 1988–89 UEFA Cup with the Italian team.Additionally, the film had made $966,936 ($1,174,464) in the UK and over $1,443,342 abroad, for a total worldwide earnings of $2,617,806.

Additionally, it has generated the majority of its money in both its own coffers and the United Kingdom. It did not, however, have a significant impact on the box office when it was released in North America.

On its debut weekend in the UK, the movie took in £284,949 ($358,787) from 139 other pictures, placing it ninth in the box office.

Over the second weekend, it also received an additional £130,406 ($166,186) and 195 screens in total, bringing in £609,735 ($777,029) in 10 days.

It grossed £850,268 in total over four weeks, $13,367 on 37 screens for its fifth weekend, and £884,651 for the seven-day period that ended on July 14.

Similar to the sixth weekend, it brought in £10,410 ($13,016) on all 19 screens, while the tenth weekend brought in £1,872 on five screens for a total of $966,936.

Maradona’s career

Maradona made his professional debut for the Argentinos Juniors when he was just 15 years old, becoming the primary provider for his low-income family.

There were high hopes when Diego landed in Barcelona. A team handed the young star a record-breaking $7.6 million transfer price.

Although Maradona continues to perform well for the team and is well-liked by Spanish fans, his time in Catalonia was overshadowed by a number of contentious episodes.

During a heated argument in 1984, Diego attacked three Athletic Bilbao players. And he had used his knees to bring one of them to the ground.Following the confrontation, there is a riot inside the stadium, and FC Barcelona fires Maradona.

Diego had originally established a transfer fee, but Napoli exceeded it by paying Argentina approximately $10.5 million. Diego had reached the highest point at this point.

Argentina won the 1986 World Cup with Diego’s assistance

Diego contributed to Argentina’s victory in the 1986 World Cup at this period. In a 2-1 match against England, he hit the ball with his hand to score goals

When questioned about it, Maradona denied it included handball and instead said it was “God’s hand.” And this is one of the football aphorisms that has been uttered the most.

Diego contributed to Argentina’s World Cup victory in 1986. (Source Give me Sport)

His career saw a sharp dip at one time due to his personal life in the game. Thus, both Maradona and the Argentine team were let down by the 1990 World Cup.

He forcibly left Napoli in 1992 after learning he had used cocaine. Sadly, he was disqualified from the 1994 World Cup following a positive drug test result.

Before returning to Boca Juniors to finish his career, Maradona played for teams like Sevilla and Newell’s Old Boys over the following several years.

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Three Awesome Diego Maradona Facts

When Maradona was 15 years old and playing for Argentinos Junior, he made his debut in the sport.Diego used to sleep with his football inside his shirt as a child out of concern that it might be taken.

Diego was the first football player in history to twice set a record for the highest transfer fee paid.

Compulsion Issues

Diego Maradona gained notoriety for abusing cocaine. From the middle of the 1980s through around 2004, he apparently depended heavily on the narcotic.

Unfortunately, his consistent drug usage had a negative impact on his football skills, which became clear after the star moved to Napoli.

He had also tested positive for ephedrine after participating in two World Cup games in 1994.

Health Issues

Even before he stopped playing football, Maradona’s health and fitness started to deteriorate. His manner of living grew out of control while he was in Napoli.

And he played sports for the majority of the week. As his career came to an end, he also started to lose weight and seem young enough.

Diego’s health rapidly deteriorated after retiring. He quickly put on weight and eventually reached a weight of 280 kg. In order to address his weight, he underwent abdominal surgery in 2005.

Maradona persisted in his alcohol consumption, nevertheless. In addition, he was admitted to the hospital in 2007 with cirrhosis as a result of binge drinking.

Then, after seeking therapy for his addiction issues, Diego suddenly showed up in a psychiatric facility, dispelling the rumours of his demise.

In addition, he acknowledged not using drugs or alcohol for several years in 2007.

But in 2018, while watching Argentina compete in the FIFA World Cup, Maradona passed out and needed immediate medical attention.

Throughout the game, Diego drank white wine, cursed at surrounding supporters, and gave the middle finger to the cameras, all of which attracted the attention of the media.He had therapy for intestinal bleeding brought on by a hernia after that in 2019.

Legal Concerns

Maradona faced numerous legal problems throughout the 1990s. When Diego successfully attempted to meet prostitutes in Naples in 1991, the first one appeared.

In order to set up a meeting in a line under the Italian authorities, he subtly called an illegal service.

Financial difficulties

Since he first began playing in Naples, Diego Maradona has been embroiled in tax battles. For more than 30 years, unpaid taxes had been the subject of fines and penalties.

Maradona was charged with unpaid taxes totaling $37 million by the Italian government in 2009, plus 23 million Euros in interest.

Diego’s jewellery was seized by the police in order to settle a debt of roughly 42,000 Euros. The majority of the outstanding debt is still unpaid, nevertheless.

José Maradona The Economic Times as a source

Maradona stated that despite this, he had no intention of paying taxes because of how the Italian government had treated him. Diego has been charged with blasphemy because of his remarks.