Dorýs Madden

Facts of Dorýs Madden

Full Name Dorýs Madden
Nationality Americans- European
Date of Birth 1969//
Birth Country America
Birth Place America
Horoscope Libra
Ethnicity Mix Ethicity
Sexual Orientation straight

Veteran NBA star Julius Erving’s legacy in basketball is unmatched. The 72-year-old athlete will never play again but has a lot of responsibilities to fulfil in his personal life. A three-time championship winner is a married man to his longtime girlfriend, Dorýs Madden. Unsurprisingly, the celebrity marriage was the only reason why the diva rose to prominence. And, as we know, when you tie the knot with a reputed personality, there is a high chance you become one.

Dorýs Madden: Who is she?

In today’s world, getting married to a celebrity exposes your life to more public interest. Dors Madden, Julius Erving’s wife, is in a comparable predicament. Her husband and she have appeared in a number of pictures and videos from events and programs. First off, Dr J is a nickname for Julius Winfield Erving II, a former American professional basketball player. Because of his fame, fans were curious about the woman who had contributed to his success.

Madden became well-known after becoming married to Julius. Due to their 20-year age gap—she is 20 years younger than her husband—many people were attracted to them. They were able to resolve their marital problems and did not let their advanced age keep them apart. Madden was given the name Dors L. Ramirez at birth in the United States. The 50-year-old businesswoman professes Christianity as her religion.

Julius Erving, a retired NBA player, is married to Dorýs Madden.

The legendary basketball player Julius Erving, who has had multiple relationships with women in the past, spent a significant amount of time with Dors Madden. Unexpectedly, the couple had Justin Kangas as a child in 2003, although Erving was still married to Turquoise Erving. Ultimately, the basketball player and his ex-wife split up in the same year, which was convenient for Madden.

Dorys Madden and Julius Erving tied the knot in 2008. Source: Pinterest

The two chose to be married more than five years into their relationship. So, in a grandiose wedding ceremony in 2008, Madden and Erving exchanged vows. Surprisingly, the two’s age difference was so wide that it led to negative comments about them. Due to the fact that Madden wed the basketball player, who was grandfather-age, only out of avarice, many people branded her a gold-digger.

Because it is not worth it, Dors does nothing except ignore the hatred. She is very content with her partner, as evidenced by the fact that they frequently attend a number of public events together.

Career in the Profession

Dors Madden graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Instituto-Central Vicente-Caceres in 1998. She remained in Honduras after receiving her ICVC degree. Following that, Dors Madden moved to the US to start her career. Prior to dating, Madden worked as a tobacco product retailer. She quickly learned about Julius, a star basketball player. The two soon started dating, and the rest is history. Madden is an American socialite and a wealthy businesswoman.

Dors Madden helps her husband in addition to running her own business. She aids Julius in overseeing a variety of his businesses. She supports her better half in a number of humanitarian causes as well.

Four children are shared by Julius Erving and Dorýs Madden.

In 2003, when they were still dating, Dors Madden was already a mother to Erving’s child. It’s interesting to note that this wasn’t the basketball star’s first child from a previous relationship. In 1980, he and reporter Samantha Stevenson had a daughter together, Alexandra Stevenson, a WTA professional.

Dorys Madden and her husband Julius Erving have four children.
Source: Celebrity gossip

Erving began cohabitating with Madden after divorcing his first wife in 2003. They eventually grew closer than ever and after getting married, they had more kids. Thus, Jules Erving and Julietta Erving were among the three additional children that the couple later welcomed.

Madden does her best to work as a mother to keep the family together and raise her children as best she can while their younger children are currently in high school. You may also like to know about Jack Benny Lynn

Madden’s Staggering Dors Gross Value

Being the wife of a former NBA player who is now a successful businesswoman has many advantages, especially when it comes to wealth. Dors will never have to worry about money so she can live a luxury lifestyle and send her kids to a decent school.

Dorys Madden and Julius Erving often attend several events together. Source: Twitter

Contrary to her husband, she leads a discreet life, therefore little is known about her line of work. However, according to estimations, Madden has a net worth of $1 million, the same as Ari Graynor and Sharee Hough. Her husband Julius Erving, on the other hand, will be worth $50 million in 2022.