Drue Chrisman

It would come out as a huge surprise if anyone inside the football fandom states they have never heard of Drue Chrisman. Alongside being a punter for the football, Drue is also a world-renowned bottle flipper.

All that is to say is that Chrisman has loads of next-level tricks under his sleeve.

Furthermore, he is a graduate of Ohio State University and has depicted his announcement to enter the 2021 NFL Draft. During his tenure at the university, Drue starred as a starter and a versatile punter.

Playing ever since his early phase, Chrisman presented himself as the three-star recruit and the No. 1 punter in the 2016 recruiting class.

Here are some quick facts about the player before getting to know all about Drue’s life and career.

Quick Facts

Full Name Drue Chrisman
Nick Name  The Scottish Hammer
Date of Birth July 7, 1997
Birth Place Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Age 25 years old
Height 6’3″(1.9 m)
Weight 100 Kg (200 lbs)
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Light grey
Build  Athletic
Father’s Name Travis Chrisman
Mother’s Name Sheila Chrisman
Siblings Five sisters
Education La Salle High School
Ohio State University
Marital Status Married
Wife  Avery Eliason
Kids None
Profession Football player
Position  Punter
Teams played  Ohio State Buckeyes
Chrisman Items  Autographed Football Card
Business inquiries with Chrisman  @c_berger21,  @entersportsmgmtlds.org
Net Worth  Under Review
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Rookie Ohio State Card
Last Update July, 2022

Early Life, Family, and Education | Drue Chrisman

Sheila Chrisman and Travis Chrisman welcomed Drue into the world in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, on July 7, 1997.

In addition, he is the second youngest of five sisters and is the only one without a brother. Chrisman is “hyperactive,” as his father put it.

To provide an example, Chrisman always ran here and there as a kid since he had inexhaustible energy.

Travis, Chrisman’s father, also runs Party at Trav’s, a well-known fireworks retailer in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. His mother, Sheila, is a former bodybuilder and a fitness instructor in the meantime.

Sports and Education Introduction

His father, Travis Chrisman, has coached Drue in a variety of sports since his early years.

Drue excelled in sports and academics in addition to both. Despite this, he maintains a 3.4 grade-point average in his coursework.

Drue Chrisman: High School and Football Career

Drue Chrisman went to La Salle High School, where he participated in punting, defense, and quarterback. He participated in the Greater Catholic League during his time there.

He switched to become a punter after an injury put an end to his time as a quarterback.

And He started off in the YouTube videos as a punter before switching to play with coach Dick Seitz.

He punted for LaSalle in the 2015 and 2014 seasons as a high schooler, averaging 46.4 and 43.0 yards each time.

Chrisman was ranked as the top punter prospect in the 2016 recruiting class by the time he graduated from high school.

He was rated as the best punter overall by 247Sports and the esteemed Kohl’s kicking and punting association. The Scout placed him second on the list after it.

Overall, he completed a 21-yard throw to cap up his quarterbacking career. In the second quarter of the Big Ten Championship Game against Wisconsin, it also faked a punt.

College and Career Statistics for Students

After finishing high school, Drue Chrisman enrolled at the Ohio State University. He was first portrayed as the redshirt freshman who would spend five years on university before pursuing his master’s degree.

He studied punting with Cameron Johnston as a freshman.

After that, he was named to the Third Team All-Big Ten and advanced to the Ray Guy Award semifinals. He punted 41.6 yards net on average.

Additionally, he continued to average 44.3 and 45 yards on each punt in later years. In terms of net punting in 2018, Drue had the best mark in the Big Ten with 41.6 yards.

He also had 29 punts that year, which was second most in school history. Drue rose to prominence as one of the top punters in the Big Ten and nationally by the end of his senior season.

Additionally, he punted the longest of his career against Michigan State.

Likewise, with a career average of 43.9 yards per punt, he was fifth in Ohio State history. His college statistics show that he averaged 44.6 and made 73 punts through 3253 yards.

Highlights, Successes, and Awards

Fun fact: Drue Chrisman has never played a game when his average punt length was less than 45 yards. Chrisman is a fantastic player in addition to being a cheerful person.

Below are some of his most notable accomplishments to date.

  • A U.S. Army All-American
  • First-team All-Greater Catholic League
  • First-team Division II all-state (by Associated Press)
  • All-USA Ohio (by USA Today)
  • Division II Ohio state championships
  • Third-team All-Big Ten (by coaches and media)
  • Honorable mention All-Big Ten (by coaches and media)
  • Second Team Preseason All-American
  • Ray Guy National Punter of the week

Declaration for the 2021 NFL Draft

Drue Chrisman announced to enter the 2021 NFL Draft following his sophomore year. The 2021 draft is set from 29 April to 1 May.

According to the sources, the teams were set to draft two or three quarterbacks on the roster with one punter.

As many had put up their high hopes on Chrisman, he said he would be happy with just being drafted into the team.

“I’m probably not even going to tune in the first day. That hasn’t happened for a long time. That’s the dream, to get drafted. Every year, though, it’s not guaranteed. Sometimes not even a single punter gets drafted. I think last year we had a few; this year, it’s looking good, just with the salary cap situation.”
-Drue Chrisman 

MLB Career

The punter was exceptionally talented, yet he was not selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. Nevertheless, as an undrafted free agent, he agreed to a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals in May.

But after dismissing and re-signing him twice from May to October, the Bengals finally waived him in October. Following that, in December, the Pittsburgh Steelers added the punter to their practice squad before letting him go two days later.

The Bengals added Chrisman back to their practice squad a few days later, but on January 18, 2022, they released him. In February, the player finally agreed to a reserve/future contract with the group.

Drue Chrisman: Relationship, Engagement, and Marriage

Avery Eliason, Chrisman’s longtime sweetheart and girlfriend, and he are currently married.

Chrisman and Avery had just been dating for a year prior to the famous proposal. According to the story, Chrisman and Avery have been together since they were little.

Eliason’s family reportedly relocated to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, when she was only five years old. They first got closer as friends as they matured together.

Only then, while Avery was serving a one and a half year mission in Peru.

After that, they started writing to one another and developing strong feelings for one another. They eventually ventured beyond of their “friend zone” and began dating.

Spring Game Suggestion

Drue Chrisman experienced the biggest change of his life in April 2019 during the spring game.

He did, after all, pop the question to his girlfriend, Avery, after halftime, but it didn’t immediately go viral. It did qualify as a “couple goal” for all the right reasons.

In truth, Chrisman also represented the proposal’s one of the slickest gimmicks.

He was successful in getting Avery onto the field to kick a goal without raising any red flags about her. Avery was sitting in the stands at the time, watching the game.

She was reportedly with Sean Nuernberger, a former kicker for Ohio State, and his girlfriend.

As soon as the halftime announcement was made, Liam McCullough’s girlfriend, an OSU fan engagement team member, invited Avery to take part in the kicking competition.

Avery also advanced with the first kick she believed she was giving in her life while standing up without a doubt.

Drue was knelt down to assist Avery with the phony kick, which was, of course, more appropriate for his suggestion.

The ball was then passed by McCullough while Drue kept possession of it. Drue gestured for her to stop as she secretly reached out for the engagement ring just as she started to kick.

Indeed, a fairy tale romance moment!

Chrisman made his proposal, which Avery accepted as the entire stadium cheered in approval. Blake Haubeil also rushed to the couple to wish them well.

Long after the appointed time, the couple was greeted with roars and rivers of well wishes as his proposal spread like wildfire over the world.

Not to add, they received a ton of congratulations and well wishes over the weekend.

I don’t even think I caught her nodding. I will admit that I briefly lost consciousness. It was an amazing experience to be able to do this in the stadium during the spring game. I could not have wished for a better experience because I love this university so much and am able to work in the sector that I have invested so much in.
— Drue Chrisman

Inside the Action

Chrisman had to make a lot of arrangements in advance of the great memorable moment that neither the couple nor the fans would ever forget.

The reports claim that he had initially intended to pop the question on their first anniversary.

But because it was also his third season as the starting punter for the Buckeyes, his friend proposed doing it during the spring game.

The final result was a very special moment with lots of Ohio State supporters present.

Then, he had said that he might have even placed the ring in a bottle and initially performed a bottle flip with it.

He added that he felt anxious about his halftime during play.

When asked to make the kick, Avery Eliason had anxiety as well.

“Kicking a ball in front of everyone made me anxious. That is something new for me. But I didn’t really have any other suspicions. All I wanted to do was kick the ball as far as I could. I’ve been overwhelmed by the affection that I’ve been receiving from everyone—including Drue—as well as my family, friends, and Buckeye Nation. Our hearts are brimming over.
— Avery Eliason

Drue initially secured the support of Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and athletic director Gene Smith for the concept in order for it to be successful.

Additionally, the coach of the special team helped him by holding out his ring for him during the contest.

Socially distant marriage

The following year after the engagement, the couple postponed their wedding despite the coronavirus pandemic. The couple wed via methods of social exclusion in March 2020.

Throughout the intimate wedding, the couple posted photos to their social media accounts.

As the bride was adorned in the white mermaid gown and a bit of lace, the groom was in a black suit with a bowtie. Furthermore, they wore masks and had hand sanitizers.

“You’ve got to make the most out of every situation. There’s now one more Chrisman in the word.”
-Drue Chrisman 

Drue Chrisman | Fun Facts

As a widely known fact, Chrisman is an incredible bottle flipper. As most even state, he is more good at bottle flipping than in punting. All his bottle-flipping videos are just satisfying to watch over and over again.

Apart from it, there are many deeper known facts about him that very few are aware of.

Likewise, to start, he opened up in an interview that his family often states him to be of similar personality as his great grandfather, Drue Chrisman, the first.

Similarly, his father and wife describe him as a goofball and even explain that he is great at voice impersonations, especially horror-movie characters.

Anyways, Chrisman takes huge inspiration from his father and often labels him as the role model he had in his life.

Some of his extra likes and choices are listed below.

  • Pet Peeve: talking too long on the phone
  • Food: Hawaiian pizza with a side of buffalo mac & cheese, finished off with a root beer float.
  • Song: Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band.
  • Best friend on the teamBrock Davin

Drue Chrisman | Net Worth and Salary

Since the NCAA does not pay its collegiate athletes, Drue did not make any money during his college years. However, after signing his reserve contract with the Bengals, the Punter has started accumulating a lot of wealth.

His base salary for the 2022 NFL season is $705,000. Nevertheless, the athlete’s contract details are unknown.

The player’s primary source of earnings is his professional football career in the NFL. As the player recently started his career in the league, his net worth is still under review.

Drue Chrisman | Social Media Presence

If you are interested in more of his photos and daily updates, you can follow and check out his social media sites. He is on Instagram as Drue Chrisman (@dchrisman91), with 35.3k followers.

Likewise, he is on Twitter as Drue Chrisman (@DChrisman91), with 16.7k followers.

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Drue Chrisman | FAQs

What is Drue Chrisman’s major?

Drue Chrisman majors in Family Finance and has stated his wish to be a financial advisor after his athletic career.

What is the jersey number of Drue Chrisman?

Drue Chrisman was featured in jersey number 91 for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Is Drue Chrisman Mormon?

Yes, Drue Chrisman does come from a Mormon background. However, the Chrisman parents are no longer active members.

Why did Drue Chrisman stop playing as a quarterback?

Drue Chrisman underwent a Tommy John ligament transplant surgery due to his hyperextended elbow, which stopped him from playing as a quarterback. In fact, it also made him unable to play basketball.