Facts of Eric Lynn Wright

Full Name Eric Lynn Wright
Aka Eazy-E
Height 159cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1964/9/7
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Compton, California
Horoscope Virgo
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Name Richard Wright
Mother Name Katie Wright
Sexual Orientation Male

Eric Lynn Wright, better known as Eazy-E, was an American artist, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur who propelled West Coast rap and gangsta rap by leading the group N.W.A and its label, Ruthless Records, pushing lyrical content boundaries.

Early Years of Eazy-E

California’s Compton is where Eazy E was born. His rough background caused him to drop out of college and work as a drug dealer to provide for his family. But according to his supervisor, Eazy E was supposed to sell marijuana rather than cocaine.

Eazy E was born in the city of Compton, California.
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Eric made a lot of money selling drugs, but his nephew, who he brought to the scene of the crime, was killed. The hip-hop artist stopped selling drugs because he felt terrible about his bad luck. He wanted to profit from the profitable hip-hop and rap culture since he knew it.  You may also like to know about Darlene Mowry.

Career Highlights of Eazy-E

Before coming into rap and hip-hop, Eazy-E was a drug dealer. He started making music because it was a popular genre at the time in order to start Ruthless Record. Eazy E and Jerry Keller founded Ruthless Recorded. Eric started out as an investor while Jerry served as the boss. They used to control 20–80% of the capital of the records, with the remaining percentage going to Eazy E.

Eric hired Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to create the most popular gangster rap group for his Ruthless Record with the help of the proceeds from his drug sales (N.W.A). “Boyz N The Hood,” Eazy E’s debut track with NWA, was a major hit.

The following year, in 1987, the group welcomed “Arabian Prince” as a new member, and Panic Zone was their new single. The song was the first to include Arabian Prince and all of the members of NWA. All of the NWA members helped in some capacity when Eazy E launched his debut solo album in 1988. The album, which sold over 2.5 million copies, fit within the categories of West Coast Gangsta Rap and golden age hip-hop.

Eazy-E used to be a drug dealer before getting into rap and hip-hop.
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Additionally, it supported Ice Cube and Eazy E’s songwriting and rapping skills as well as Dr. Dre’s production abilities. The foundation of NWA’s most popular and contentious album, “Straight Outta Compton,” was also this song. The 1987 gangsta party book Straight Outta Compton, which threatened violence and even law enforcement organizations like the FBI. “F*** The Police” was the album’s most popular and significant song, earning the group the label of “World’s Most Dangerous Group.”

It was also NWA’s first platinum-certified album. Additionally, it made it possible for music and rap listeners to adopt a more genuine gangsta rap culture. The group’s greatest success, however, also led to its biggest conflict.

How much  Net Worth Does Eazy-E have?

A member of the N.W.A hip hop scene, Eazy-E was an American rapper and record executive. His estimated net worth at the time of his passing was $8 million.

Eazy-E had an estimated net worth of $8 million at the time of his death.
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Some reports claim that Eazy-E has a lifetime net worth of up to $35 million. This might have been the case when NWA was at the height of their fame and Ruthless Records was raking in around $10 million a month in revenue from record sales. By the age of 23, Wright had reportedly earned up to $250,000 from cocaine trafficking, which was how he primarily supported himself.

Unfortunately, Eazy’s finances declined toward the end of his life as a result of his wasteful spending and shady business tactics. In 1991, he spent $1.1 million on a home in Calabasas, California. He left the residence to his wife, Tomica, after his passing. Unfortunately, his house was lost to foreclosure just nine months later.

Details about Eazy-relationships E’s and family

Tomica Wright, a filmmaker, was wed to Eazy E. After meeting in a nightclub in 1991, they started dating. Three years later, a week before his passing, in 1995, they got married. Eric fathered eleven kids with eight different women. He has a son and a daughter named Dominick and Dajiah with Tomica Wright. Along with a daughter named Erin who later changed her name to Elbie, Eric also had a son named Eric Darnell Wright.

Eazy E married Tomica Wright, a filmmaker. Source: Pinterest

Richard Wright and Kathie Wright were the rapper’s parents when he was born. He was silent about his parents when he was living. Eric used to complain that despite his parents’ efforts, he had to endure hardships due to their lack of riches. Eazy had a sister and two brothers. Patricia Wright is his sister, while Kenneth Wright is his brother. The internet, the media, and their followers continue to be in the dark about their lifestyle and employment choices.

Death of Eazy-E

Eazy-E was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on February 24, 1995, due to a ferocious cough. He was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and on March 16, 1995, he made a public announcement about his condition. It is believed that Wright picked up the illness through a sexual partner. The week of March 20, after making apologies with Ice Cube, he began to write a goodbye letter to his admirers.

Eazy E married Tomica Wright, a filmmaker.
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Eazy-E passed away from AIDS-related pneumonia on March 26, 1995, one month after receiving his AIDS diagnosis. He was 30 years old, although the majority of sources at the time believed he was 31 due of an error in his birthdate.

He was buried in Whittier, California’s Rose Hills Memorial Park on April 7, 1995.

Among the roughly 3,000 persons who attended his funeral were Jerry Heller and DJ Yella. He was buried in a gilded casket while sporting his Compton hat, flannel shirt, and trousers. Eazy-final E’s album, Str8 off the Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton, was released on January 30, 1996, ten months after his passing. You may also like to know about Chris Morocco.