Edward Wesley Rodgers

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 4,1955
Full Name Edward Wesley Rodgers
Birth Name Edward Wesley Rodgers
Other Name Dr. Ed Rodgers
Profession Chiropractor

American chiropractor, Edward Wesley Rodgers is well known for his special treatment for eliminating pain, motion restrictions, and laser therapies at Rodgers Chiropractic and Laser Therapy, a Chio, California-based clinic. He is also best known as the former football offensive lineman for the Chico State Wildcats.

Edward was born in the United States of America and hails from mixed ethnic backgrounds (English, Irish and German). He is an American by his nationality. So, what’s happening in his intimate life? Let’s take a glimpse of Rodgers’ personal life

Edward and Darla Leigh Pittman’s relationship

Rodgers, a chiropractor, and Darla Leigh Pittman are committed to their married partnership. In addition, they had a private ceremony where they exchanged vows. They haven’t given any specifics about their nuptials, though.

Picture of Darla Leigh Pittman, the wife of Edward Wesley Rodgers
from Familyton

The couple is still having a great time together and they continue to have a loving and understanding marriage. Additionally, they travel adventurously, discovering new and exotic locations while interacting with new people.

Proud to be the Parents of Three Grown-Up Sons

Edward, a former offensive lineman for the Chico State Wildcats, and his wife are proud parents of three grown sons: Luke Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers (born on December 2, 1983), and Jordan Rodgers (born on 30th August 1988). After Edward moved from Ukiah, California, their children spent their childhood in Chico, California.

Pictured are Aimee Wathen and Luke Rodgers, the first child of Edward Wesley Rodgers.
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In addition, GigaMonster, a telecoms company, employs the couple’s first child as its managing director of business development. He proposed to Aimee Wathen in July 2018, and they were married on April 7, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee.


Pictured with his fiancée, Danica Patrick, is Aaron Rodgers, the second child of Edward Wesley Patrick.
New York Post, as a source

Similarly, their second child, Aaron, has apparently been seeing Danica Patrick, a former American racer, since 2018. The couple want to start a happy family like Luke and Aimee by getting engaged and getting married. According to Danica, the duo are unclear about their marriage date as they are enjoying each other’s company as it is.

Jordan, the youngest child of Edward and Darla, has recently become engaged to his longtime girlfriend Jojo Fletcher. According to insiders, the soul mates will wed this year in the spring or summer.

The former football player Troy Polamalu and his devoted wife Theodora Holmes are also enjoying a happy marriage.

Total Family Wealth of the Rodgers

As of 2021, Edward Wesley Rodgers’ estimated net worth is $500,000. He receives a high compensation for his unique chiropractic services. He might get paid a salary equivalent to a chiropractor in the US, which is an average of $60,574 per year.

On the other hand, Rodger’s son Aaron, who has a net worth of $120 million, is more wealthy than Davante Adams. He is now under contract to the Green Bay Packers for $134 million, with average annual earnings of $33.5 million, including a signing bonus of $57.5 million and a base salary of $98.7 million (total guarantees).

Homes with Millions of Dollars in Accumulation

Aaron, Edward’s second kid, paid the sellers Robbie Williams and Ayda Field $28 million for a home in Malibu, California. On 4,636 square feet, the house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Jordan, the youngest son of Edward, and Jojo, his fiancée, purchased a magnificent home in Dallas, Texas, which was constructed in 1949. Their home is around 1,550 square feet and includes a master bedroom with an attached bathroom that is completely furnished, among other things.

Edward Career As A Chiropractor; His Expertise

Edward is a licensed chiropractor with a solid reputation, as was already indicated.

He evidently offers chiropractic treatments to individual pain and assists his patients to desire increased wellness and fitness. The MVP’s father is a well-known chiropractor who treats the full person rather than just the symptoms. Many people have appreciated him for always seeking out the root causes of illness, discomfort, and agony. He specializes in high-intensity laser therapy, conventional chiropractic manipulation, prenatal care, geriatric care, exercise prescriptions, and therapeutic wraps on prescription.

Ed also concentrates on posture correction, bespoke orthotics, physiotherapy exercises, and sports injuries. Others include dietary counseling, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release therapy.

Additionally, Edward Wesley Rodgers Played Football

Ed played football in college, just like his son did. The Chico native in the 70s played offensive lineman for the Chico State Wildcats. Before pausing his career as a chiropractor, he also played semi-professional football.

Edward Wesley Rodgers, a former offensive tackle for the Chico State Wildcats, is Aaron Rodgers’ father.
Edward Wesley Rodgers, a chiropractor, played offensive tackle for the Chico State Wildcats in college.
He was a member of a Marysville, California League semi-pro club. The group is notable for claiming back-to-back national titles.

He also attended a few Canadian Football League tryouts in the interim. When Ed was younger, he once acknowledged that in addition to being rather intense at times, he was also quite competitive.

Since college, Edward and his wife Darla have been together

Darla Rodgers and Aaron’s father have a history of dating. The mother of Aaron, Ed’s lifelong partner, is a California State University, Chico graduate. In fact, Darla and the physical therapist started dating while they were both undergraduates at the same college.

Darla, like her son and husband, was a collegiate athlete as well. She played basketball and danced as well. Luke, Aaron, and Jordan were the three sons that Darla and her husband had after getting married.

With their three sons, Edward Wesley Rodgers and his wife relocated across several states.
Edward and Darla, along with their sons, traveled around a little as Aaron grew up. They resided in Beaverton, Oregon, Ukiah, California, and other places throughout the process.

In the end, the family moved back to Chico in 1997, and they have remained there ever since, with the exception of the sons. Jordan, the youngest kid, frequently expresses gratitude to Ed for his sacrifices in raising him and his brothers. Previously, he had highlighted how the Chico State alumnus had to hold down three jobs to make ends meet.

What Do Paul and Luke, Ed and Darla’s Other Sons, Do for a Living?

Jordan, Ed’s son, rose to fame as one of the contestants on The Bachelorette, an ABC television program. Along with running Met-Pro, a fitness and lifestyle coaching company, he is also a member of ESPN’s SEC Network.

Jordan also played quarterback for Vanderbilt from 2011 to 2012, just as his father and brother did. Luke Rodgers, the oldest child of Ed and Darla, apparently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He reportedly works as a sports writer for 247 Sports and CBS Sports.

The Argument Between Aaron, Ed, and His Two Sons

The Rodgers family synergy is a challenging problem, and it has reportedly been that way for some time. Ed has stated in interviews on numerous occasions that he and his other boys haven’t really spoken to ESPY winner Aaron in a while.

The first indication that there were problems within the Rodgers family came from Aaron’s brother Jordan, a former Bachelorette victor, who spoke about his tense relationship with his famous athletic sibling shortly after taking home the ABC reality dating competition Bachelorette.

According to The New York Times, Aaron apparently ceased communicating with his family members around the end of 2014. This was some time after he started dating Predator actress Olivia Munn.

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The cause of the conflict inside the Rodgers family

While Ed and his wife Darla have refrained from going into detail about what actually transpired, they have acknowledged that relations between the family and the six-foot-two-inch quarterback are not good.

According to The Business Insiders, Aaron returned the Christmas gifts his parents had sent him because of the conflict.

Additionally, Ed and Darla must buy their own tickets for Aaron’s games because the 2005 first-round draft pick reportedly made it clear that he didn’t want them to attend. According to reports, Aaron skipped his brother Jordan’s wedding as well.