Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod is a well-known television host, real estate agent, and television personality best known for her work on the well-liked HGTV home improvement and design network. The woman is the executive producer and host of the HGTV shows “Flipping Virgins” and “Property Virgins.”

Egypt Sherrod, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has always been passionate in real estate and interior design. She studied at Temple University, where she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism, launching her into a lucrative media career. Therefore, in today’s biography, we’ll look at Eqypt Sherrod’s entire life together with her parents, net worth, husband, and rumors.

Quick Facts

Full name Egypt Sherrod
Age 44
Date of Birth November 16th, 1972
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Profession Radio and television personality, a real estate broker
Net worth $6 Million
Boyfriend Mike Jackson
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 125 pounds
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Social Media Instagram, Twittter


By the year 2023, Egypt Sherrod will be 47 years old. She has been employed for the past 20 years in the television industry and is still going strong. Egypt was created on November 16, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

American Radio Personality and Host Egypt Sherrod(Source: Google)

The specifics of her parents and siblings, however, remain a mystery. Sherrod also has a younger sister named Tewan Sherrod.

What is the ethnicity of Egypt?

Egypt Sherrod is a citizen of the United States. She is a proud citizen of the United States and is of mixed ancestry. Sherrod’s mother is white, but her father is an African-American black man. As a result, the woman is born with the ethnicity of an African-American.

Which educational institution did Egypt attend?

Sherrod has always had a love for real estate and interior design. As a result, she chose to enroll at Temple University, where she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and began her successful media career. Before eventually relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, Sherrod later worked as a radio broadcaster and television personality in Philadelphia.

Notable Qualities

Her significant contributions to the television industry have earned her notoriety. Her first job was hosting the popular HGTV program “Property Virgins.” The program soon won over viewers as it followed first-time homebuyers as they negotiated the frequently intimidating process of buying a home. Viewers adored Sherrod’s affable and accessible attitude.

Sherrod has since established himself as a mainstay on HGTV and has hosted a number of well-liked programs, including “Flipping Virgins,” “Real Estate Intervention,” and “My First Sale.” She is a prominent author and public speaker in addition to her job on television, imparting her knowledge on subjects including personal branding, real estate, and home restoration and design.

What is the height of Egypt Sherrod?

Egypt Sherrod is 60 kg in weight and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She has made her shoe size, which is 8 US, public while also sporting an 8 US clothing size. The radio personality also has dark brown long silky hair and dark brown eyes.

Who was the first husband of Egypt Sherrod?

Such details on Egypt’s previous relationships or ex-husbands do not exist. However, permit me to inform you that Egypt has been wed to renowned DH Fadelf Mike Jackson since 2010. The couple first connected in 2009, and on September 11, 2010, after a year of dating, they exchanged vows.

Egypt Sherrod with her husband(Source: Google)

Kendall Jackson, who was born in January 2012, and Harper Jackson, who was born in February 2019, are the couple’s two daughters. Sherrod is also Mike’s second spouse. Her husband had a daughter from a previous union with an American model.

Where is Egypt Sherrod now residing?

Sherrod is presently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. As the CEO of the Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group in Atlanta and a TV host, she keeps a full schedule. But the woman also places more importance on her personal and family life. Sherrod likes spending time with her spouse, children, and parents.

Are Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod related?

Gorgeous Page Turner resembles a famous host and real estate expert in appearance. Sherrod is known for Flipping Virgins, Property Virgins, and Married to Real Estate, while she is the host of HGTV’s Fix My Flip. Despite the fact that the two well-known women resemble one another greatly, they are not related.

The actress Turner also assured Reality Titbit that their relationship is limited to the HGTV clan. Many followers believe that the two personas were actually sisters who were frequently compared.

Did Plastic Surgery exist in Egypt?

A claim about Egypt Sherrod getting cosmetic surgery in February 2022 quickly gained popularity on social media and news websites. Following our team’s inquiry, it was discovered that the 46-year-old real estate broker designer had undergone plastic surgery.

However, she decided to speak out against fat shaming after someone on Twitter questioned why Egypt had her booty done. The woman responded that she hadn’t had any procedures done on her body and that the change was instead a result of giving birth to a child in her 40s. Additionally, the woman exercises to lose weight in order to stay fit and in form.

How much is the net worth of Egypt Sherrod?

Egypt Sherrod is a gifted and varied person who has achieved success in a variety of industries. Her acting, writing, and radio presenting careers have helped her amass a $6 million net worth.

She has gained not just notoriety and respect due to Sherrod, but also affection and admiration for her family and admiration from the public due to her charitable work.

Is Egypt Sherrod a social media user?

Egypt is a somewhat active user of social media, being present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. About 1.2 million people follow her on Instagram as “@eqyptsherrod.”

Egypt Sherrod On Her Instagram(Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she has over 165K fans on Facebook under the name “Egypt Sherrod” and 63.2K followers on Twitter under the name “EgyptSidSo.” Additionally, Sherrod maintains the website

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