Elaine Andriejanssen

Facts of Elaine Andriejanssen

Full Name Elaine Andriejanssen
Height 165cm
Nationality Indonesian
Date of Birth 1984/3/28
Birth Country Singapore
Ethnicity Mixed

Elaine Andriejanssen is best known as the wife of Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook. Learn more about her by reading on.

How was  Elaine Andriejanssen Early Life?

According to reports, Elaine Andriejanssen was born on March 28, 1984. She was raised in a middle-class home and had a fairly typical childhood. Elaine hails from a family that controls numerous enterprises in Indonesia, according to sources. She has not provided any details about her upbringing or family.

Eduardo Saverin’s wife is Elaine Andriejanssen.
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The artist completed her secondary school education at the independent girls’ school Raffle Girl’s Academy. Later, she enrolled in Tufts University in Massachusetts, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in her early 30s. She graduated from Tufts University and currently works as a quantitative research analyst at Franklin Templeton Investments, according to her Linkedin page.

What is the Net Worth of Elaine Andriejanssen?

Although Elaine Andreijanssen’s net worth is unclear, she is probably affluent thanks to her family’s wealth and her own successful business ventures. The success of her husband, who is thought to be worth more than $19 billion, will almost likely help her.

The investor’s spouse is well recognized for being a co-founder of Facebook. Additionally well known for investing early in various firms, Eduardo Saverin At “Harvard,” where he was a junior in college, he first met Mark Zuckerberg. Mark required money to build a social networking site and online directory for Harvard students.

The founders of Facebook sought to enlarge its reach after successfully introducing it at “Harvard.” They made the decision to move to Palo Alto, California, as a result. In contrast, Saverin visited New York in 2004 to work as an intern at “Lehman Brothers.” Saverin was expected to concentrate on building a firm, raising capital, and creating a business plan during his internship. Later, he was chosen to serve as Facebook’s first CFO.

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In 2010, Eduardo and a Mexican reporter named Aldo Alvarez launched “Aporta.” It is an internet platform for charities. His firm closed initial agreements worth more than $140 million in Asia in 2016, including $30 million in the business “Ninja Van.” He invested a sizable sum of money in Singapore’s Redmart, an online store. He invested a lot of money in “Uber,” “Lyft,” and other automobile rental companies including “Flightcar” and “Silvercar.”

Eduardo Saverin’s Salary And Real Estate

Eduardo Saverin possessed 53,133,360 shares worth $2.18 billion, or little less than 2% of the company’s outstanding shares, according to the filing made after Facebook went public. If he hadn’t sold more than half of his shares before to the IPO, that would have been far more valuable.

A mansion on two acres in Singapore cost the internet entrepreneur $167 million in 2019.

Elaine Andriejanssen’s Married Life

Eduardo Saverin, a well-known businessman and one of Facebook’s founders, is married to Elaine Andriejanssen. The pair met while they were both in college. They ultimately connected to Massachusetts, where they each majored in a different subject. Soon after, Elaine and Eduardo started dating, and they later got married.

In 2015, Eduardo Saverin and Elaine Andriejanssen became husband and wife.
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After one year of dating, the couple wed in 2015 in the French Riviera, near the Mediterranean Sea. The son of Andriejanssen and Eduardo is a boy.. Together with her husband and children, she currently resides in Singapore.

Rumours regarding Eduardo’s relationship

According to rumors published in June 2015 on the Brazilian gossip websites Glamurama and Page Six, Eduardo will wed Ms. Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009, in the French Riviera. It also mentioned his investment in Rachel K Cosmetics, her cosmetics business. However, Page Six quickly fixed the mistake.

Children of Elaine and Eduardo

They are allegedly parents, according to speculations! They allegedly had a son together, according to speculations. But Elaine and Eduardo haven’t commented on these reports!

Social media and Elaine’s body measurements

Although her bodily proportions are unknown, she is thin and has black eyes and hair. She doesn’t have a social media account, but her husband has a profile on Facebook.