Elgin Baylor

Facts of Elgin Baylor

Full Name Elgin Baylor
Aka Elgin Baylor
Height 196cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1934/9/16
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Washington DC
Ethnicity Black
Sexual Orientation Straight

Elgin Baylor was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Not only that, he had been an underappreciated superstar before Julius Erving and Michael Jordan.

Age and Short Bio of Elgin Baylor

On September 16, 1934, in Washington, D.C., the United States, Elgin Gay Baylor was born. He weighed 225 lbs. and measured 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters) in height (102kg).

Baylor spent one season playing at the College of Idaho before going to Seattle University to further his education and qualifications. The group won their first NCAA title under Baylor’s direction.

Overall, the Minneapolis Lakers selected Elgin first overall in the 1958 NBA Draft. He was actually scoring 24.9 points, pulling down 15 rebounds, and dishing out 4.1 assists per game. He was named “Rookie of the Year” specifically for this reason. You may also like to know about Otto Farrant.

How was the net Worth of Elgin Baylor?

Baylor, a Lakers champion, had a $60 million estimated net worth at the time of his passing. Unsurprisingly, Baylor’s basketball career is his main source of revenue. His annual salary ranges from $20,000 to millions of dollars.

Earvin Magic Johnson remembers late. Elgin Baylor.
Source: Baylor twitter

He received a $2 million salary as an NBA player, which included a D-league crossover contract that paid just $50,000. The wage cap for National Basketball Association players is approximately $100 million, according to squander.com.

Baylor, Elgin wife Elaine Baylor, who is wed

In his lifetime, Baylor married twice. His initial union was with Ruby Saunder. 1958 saw the knot being formed. The couple divorced after sixteen years of marriage, citing unidentified problems. They eventually divorced, which was completed in the fall of 1974. The couple never discussed family members or children in front of others.

Late. Elgin Baylor, wife Elaine Baylor. Source: hitc.com

Ruby presumably adopted a low-key lifestyle after getting divorced, but her ex-husband found new love in Elaine Baylor. They got married in the 1990s and stayed together through their death on March 22, 2021.

Death of Elgin Baylor

The 11-time NBA All-Star and Los Angeles Lakers legend Baylor passed away on March 22, 2021, at the age of 86, from natural causes. Elaine, Baylor’s wife, and Krystal, his daughter, were by his side when he took his final breath.

Los Angeles Lakers pays tribute to Elgin Baylor.
Source: cbsnews.com

Elgin, the owner of the Lakers, was the superstar of his day, according to Jeanie Buss in a statement to the NBA. His countless honors speak to that. Baylor was a man of high integrity who played for the Lakers only when he had a weekend pass while serving his country as a U.S. Army reservist.

One of the select few players, Baylor played with the Lakers from their beginning in Minneapolis to their final destination in Southern California. Elgin’s jersey was retired in the rafters of the Staples Center, as the Lakers mentioned. And soon after it was inaugurated in 2018, a bronze statue of him could be found inside the Staples Center. You may also like to know about Emmitt Smith.