Eliud Kipchoge

Quick Facts 

Full Name Eliud Kipchoge
Nick Name The Philosopher
Date Of Birth 5 November 1984
Birth Place Kapsisiywa, Nadhi Country, Kenya
Age 37 years old
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5’6” (1.67m)
Weight 52 kg (115 lb)
Horoscope Scorpio
Religion Catholic
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity African
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Dark
Tattoos N.A.
Marital Status Married
Spouse Grace Sugutt
Kids Two sons: Jordon & Griffin
One daughter: Lynee
Father’s Name N.A.
Mother’s Name Janet Rotich
Siblings Three
High School Kaptel Secondary School
High School Records N.A.
Name of University N.A.
University Records N.A.
Profession Long-distance runner
Active from The age of 16
Position Runner
Current Team N.A.
Former Team N.A.
Awards and  Recognition
  • United Nation’s Kenya Person of the Year – 2018 IAAF
  • Male Athlete of the Year – 2018 & 2019
  • BBC Sports Personality, World Sport Star of the Year – 2019
  • AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award, Men’s category – 2015, 2016 & 2017
Net Worth $3 million
Salary N.A
Endorsements Nike & Isuzu
Foundation Eliud Kipchoge Foundation
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Merch  Eliud Kipchoge (Book), Poster
Last Update [currebt-month], 2022

Kenya is home to many popular marathoners, world-renowned for their athletic skills. Likewise, one of the famous Kenyan marathoners is Eliud Kipchoge, who has $3 million.

The long-distance runner was born on 5th November 1984, under the zodiac sign Scorpio in Kapsisiywa, Nadhi Country, Kenya.

In the same way as others, he was also raised by his mother and his three other siblings. Sadly, Kipchoge was never able to see his father in person.

Despite being born in a low-income family with his mother as a nursery teacher in Kenya, he still went to school.

Since the school was miles away, Eliud had to run about two miles regularly to get an education.

Perhaps, this difficulty and a lot of hard training with his coach Patrick Sang were the reasons behind his current success as a long-distance runner.

Due to this, he is now known to the world as one of the richest runners. Kipchoge has also supported many organizations and helped numerous people.

This article will cover Kipchoge’s net worth, endorsements, book publications, charity works, investments, brief careers, and many more.

Meanwhile, before heading on, let us look at the quick fact table, shall we?

Eliud Kipchoge’s Salary and Endorsement

Eliud has a great reputation and a net worth of $3 million as a result of his exceptional performance.

As a result, he is one of the wealthiest long-distance runners. This fortune was undoubtedly increased by participating in and winning numerous international championships, as well as setting new world records.

He also earns money by performing stunts, as he did in Berlin in 2018. His pay is approximately 5 million Kenyan Shillings per event.

His other sources of income include endorsement deals with Nike and other companies. These are well-known brands with whom he has collaborated to develop new marathon shoe models.

In addition, the marathon runner has signed agreements with Isuzu car dealers and Non-Fungible Tokens.

House and Training Camp for Eliud Kipchoge

The Kenyan runner represents those who value simplicity. Despite his enormous wealth, Eliud prefers the simpler things in life.

Although the path to Kipchoge’s training camp is dirt, inside the main gate is a garden with green grass and other plants. Even though the camp is about 30 kilometers from his house, he prefers to stay there in Kaptagat.

Eliud is a farmer and a father in addition to being a famous runner. His children live with their mother, Grace Sugutt, in his home in Eldoret, Kenya.

In addition, the athlete enjoys running around and playing with his children at home. He raises cows, sheep, and chickens on his farm.

He travels 40 kilometers from his farm and small house to sell milk and other products to town residents.

Eliud Kipchoge: Automobiles

Kipchoge was rewarded with a brand-new car by his sponsors after finishing the 2018 Berlin marathon in around 2:00:45. Kipchoge received the car as promised by his sponsors, ISUZU, because he needed to finish the marathon in under 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Similarly, the ISUZU D-MAX double Cab 2019 is priced at 5.9 million Kenyan Shillings (approximately $54,000). This priceless event was captured live on camera and is now available on YouTube and other media platforms.

Furthermore, he has inspired many electric car and vehicle companies to help Africa build a better future.

Eliud Kipchoge’s Way of Life

Kipchoge leads a relatively simple life in comparison to others. He does not believe in expensive show-off items and a lavish lifestyle.

Nonetheless, the athlete is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. Every morning, he gets up early, sometimes before sunrise, and goes for a run with many others.

According to what we know, Eliud is a very organized person who values hard work.

As a result, despite being a millionaire, he can be seen trimming the plants or even cleaning the toilet after his morning breakfast, making the most of the time he has.

Aside from that, he enjoys reading motivational books, his favorite of which is “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Kipchoge intends to open a sports store after retiring.

He spent his time with his family as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, just like everyone else. He also went to his farm after his morning routine.

Charity Works, According to Eliud Kipchoge

The Kenyan runner has joined a variety of councils and organizations to address some of the country’s and the world’s most pressing issues. Malaria, one of the deadliest diseases, is not a new threat in many African countries.

Indeed, Kipchoge joined the “Malaria No More UK Leadership Council” in the hopes of bringing this disease under control.

Food is also distributed to young future athletes in Kenya through his charitable organization. He accepted the London Marathon Challenge with the intention of inspiring future generations and continuing the trend.

Furthermore, our runner was successful in another wonderful attempt to support conservation, educational development, and community projects in Kenya.

He also ran in support of Kenyan wildlife rangers and encouraged everyone to take part from wherever they were.

As a result, these are only a few of his most significant contributions. Many of the activities have gone unnoticed by the media. Despite this, he is an inspiring individual and a true hero.

Movies and book publications about Eliud Kipchoge

The marathon runner has played a significant role in filmography. Kipchoge has appeared in the TV series “The London Marathon,” which has been running since 2015.

In addition, he appears in the “2020 Laureus World Sports Award” and a TV mini-series titled “Rio 2016: Games of the XXXVI Olympiad.”

Furthermore, a new documentary titled “Kipchoge: The Last Milestone” is set to be released in 2021.

Aside from being a famous runner, Eliud has undoubtedly inspired many writers to write wonderful stories about his past, his passion, and many other topics.

“Eliud Kipchoge – History’s Fastest Marathoner,” “Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon,” and “Running the Dream: One Summer Living, Training, and Racing with a Team of World Class Runners Half My Age” are among his books.

Also, one of Kipchoge’s works that we highly recommend reading is “No Human Is Limited: The Autobiography of the First Man to Run a Marathon in Under Two Hours.”

Eliud Kipchoge’s Professional Life

Kipchoge’s career began in 2002, when he won his first individual world championship title after winning the junior race (2003). At the age of 18, he had already won the senior 5000m World Championship.

This was followed by him winning a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics and a silver medal in 2007. Kipchoge was already a five-time 5000m World Championship finalist at this point.

In addition, he won the Olympic marathon in 2016. Soon after, in 2018, the Kenyan runner set a new world record by finishing a marathon in 2:00:45 and was awarded a car.

Similarly, in October 2019, he broke this record, resulting in a historic achievement.

It’s no surprise that he is famous all over the world after breaking a marathon record and becoming the first person to complete a marathon in under 2 hours (1:59:40).

3 Facts About Eliud Kipchoge

  • Eliud Kipchoge loves reading from biographies of athletes to philosophies to self-help manuals. He spends his time reading and making notes in the camp library.
  • His regular breakfast includes bread and tea.
  • Due to poverty, after leaving his high school, he worked as a milk vendor, cycling 20km every day. After five months of saving, Kipchoge was able to afford a pair of shoes.


Eliud Kiploge is a kenyan runner. Does his nationality have to do something with his accomplishment?

Firstly, Eliud Kiploge is a Kenyan and was born, raised in Kenya itself. According to some research, there was a finding that Kenyan runners were excellent.

Many factors favor them and make them fit for running. Firstly, the result of multiple physical activities like running, walking long distances from an early age.

Secondly, high level of hemoglobin. Thirdly, their highly nutritious Kenyan diet consisting of meat, dates, maize, and other nutrients.

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Lastly, as Kenya is not a developed country, achieving success for economic reasons is a push to the athletes.

Hence, this is the reason why being a Kenyan Eliud Kiploge is a perfect runner.

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