Elizabeth Barry

The world recognizes Elizabeth Barry for being the wife of the famous American football quarterback Alex Smith.

Alex met his wife Elizabeth by coincidence, and now they have been living a beautiful life for more than a decade.

Alex is the NFL quarterback who has played 16 seasons for three teams. But he retired from the football league on April 19, 2021.

Elizabeth Barry was with her husband Alex Smith during his difficult time and happy time. When an NFL star was dealing with a life-threatening injury and dealing with sepsis, Elizabeth was beside him.

And, a strong wife, Elizabeth deserves praises for handling complex situations.

Let’s find out more about Elizabeth Barry’s early life, career, parents, net worth, personal life, and other details.

Elizabeth Barry: Quick Facts

To know more about Alex Smith‘s wife, Elizabeth Barry, look at the quick facts.

Full Name Elizabeth Barry Smith
Known as Elizabeth
Nickname Unknown
Birth Date April 2, 1984
Birth Place Morgan Hill, California
Residence Kansas City
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Trinity Christian Academy, Texas Tech University
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Renee Robles
Siblings Five (3 elder brothers, including Tim Barry)
Age 38 years old
Height 5’6″ (168)
Weight 65 kg (143)
Body Measurement 34-26-35 inches
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Unknown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Alex Smith (Married in 2009)
Children 3
Name of Children Hudson Smith, Hayes Smith & Sloane Kenzington Smith
Profession Former Cheerleader
Sexual Orientation Straight
Honors Miss Missouri USA-2008, Miss USA top ten finalist
Net Worth Not Known
Husband’s Profession Former NFL Player
Social Media Instagram
Alex Smith’s Merch Kansas City Jersey
Last Update July, 2022

Elizabeth Barry, a young woman

Barry was born to parents Renee Robles on April 2, 1984. She was the fourth of five children, and there were three elder boys in the household.

Renee Robles, Elizabeth’s mother, ran her own business in Morgan Hill, California. Additionally, all of Barry’s brothers were raised in California even though his family was centered in San Jose.

Barry was also a member of the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders. Alex and her first met during a football game when he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

Elizabeth Barry’s height, weight, and age

Elizabeth, a stunning blonde who turned 38 this year, She is an Aries by horoscope. The American native weighs about 65 kilograms and is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

She is an absolutely lovely woman with dark eyes and a thin frame. Barry has a slim build and her other body dimensions are 34-26-35 inches. Her dress and shoe sizes, among others, are currently unknown.

Elizabeth and Alex met in what way?

The first place Alex and Elizabeth felt at home was the football field. She was a cheerleader at a football game where they first met. While they were both in the Bay Area, the pair ran into one another.

They initially had a rivalry since they were on different teams. But with time, they came to the decision to start dating and form a strong relationship.

Their first date took place at a St. Patrick’s Day Festival in San Jose, California, not long after the pair began dating.

The couple’s friendship was greatly influenced by Alex’s close friend David Edward, who committed suicide in 2008. He was Elizabeth’s best friend as well, thus his passing touched them both.

Their relationship became stronger over the grieving period, and the pair was married the following year. Even though they have now been together for more than ten years, love is still new.

Elizabeth Barry: Alex Smith’s kids

On February 21, 2009, Elizabeth and Alex exchanged vows at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. But she had to relocate multiple times due to her husband’s job.

Two sons and a girl have been born to the couple. On May 11, 2011, their firstborn son, Hudson, was born.

Elizabeth gave up her cheering career after having her first child.

Hayes, the second son, was welcomed into the family on March 20, 2013. Sloane Kenzington Smith, a newborn girl, finally joined the family on February 4, 2016.

How did Elizabeth respond to Alex’s horrific injury?

Alex had terrible injuries in 2018. His right leg broke during a game against the Houston Texans when a bone pierced the flesh. Alex sustained multiple fractures, and as a result of these issues, he also acquired sepsis, a condition that can be fatal when the body is battling an infection.

The doctors gave him the choice of saving the leg or amputating it. Alex decided to try to save the piece, and happily, after multiple procedures, the infection was gone.

Alex was treated by the family as the fourth kid when he was at rest due to his leg injuries and sepsis. Elizabeth deserves praise for caring for her husband, who was largely incoherent as a result of the drug.

In August 2020, Alex finally returned to his playing field with the doctor’s advice. But Elizabeth Barry used to get sick every time she saw Alex in the field. She was quite anxious.

The person Alex Smith.

When Alex Smith first began playing football, he was a member of Utah’s varsity squad. In 2005, he was selected as an All-American and helped his team win the Fiesta Bowl.

Smith was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft due to his productive collegiate football career.

Alex dealt with a number of injuries early in his career, but in 2011 he played a crucial part in the team’s success and guided them to the NFC West division title. It was a momentous event for the San Francisco 49ers, who hadn’t won the championship since 2002.

During his time with the City Chiefs, Alex earned three Pro Bowl honors and topped the team in passing rating in 2017.

Alex was traded to the Washington Football Team in 2018. Unfortunately, he had a bad first season in Washington. He discovered a potentially fatal wound in his right leg. Many believed he would never be able to play again since the injury was so serious.

But in 2020, he came back and guided Washington to the NFC East title.


On April 19, 2021, Alex retired from the NFL after sixteen years in the game. He used Instagram to announce his impending retirement and to express his desire to spend more time with his family.

Active Service Work Participation by Elizabeth and Alex

Alex and Elizabeth are both active philanthropists. The couple has participated in a number of charities assisting those in need. Hope House is one of the groups.

They have been speaking out and supporting domestic violence victims. The Kansas City-based Hope House organization strives to end the cycle of domestic abuse by empowering victims and offering support services.

The Alex Smith Foundation is the name of the couple’s non-profit organization. The foundation’s primary goal is to support society. It was founded in 2007 and offered scholarships for the college tuition of foster teenagers.

The Smith pair personally donated a sizeable sum to the charity, and the foundation spends more than 90% of its funds on scholarships.

Barry participates actively with her husband’s foundation as well.

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Money earned by Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth’s current occupation is not made public. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate her net worth. However, she might have made a fine living while she worked as a cheerleader.

Elizabeth Barry is currently preoccupied with parenting her kids. She is currently benefiting from her husband’s wealth. However, Alex was able to continue working for more than ten years because to Elizabeth’s mental support.

The majority of Alex’s money, or over $55 million, came from his professional NFL career. This is an excellent net worth.

Social media presence, Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth has about 59.1k followers on Instagram and is pretty active there.

Elizabeth frequently shared encouraging updates and images of her husband’s arduous journey on social media as Alex was healing from his injury.

She doesn’t hold back when it comes to sending her beau a sentimental greeting on significant occasions. For instance, she detailed her wonderful journey over the years in an appreciation article she created for Alex on their tenth wedding anniversary.

She can be seen posting gorgeous photos of her kids. She is a proud mother to three children, in fact. And She frequently posts pictures of enjoyable occasions, like as vacations, festivals, and family outings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Elizabeth Barry’s profession?

Elizabeth Barry is currently a mother of three kids, and she is busy taking care of them.

She is a former cheerleader but left the profession after giving birth to her first child.

Are Alex Smith and Elizabeth Barry divorced?

The love between Alex and Elizabeth is still fresh as before. The couple has been happily married for 12 years now.