Ellar Coltrane

Quick Facts

On the big screen, he goes by the name Ellar Coltrane, although he is actually Ellar Coltrane Kinney Salmon, an American actor and model. Boyhood (2014), a drama/epic film, gave him the role of Mason Evans Jr., which brought him much popularity and notoriety.

American actor Ellar Coltrane has won awards for his outstanding work. He also won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award at the rip-roaring age of 6 for best young actor.

Early Years

In Austin, Texas, on August 27, 1994, Ellar Coltrane was born to Genevieve Kinney and Bruce Salmon. While his father was raised as a musician, troubadour, and singer/songwriter, she is an autism therapist. Boyhood was filmed over a period of more than 12 years (2002).

Ellar was only six years old when it actually began. Since he was just 6 at the time of the shooting, it may be said that this served as motivation for him to break into the entertainment industry.

Ellar Coltrane says the industry has changed him and his life just gets better
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When he was nine years old, his parents divorced. After this, his mother remarried, giving birth to Evelyn, his half-sister. He is a citizen of the USA. Additionally, he is white in ethnicity. He is a Virgo, as well. Unexpectedly, Ellar is descended from Polish, English, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Welsh, and Cajun French people.

Ellar Coltrane claims that the music business has changed him and that things are only getting better.


Ellar was home-schooled, which makes his schooling rather fascinating. Coltrane primarily received his education at home. He did enroll in high school three years later in his life, though.

Later, he earned his GED (General Education Development). The emphasis was placed more on his early career in the entertainment sector than on his studies. He is literate, though.


He appeared to have a bright future in Hollywood from an early age. He made his acting debut in the 2002 film Lone Star State of Mind, playing the part of Young Earl Crest, which also brought him much recognition and wealth. Barry (2016) exhibits a promising approach and passion in the film industry, later participating in films like Fast Food Nation (2006). Shoplifters of the World(2021), a drama/comedy written by Lorianne Hall, is his most recent composition.

Coltrane had the opportunity to play Barack Obama in the 2016 drama film Barry. The Toronto International Film Festival saw this and gave it favorable reviews. After that, he had a co-starring role with Emma Watson the following year. The Circle, a 2017 movie based on a book by Dave Egger, had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“I had a society, and that is definitely what they taught me. I didn’t have parents to rebel against. Simply put: Have no faith.


At the age of 27, Coltrane has not yet gotten married. He developed a serious crush on his Boyhood co-star Lorelei Linklater while they were filming the movie. He allegedly dated Lorelei Linklater, according to a rumor (2014). His favorite actresses also include Patricia Arquette and Lorelei Linklater.

the internet

He has about 7k followers on Facebook and has a sizable fan base. In addition, he uploads personal and generally intriguing things on his Instagram account (ellarcoltrane.ks), which has approximately 10,000 followers. He is not currently on Twitter, but his followers are impatiently waiting for him to do so.

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Net value

He has enjoyed a respectable income since playing his part in the film Boyhood at a young age. Since then, the actor has showcased his talents in a number of films, earning a respectable sum of money.

Ellar Coltrane has won the critic choice award for Boyhood

However, his pay is currently being reviewed. Coltrane, on the other hand, has a net worth of about $1 million.

Physical Qualities

Caltrone may have found motivation to take care of his physique early on. The model has a lean physique. He is also 176.5 cm (5 feet, 9.5 inches) tall. The actor is roughly 150 lbs. or 60 kg. Ellar has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. And he is straight in terms of sexual orientation. In particular, he is a vegan. Also, he has a nose ring on.