Ellen Rucker Sellers

As the ex-wife of American former professional basketball player and current basketball analyst Vince Carter, Ellen Rucker Sellers is well-known.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ellen Rucker
Date of Birth Not available
Birth Place Lancaster, South Carolina, U.S.A
Father’s Name Douglas Rucker
Mother’s Name Ruby Rucker
Siblings Three
Marital Status Married
Spouse Bakari Sellers (Current), Vince Carter (Former)
Ethnicity African-American
Age 44
Profession Entrepreneur, Chiropractor
Nationality American
Height Not available
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Build Hourglass shape
Net Worth $800k
Online Presence Instagram
Merch Vince Carter Items
Last Update July, 2022

Where is Ellen Rucker Sellers from?

In 1977, Ellen Rucker Sellers had her eyes opened to this breathtaking universe. In Lancaster, South Carolina, she was born. She will be 44 years old in 2022. Douglas Rucker (her father) and Ruby Rucker are her parents (mother). In addition, Ruby works as a conventional housewife whereas Douglas is a doctor by profession.

Ellen Rucker Sellers with her sister(Source: Pinterest)

She grew up with seven other siblings. Ruby Rucker, Lone Margaret, and Lone Rucker are three of their names. She is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian ethnicity. She practices Christianity in a similar way.

Education Background

Ellen must have graduated from a good high school. The University of North Carolina awarded her a degree. She focused on studying medicine there.

Who is the husband of Ellen Rucker Sellers?

The couple that Ellen is now dating is Bakari Sellers. Her husband is a politician and an attorney by trade. 2008 saw them cross paths in the Mexican city of Cancun. They first ran into each other on a boat trip to a friend’s wedding. Bakari and Ellen were acquainted by Ruby, her sister. They were married in 2015 and have been a couple ever since.

Ellen Rucker Sellers with her husband(Source: Getty Images)

They have been married to each other for the past seven years. They have always been a happy pair and have never been into any sort of trouble.

Ellen Rucker Sellers experienced miscarriages, right?

Ellen was angry since she had numerous miscarriages throughout the years. But after seeing a doctor, she learned that she suffers from an infertility issue. With the aid of a second IVF cycle, she was finally successful in conceiving the twins after numerous failed attempts.

Ellen Rucker Sellers has kids, right?

Family photo of Ellen Rucker Sellers(Source: People)

Three children were born to Ellen. She gave birth to twins with her present spouse. Stokely Sellers and Sadie Sellers are their names. On January 8, 2019, they were born. With her first spouse Vince, she also had one adorably cute child, Kai Michelle Carter.

What happened to the child of Ellen Rucker Sellers?

Sadie, one of Ellen’s kids, was found to have a serious medical condition. Her child had to undergo a liver transplant at a very young age as a result. But she is now well after fully recovering.

Relationships Ellen Rucker Sellers has had in the past

Vince Carter, a current basketball pundit from the United States and a former professional basketball player, was Ellen’s first husband. The two were best friends in college. Since their time in college, they had been dating, and at one point they discussed moving further in their relationship.

Ellen Rucker Sellers’s ex-husband(source: People)

The wedding took place on July 3, 2004. However, their marriage was short-lived owing to internal problems, and they divorced in 2006.

A reality show featured Ellen Rucker Seller, right?

Ellen did appear in a reality show. Love Thy Sister, a reality television program, helped Ellen become well-known across the country in 2015. With their enthusiasm for natural hair care, they are bringing back the WE tv program.

What is Ellen Rucker Sellers’ height?

Elen is a tall person, standing at 5 feet 3 inches. She also has lovely curling black hair and a stunning pair of brown eyes.

Professional Life

  • Ellen works as a chiropractor and an entrepreneur.
  • Her legal practice is called Strom Law Firm, LLC.
  • She did, however, once hold a position as a chiropractic medicine specialist.
  • After eleven years, Rucker made the decision to launch her own brand of hair care products.
  • She therefore worked together with her siblings Ruby and Ione to introduce the Rucker Roots range of hair care products.

What is the net worth of Ellen Rucker Sellers?

As of 2022, Ellen’s net worth is predicted to be around $800,000. She is able to make that money because she is a chiropractor and an entrepreneur. The source states that a chiropractor and entrepreneur make an average salary of about $70,720. She must be making the same salary as him.

In a similar vein, as of 2022, her ex-husband Vince Carter’s estimated net worth was around $110 million. He is paid a substantial salary for his work as an ESPN basketball analyst and former professional basketball player from the United States.

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