Eric Bugenhagen

Sports bring you a new face every day, thus a tight competition veil to leave a mark in the industry. As we turn to the old news pages, that’s when we come across the previous players and remember them as a reminiscence.  Likewise, Eric Bugenhagen has been such a face, although he debuted not long ago.

At today’s date, every single athlete has those infectious positivities in them, so what else does Eric have? All we can say of him is his unique insane state, someone who can give you a kick of adrenaline rush—actually, just someone who loves life and honors it.

Eric Bugenhagen is a professional WWE wrestler, bodybuilder, and even a former powerlifter. When he first made his thunderous debut, people had lost their crazy minds with his physique and character.

Quick Facts about Eric Bugenhagen:

Full Name Eric Bugenhagen
Date of Birth December 1, 1987
Birth Place Franklin, Wisconsin
Ring Name Ric Boog
Ric Bugez
Eric Bugenhagen
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 34 years old
Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Weight 106 kg (234 lb)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Build Muscular
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Name Unknown
Kids Daughter
Education Franklin High School
University of Wisconsin
Tattoo Yes (in the chest and near the waist)
Profession/ Job Wrestler, Powerlifter
Merchandise Clothing
Professional since October 19, 2017
Net Worth $1 million
Earning from YouTube $72,000
Social Media InstagramTwitterYouTube
Last Update August, 2022

Eric Bugenhagen: Salary & Net Worth

Eric Bugenhagen is said to have a $1 million net worth as of 2021.

In addition, Bugenhagen maintains his own YouTube channel, which is projected to bring in $72,000, where he demonstrates weight training while sporting his trademark headband.

Additionally, Eric Bugenhagen supports Rogue Fitness, a company that positively and objectively influences the health and fitness industries. You may also like to know about Carlos Gracida

Eric Bugenhagen | Lifestyle & Body Measurements

Eric Bugenhagen is a strong wrestler with a toned physique. He weighs 106 kg and has a good height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) (234 lb).

Eric also boasts a captivating physique with 20-inch biceps, a 16-inch (40.4-cm) waist, and a 23-inch shoulder spread (59.7 cm).

He  is a handsome man with a fair skin tone, a rectangular face, black hair, and a beard to go with it.

Eric Bugenhagen

He has typical hair, clean, well-maintained facial hair, and light blue eyes. And if you look inside Eric Bugenhagen’s left side of his chest, you can see a tattoo.

He has a tattoo of the letter “WWE” with a human skull covering it.

The sources claim the tattoo symbolizes the fact that Eric Bugenhagen rules WWE.


It’s the most important aspect of an athlete’s life when it comes to workouts and training.

Like everyone else, Eric trains in a style that is distinct from others because of the distinctiveness of his personality.

According to Eric, becoming stronger means being able to lift more weight rather than becoming bigger.

Also crucial is the fact that Eric has been going to the gym regularly since his high school days because he has always wanted to be a lifter.

In addition to that, Eric frequently does reverse flyes on the cable crossover to build his back delts, traps, and rhomboids.

The majority of Eric’s training consists of deadlifts and other lifting exercises, such as bent-over rows, pullups, dips, and sumo deadlifts.


For a healthy body, hard training goes hand in hand with a well-balanced diet. Eric Bugenhagen follows a stringent diet that calls for consuming between 2,000 and 6,000 calories per day with an intense exercise regimen.

To give an example, his soil alters in response to his exercise, the intake of protein supplements, and the preservation of sleeping patterns.

Eric also consumes a full pot of coffee as a fat burner before working out, and occasionally he substitutes oatmeal or milk.

Speaking of his nutrition, Eric Bugenhagen did go to great lengths to maintain his enormous physique. He recently admitted that he once consumed cat food in an effort to gain and retain heft during his early years.

He claimed that the cat food served as his on-the-go supplement of protein to ensure he was meeting his daily macronutrient requirements.

“Because I thought it would be a good snack on the go, [I’d have] highly-dense, nutritious treats to carry in my pockets, so at all times I was calorically satisfied, micro-nutritionally full if you will.
It was disgusting. It didn’t last very long, but the fact is that I went that far.”
-Eric Bugenhagen

Eric Bugenhagen | Education and Early Life

In Franklin, Wisconsin, on December 1, 1987, under the sign of the Sagittarius, Bugenhagen was born.

He is very selective about what he chooses to divulge about his life in the public, just like any other athlete.

No specific information about his upbringing, family history, or even parents is provided here.

In terms of education, Bugenhagen graduated from Franklin High School and enrolled in the University of Wisconsin after finishing high school.

Eric also studied history and kinesiology while in college. Here are a few additional details and likes about Eric Bugenhagen.

  • Bugenhagen can play musical instruments like guitar, drum, and bass well. Back in his childhood, he used to perform in a band with his brothers.
  • His favorite movie is Conan the Barbarian.
  • Eric is an animal lover and owns a dog pet himself.
  • Eric is crazy for metal songs, and his top six are;
    Neo Seoul – After the Burial
    Instinct – Decapitated
    Dom/Hollow – Pantera
    Hordes of Chaos – Kreator
    Shogun – Trivium
    Pennyweight – After the Burial

Early Career | Eric Bugenhagen

Since high school, Bugenhagen has been interested in strength and muscles and has worked in those fields.

At the same time, he was also the team’s coach, and by the time he finished college, he was already rated as one of the top 10 amateur wrestlers in the United States in 2011.

He joined the Badgers wrestling squad in his early years and competed in 2012 as a heavyweight. Bugenhagen was one of the top lifters on YouTube before he tried wrestling.


After graduating from high school, Eric Bugenhagen started training weights and eventually brought a gym into his home. His real lifting performance, nevertheless, dates back to 2011.

Additionally, he had participated in the 2013 USAPL push-pull event, where he opened with a 605 deadlift and a 375 bench.

Additionally, he uploads lifting-related videos on YouTube so that anybody may watch them, such as his hack lift “behind the back deadlift” (first introduced by Russian weightlifter).

In addition to this, Eric is afraid of dying since, if he does, he may cease to exist. As a result, he works hard to ensure that everyone remembers him.

I have a lot of respect for the super-tough guys in the iron game, but I do not in any way regard them as role models. That, in my opinion, is the mentality that propels champions.

Unfortunately, that can also be the way of thinking that causes me to pass away too soon! I want to be known for my perseverance, vigor, and excitement. my determination to always hit higher and better figures! I wish to motivate others.
— Kevin Kisner


Nobody knew Eric when he started wrestling at Franklin High School.

Nobody noticed him even though he put in a lot of work under coach Barry Davis and competed in NCAA Division I wrestling at the University of Wisconsin.

After heavyweight wrestling and other things, he had collected the 56-55 record by the end of his college senior year.

He has participated in two NCAA Championships up to that point, one in 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska, and the other in 201 at Philadelphia.

After that, Eric began serving as a volunteer assistant coach and strength coach in Wisconsin.

Eric B. | Lift Statistics

Year Bench Press Deadlift
2014 170.1 kg 274.4 kg

About Eric Bugenhagen: A Professional

On October 19, 2017, WWE made its NXT debut after signing a contract with Eric Bugenhagen in 2017. Unfortunately, he lost his first match, which was against Lars Sullivan.

He claimed losses because he struggled to adjust to the arena for a while.

In their triumph over Chad Lail & The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake), Eric teamed up with the Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight).

After a year of competing in wrestling, Eric Bugenhagen dropped his true name and adopted the ring name Ric Boog.

He competed in the live event on November 30, 2018, against Kassius Ohno, and the live event on December 6, both under his new name.


Eric first teamed up with Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) for the opening tag team match before switching to Mansoor Al-Shehail.

In a singles match, Bugenhagen lost to Punishment Martinez to end the year. The following year, Eric lost against Mansoor Al-Shehail, his previous tag team partner.

In the end, Eric’s attempt to face Drew Gulak on NXT television using his own name was unsuccessful.

In addition, after setbacks, Eric triumphed as he and Denzel Dejournette were crowned NXT Tag Team Champions, the War Raiders.

Eric Bugenhagen defeated Tino Sabbatelli at a live event on March 7 in 2020 while using his new ring name Rik Bugez.


In the same year, Eric Bugenhagen also signed up with EVOLVE wrestling, a competitor of WWE. At EVOLVE 143, he made his debut against Joe Gacy under the ring name Rik Bugez, but it didn’t go well.

After tumbling, Eric got up to lick his wounds, and at EVOLVE 144, he defeated Anthony Greene.

Characters: Eric Bugenhagen

Bugenhagen is a man with an 800+ pound deadlift. Loves heavy music, enjoys coffee, and is all about life and its charm.

Most importantly, he lacks the stereotypical character trait of someone who appears to be trying too hard because his flow is effortless.

Rik Bugez

He is also really into his instruments, including the drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, and his high-pitched screams and cries.

His theme song is Blood Pressure, just like him. Eric enhanced his look for 2019 by sporting long hair and a mustache in the handlebar fashion.

Back then, he made his entrance while singing his theme song and holding a guitar, exuding the pleasure and freedom of a rock star.

Eric Bugenhagen | Social Media and Private Life

Bugenhagen is a married father of a lovely daughter.

He is a father in addition to being a strong man, wrestler, and lifter. In fact, it’s amazing to witness someone who is so vivacious and humorous throughout their entire existence.

We know little about his family because he is so selfish and doesn’t want them to be in the spotlight.

But since people, you know, are people, it makes sense why they aren’t exposed.

Bugenhagen with his family

Anyway, Eric Bugenhagen always makes sure to show his family how much he cares for them and shares his charming little moments with them.

Additionally, everything is in order when they are becoming strong and content with one another.

Instagram handle @the_vanhagen
Twitter handle @rikbugez
YouTube handle Eric Bugenhagen 

FAQs about Eric Bugenhagen

Who made the action figure of Eric?

Action figures for the WWE and wrestling are created by Steve A, who also creates non-custom figures for the combatant.

In an Instagram post, Bugenhagen praised the artist for making his action figure.

Can Rik Bugez bench press a certain amount? What is his record in wrestling?

The professional wrestler can bench press 470 pounds as of 2021. Eric Bugenhagen’s record in matches is still 56-55.

What is the tattoo on Eric Bugenhagen?

The promotion’s emblem is permanently inked on the wrestler’s chest. A depiction of a skull is also overlaid on the logo. From a distance, it almost resembles a heart.

Eric Bugenhagen was hurt, wasn’t he?

Yes, the YouTuber suffered a serious knee injury at the beginning of 2018. He continued to train and lift, though, which just made things worse.

He consequently sustained two rips in the meniscus, an ACL tear, and an MCL tear. finally, he took a break from training and underwent surgery on his left knee.

Is Rik Bugez a political figure?

The YouTuber and wrestler is not active in politics; instead, his attention is solely on his work.

What inspirational saying by Eric Bugenhagen is well-known?

It’s a mindset is a phrase that Eric frequently utters and is well recognized for.

NXT released Eric Bugenhagen, right?

Yes, NXT did release him in 2021. He nonetheless continues to perform on SmackDown.