European Super League


Critics believe the move is solely for money.

Critics argue the plan is solely for money; it will ruin local leagues and question the integrity of the sport. Unlike the Champions League, which the teams have to compete for, the ESL will feature the same 15 teams each year, with the remaining five qualifyings in a year.

The world governing organization Fifa had earlier declared it would not take such a competition. And any players involved might be denied the right to compete in the World Cup. Uefa, Europe’s regulatory body, reaffirmed that warning on Sunday. The warning indicated that the players who are implicated would be barred from all contests at home. European or international level and would not be prevented from representing their national teams.

Critics say the move is only for money (Source: Yahoo News India)

Following the announcement of ESL, Fifa expressed their disapproval to the proposed event. And appealed on “all parties participating in the intense negotiations to hold calm, constructive and balanced negotiations to improve the game.” ESL has submitted a letter to Fifa president Gianni Infantino and Uefa chairman Aleksander Ceferin to start legal procedures in European courts. Designed to block any sanctions the two regulating organizations may try to implement in the form of ESL.

In a statement, ESL said: “From now on, the founding teams are willing to hold talks with Uefa and Fifa. To work together to bring about great results for the new league and football as a whole.”

Why European Super League is now?

In October, talks including Wall Street bank JP Morgan talked about a new £ 4.6bn competition that would replace the Champions League. Uefa had hoped that plans for a revamped Champions League with 36 clubs with amendments will be agreed on Monday. It would halt the formation of the Super League.

However, the 12 parties participating in the Super League do not think the modifications will go far enough. They stated the global outbreak had “accelerated the volatility of the current European football economy.” “In recent months, there have been substantial discussions with football stakeholders about the upcoming European competitions,” he added.

“The founding clubs believe the remedies suggested after these conversations do not address fundamental challenges. Including the necessity to give great sports and additional financial resources for this football tower.”

What is the suggested format of the European Super League?

The league will have 20 teams with 12 basic members and three nameless clubs waiting to join them soon. With five qualifying teams annually based on their home achievements. Under the ideas, the ESL campaign will begin in August each year, with a midweek schedule. And the clubs will be divided into two groups of 10. They will be playing equally at home and away.

The proposed format of ESL (Source: Evening Standard)

The top three in each team will be able to advance to the quarter-finals, with teams in fourth and fifth place playing two-legged play in the remaining two positions. From there, there will be the same two-leg knockout format as in the Champions League. Before the one-leg final in May in a neutral place. ESL has indicated it will produce more cash than the Champions League and create more revenue for the game.

What do Super League leaders say?

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who is also the inaugural chairman of ESL, claimed that the new event “will help football at all levels.”

“Football is the only game in the world with more than four billion fans. And it is our obligation as major teams to respond to their aspirations,” Florentino continued.

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has resigned from Uefa’s executive committee and led the European Club Association (ECA), lobbying for a planned Champions League rearrangement.

He said the 12 clubs “came together at this key period, making European competition competitive, placing our favorite sport on the table for the future.” You must visit Danica Patrick.

All 12 clubs have resigned from the ECA.

Understandably, all 12 teams have resigned from the ECA and their respective representatives on the ECA board. Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward and Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano also stood at Uefa. Manchester United’s co-chairman Joel Glazer will be vice-chairman of the Super League.

European Super League Twelve major clubs (Source: Marca)

He claimed , “By bringing together the top clubs and the best in the world to play together all season. The Super League will launch a new chapter in European football, ensure competition and world-class resources. And also enhance financial support for the wider football pyramid.”

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund has declared they would not join and commit to the ECA and German club Bayern Munich.

What has been the response of the European Super League?

Widespread denunciation to anyone not participating in the proposed league. Johnson warned the ideas might “seriously harm the ball.” He said: “These clubs are not merely the world’s top brands. They are the world’s largest producers. And these are the clubs that historically come from their cities, their cities, their communities.

They have to have links with those fans and fans in their neighborhood. “So it is really vital that goes on and on. I don’t like the appearance of these plans, and we’ll be discussing what we can do.” French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed French clubs who refused to join.

Uefa stated partnership with the England Association, the Premier League, the Spanish Football Federation, La Liga, and the Italian Football Federation. As well as Serie A, declaring they will “remain united” in trying to thwart the rebels, using “all available measures.”

The ECA stated it was “strongly opposing” to the league. And the Football Supporters’ Association stated the programs were “not driven by anything but selfishness.” The international players’ organization Fifpro said it would “strongly oppose both measures that would infringe the rights of players. Such as exclusion from their national teams”.

He added: “This judgment also leaves the players and their unions with a lot of worry. And issues regarding its impact not only on the intricacy and culture of football but especially on their careers.” The League Managers Association stated the Super League will “undermine the entire European football pyramid, with significant and far-reaching consequences.”

He added: “Closing the top of the European football pyramid can swiftly destroy the numerous hopes and dreams that motivate managers, coaches, players, and supporters alike.”

Social media reaction on super league

Former Portugal player Luis Figo commented on Twitter: “This selfish and heartless behavior might be a disaster for our ranks. Women’s football and the football community for the purpose of self-serving owners who stop caring for their followers long ago. And demonstrate a complete disdain for sporting fitness.”

Paris St-Germain and former Manchester United player Ander Herrera commented on Twitter: “I loved the legendary football and the football of the fans. With the dream of having my heart squad battle with the big one. “If this major European league continues, those dreams are going to evaporate.

“I adore football, and I can’t remain silent about it. I believe in a developed Champions League. But not for the rich who steal what people have done.” Former Liverpool and Tottenham player Danny Murphy told BBC Sport the ideas “don’t sound like a ghost.”

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville told Sky Sports he was “absolutely disgusted.” His former teammate Rio Ferdinand told BT Sport that the measures will hurt many supporters.

‘The Great Betrayal’

The fan teams who support all six English teams are firmly resistant to the Super League. Liverpool supporter group Spirit of Shankly (SOS) has said it is a startling choice by Fenway Sports Group, a US-based club owner. In a statement, SOS said: “FSG has kept fans out of their chase of money via negligence and selfishness. Football is ours, not theirs. Our football team is ours and not theirs.”

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust branded the action “unforgivable.” And stated its members and “football lovers worldwide have seen a major betrayal.” The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust has called for a club agreement to join “death of Arsenal as a sporting center.”

The Official Supporters Club of Manchester City has said the decision indicated that “those concerned are not interested in the game culture. ” Adding that they are “determined to fight the projected Super League.” The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust earlier has declared the measures were “totally unacceptable.” And ESL “opposed everything football is doing, and Manchester United should stand for it.”

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has declared ESL was “an avarice-driven and self-centered concept because of the intrinsic values ​​of the game we love so much.”