Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister has no fear. The lady is fearless and determined to navigate the world on her own. That’s right! Freya is the only woman to have circumnavigated Australia alone and without assistance. Her circumnavigation stories, however, do not end there. As previously stated, Freya is about to navigate the world, and she is known for always sticking to her words.

Quick Facts about  Freya Hoffmeister:

Full Name Freya Hoffmeister
Nick Name Freya Shakti, Goddess of Love to the Seas
Birth Date May 10, 1964
Birth Place Heikendorf, Germany
Residence Not Available
Nationality German
Education Not Available
Hobbies Travelling, Adventurous Sports
Tattoos None
  • National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year”
  • World Paddle Award” Sportswoman of the Year”
  • KANU Magazin “Paddlers Pick” 2015
  • Outdoor” European Adventurer of the Year
  • LKV S-H “Ehrenmitglied”
  • DKV “Botschafterin des Kanusports”
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Edda Hoffmeister
Age 58 years old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Profession Professional Kayaker, Businesswoman
Marital Status Unavailable
Husband Not known
Social Media FacebookInstagramYouTube
Net Worth $1million – $5million
Merch Books 
Last Update July 2022

Freya Hoffmeister’s Net Worth:

We can say that Freya has led an extraordinary life and career. Freya chose a difficult path for herself.

Along with the satisfaction and other accomplishments, the path she chose provided her with the opportunity to make fortunes.

According to, Freya Hoffmeister’s net worth is currently between $1 and $5 million. However, the specifics of her earnings and other assets are still being investigated. We can also say that she earns enough to live a luxurious life and travel the world while pursuing her passion. You may also know more about Katrine Saltare

Who exactly is Freya Hoffmeister?

Freya is a well-known sea kayaker from Germany. She is also a former gymnast, a multi-sport athlete, and an experienced skydiver. Also she is  a businesswoman, owning a chain of seven franchise ice cream shops and a Christmas shop in Germany. She also runs a salad bar.

Freya was born in Heikendorf, Germany, on May 10, 1964. Her father worked for the government. Her parents’ identities are currently unknown. Edda Hoffmeister is her younger sister.

Freya Hoffmeister enjoying the sea (Source:

Freya previously competed in the Miss German Beauty Pageant. She was a gymnast at the time, so she competed as a bodybuilder. In the Beauty Contest, the German Kayaker finished sixth. Interestingly, Freya has done 1500 skydives, including tandem jumps to the North Pole.

Freya Hoffmeister’s Age and Body Dimensions

Freya was born in 1964, so she is 58 years old. According to the Chinese calendar, she was born in the Dragon year. Freya is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. The Kayaker’s exact body measurements and weight are still being determined. We will update the German Kayaker facts as soon as possible.

Freya’s astrological sign is Taurus. Taurus has a strong desire for extravagance, greatness, and contentment. As a result, they always have big dreams and go after the unthinkable. Freya isn’t any different.

Circumnavigation of Iceland by Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister and Greg Stammler set out to circumnavigate Iceland one fine morning in June 2007. The plan was devised on short notice. On June 9, 2007, at 10:30 a.m., the two began their exciting journey together after only two days of planning in Germany and a week of preparation at home. Freya and Greg began the first day with a 90-kilometer crossing of Faxafloi Bay. The Bay expedition was followed by a 100km day that included a 65km crossing.

Freya Hoffmeister during her trip around Iceland (Source:

Due to early-arriving headwinds, the two kayakers had to stay in the water for 22 hours on their second day. Their journey was planned by going from one headland to the next. On the West and North Coasts, the weather was relatively calm.

Freya and Greg, on the other hand, had to deal with some difficult conditions on the East Coast and the dreaded South Coast.
It was not a race to circumnavigate the island. The team, on the other hand, completed the journey in record time. Freya and Greg also kayaked two long open water crossings that none of the kayakers had attempted before.The journey was not easy. However, Freya and Greg both stated that they had a fantastic time. On their journey, the two sea kayakers saw numerous whales, dolphins, and giant seals.
In addition, they were overwhelmed by massive mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and cliffs.

Freya and Greg completed their circumnavigation (1620 km) in 33 days. They paddled for 25 days at an average of 65 kilometers per day.

The First Solo Circumnavigation of Freya Hoffmeister

In 2007, Freya embarked on yet another expedition. Her goal this time was to circumnavigate New Zealand. Freya was the first woman to successfully circumnavigate New Zealand’s South Island.

Unlike her previous trip to Iceland, Freya chose to travel alone this time. The German Kayaker set out from Okiwi Bay in the north on October 25, 2007.

She paddled counterclockwise and finished the navigation on January 2, 2008. Freya took 70 days to complete the journey. If we only count the days she paddled, the trip took her 47 days to complete.

Freya paddled for 47 days, averaging 50 kilometers per day, to reach her goal. The expedition was a huge undertaking. First, the West Coast was labeled as having high seas and swells. Furthermore, there was no road for over 500 kilometers and only a few sheltered landing spots.

The unforgiving Tasman Sea battered Freya and her equipment during the journey, breaking the stern of her kayak and swallowing her beloved paddle.

The beautiful scenery of nature, the dolphins, and the seals, on the other hand, calmed her heart. It also provided her with the confidence and motivation she required to complete the journey.

The First Female Circumnavigator of Australia

Freya’s most notable accomplishment is her successful record-breaking circumnavigation of Australia. Freya became the first woman and the second person to circumnavigate Antarctica in 2009. It takes a lot of guts to even consider traveling around Australia. Freya, on the other hand, made it a reality.

On January 18, 2009, she began her solo trip around Australia. She paddled in the opposite direction this time, beginning her journey in Queenscliff, Victoria.

It took Freya 322 days to complete her journey. She paddled for 245 days out of a total of 322 days.

She faced numerous challenges while circumnavigating Australia, including saltwater crocodiles, deadly jellyfish, sea snakes, and sharks. However, Freya eventually triumphed and etched her name in history.

The First South American Circumnavigator

Freya did not stop there after becoming the first woman to circumnavigate Australia. Following his trip to Australia, the German sea kayaker embarked on another solo journey around South America. She was thus the first woman in kayaking history to circumnavigate South America.

She set out from Buenos Aires and paddled south through the Argentine coast’s harsh, windy waves and high tides.

Freya made it through the perilous journey despite more than 60 knots of wind. Unfortunately, she also had an emergency landing on a desolate rocky coast.

Freya Hoffmeister with the crew of Reten Naval Station during her trip around South America (Source:

Freya eventually conquered the world’s most famous windy and rough cape on January 3, 2012, without any assistance. Her first navigation stage came to an end in Chile. Freya had paddled 7641km in eight months at that point.

On August 25, 2012, the Kayaker restarted. This time, she was not alone, but was accompanied by Peter Unold. The two kayaked for a few months before taking a brief Christmas break.

Freya resumed her solo journey after the break. Freya finished her expedition journey on May 1, 2015, after years of struggle and new challenges.

She had paddled 27000 kilometers through 13 countries, averaging 45 kilometers per day. With this, she set a record that may not be broken anytime soon. You may also know more about Jason Burnett

Ireland’s Circumnavigation

Freya never sleeps. The German Kayaker, on the other hand, is obsessed with navigation and rarely takes a break from it. In 2016, she embarked on yet another kayaking adventure. Freya chose Ireland this time.

She completed her journey in 43 days, beginning at Stradbally Cove and traveling clockwise to the Graigue Little.

Freya Hoffmeister: Wedding

Freya, a German kayaker, was married twice. Her first husband was a pilot who ran away with an ice cream shop employee.

Her second husband was a German navy commando eighteen years her senior. They have now parted ways. She and her subsequent husband had a son named Helge Hoffmeister. Freya is currently a single parent. She spends her time with her son when she is not traveling.

Freya Hoffmeister: Social Media

On various social media platforms, the German Sea kayaker can be found. She is widely admired for her brave personality.

The German Kayaker has over 10,000 Facebook. followers.

She keeps a daily journal on Facebook. Freya updates her followers and well-wishers on Facebook while traveling to various locations.

She has over 1.8k Instagram followers and follows four people. She is, however, inactive on Instagram.

Freya also has her own website, She also has a YouTube  channel with the same name. She has 441 subscribers and 25 videos on her channel.

Questions and Answers

Is Freya the only person to have circled Australia?

Freya is the second and first female circumnavigator of Australia.

In addition to Freya, Paul Caffyn of New Zealand has circumnavigated the southern continent. He completed the journey in 361 days. The expedition was led by Paul in 1981, 26 years before Freya.

What is Freya Hoffmeister up to these days?

Freya is currently circumnavigating North America, the third continent on her list. She began her journey in 2017.

Her circumnavigation of North America is expected to take between 8 and 10 years. The journey is expected to be more difficult and lengthy than any of her previous journeys.