George Foreman

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name: George Foreman
Real Name/Full Name: George Edward Foreman
Gender: Male
Age: 73 years old
Birth Date: 10 January 1949
Birth Place: Marshall, Texas, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.92 m
Weight: 118 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Mary Joan Martelly (m. 1985), Andrea Skeete (m. 1982–1985), Sharon Goodson (m. 1981–1982), Cynthia Lewis (m. 1977–1979), Adrienne Calhoun (m. 1971–1974)
Children: Yes (Freeda Foreman, George Foreman III, Natalie Foreman, Georgetta Foreman, Leola Foreman, Courtney Isaac Foreman, Michi Foreman, George Foreman Jr., George Foreman IV, George Foreman V, George Foreman VI, Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman)
Profession: Boxer
Net Worth in 2022: $330 million
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Former American professional boxer George Foreman has been competing in the sport for about eighteen years. He most certainly enjoys widespread recognition due to his Olympic gold medal. In addition, he is a well-known businessman, author, and clergyman.


Big George was born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, as George Edward Foreman. Parents Leroy Moorehead and Nancy Foreman gave birth to him. Foreman’s mother wed another JD Foreman while he was a young boy. His mother moved to Houston, Texas, with her new husband and Foreman after marrying JD.

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With his six siblings, Foreman grew up in Houston’s Fifth Ward. He received excellent treatment from his stepfather, who treated him on a par with his kids and Foreman. Foreman’s biological father, who was absent from his life, is a man about whom little is known.

Foreman was a difficult child who constantly got into fights at school and was frequently suspended. He therefore left high school at the age of fifteen and later enlisted in the Job Corps.

Foreman moved to Pasadena, California, after quitting school and settling there. There, he became really interested in football. He had always wanted to play football in the highest league in his country, but boxing forced him to give up his goal. His coach recommended him to focus on boxing since it would help him attain fame and glory because of his amazing boxing abilities.

Foreman has a reputation for being a ladies’ guy. He had multiple relationships with women and a few adulterous encounters. He has wed a total of five times. His first wife, Adrienne Calhoun, was to him for over three years. Three years after the divorce, he wed Cynthia Lewis, his second wife, but the union only lasted two years.

Height & Weight

As of 2022, George Foreman will be 73 years old. He was born on January 10, 1949. He weighs 118 kg and stands 1.92 meters tall.

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Relationship Status

George Foreman with his family(Source: Players Bio)

Foreman’s third wife, Sharon Goodson, could not sense any spark between the two, and their union ended in divorce after only a year. After three years of marriage, he and his fourth wife, Andrea Skeete, got divorced because of personal issues. He and Mary Joan Martelly have been wed for about thirty-three years.

Professional Life

Foreman won the gold medal in the heavyweight boxing championship in the Olympics in Mexico City during the riots that broke out in the United States over civil rights and the Vietnam War. He then made the decision to pursue boxing as a vocation and engaged in a variety of intense training sessions. He had a fantastic year in 1969 and 1970, winning every fight he entered.

George Foreman is a Professional Boxer(Source: Instagram)

After Foreman defeated the champion in 1973 to become the new boxing king, his success grew over the following several years. After suffering his first loss at the hands of the legendary Muhammad Ali, he took a vacation and returned in Las Vegas two years later by triumphing in the match. He was unwell after the game and said he had a near-death experience, which led him to change his profession and give up fighting in 1977.

Later, Foreman obtained his ministerial ordination, founded a few youth facilities, and spoke about his conversion to Christianity on numerous media networks. After an almost ten-year layoff, he picked up boxing again at the age of forty. He surprised everyone by having a great season and winning against some notable opponents on the road.

Foreman’s final contest came against Shannon Briggs when he was 48 years old.

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Along with multiple Heavyweight Championships and the Olympic Gold Medal, Foreman also got the ESPY Award for “Best Boxer” for his contributions to and achievements in the sport of boxing. In 1994, he was also named the Male Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press.

Net worth & Source of Income

Foreman and Salton signed a five-year endorsement deal in 1999 that was estimated to be worth $138 million. As of July 2022, George Foreman’s net worth is predicted to be $330 million. His principal source of income has been boxing. He also earns well from his other jobs in the industry.

Before pursuing his dream of becoming a well-known boxer, George Edward Foreman spent his early years living in squalor on the streets. His current success is the result of his perseverance and hard work. His life story serves as motivation for all young people going through challenging times.

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