Gianluca Cugnetto

Facts of Gianluca Cugnetto

Full Name Gianluca Cugnetto
Nationality British
Sexual Orientation Straight

Gianluca Cugnetto is the boyfriend of Game of Thrones actress Hannah Waddingham who was famous for her role of Septa Unella, a devoted follower of the High Sparrow. Her husband Cugnetto is an experienced Italian hotel manager who’s successfully worked in top hotels and companies in the world. So, today we look at some of his personal details from net worth collection to relationship.

Gianluca Cugnetto: Who is he?

Gianluca Cugnetto is dating Hannah Waddingham, who portrayed “Septa Unella,” a devoted supporter of the “High Sparrow” in “Game of Thrones.”

Cugnetto, her husband, is a seasoned Italian hotelier with experience working in some of the most prestigious hotels and businesses in the world.

Early Years

The birthdate, birth year, height, weight, parents’ names, place of birth, and childhood of Gianluca Cugnetto are not yet in the public domain.

Cugnetto studied revenue management at Cornell University in New York, according to his record of education. You may also like to know about Alvin Harper.


Gianluca Cugnetto is a well-known authority on food and drink. Additionally, he has experience working with a number of posh hotels and bars around the globe.

He has a lot of experience running a profitable firm because he studied revenue management at Cornell University in New York.

Cugnetto also spent three years in 2007 as the Director of Food and Beverage at Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

In November 2010, he transferred to Antara Hotels in Bangkok, where he kept his job. At this point, Cugnetto was hired as the Hotel Du Vin’s general manager.

In 2015, the United Kingdom also had a luxury and boutique hotel brand called Hotel Du Vin.

The Italian chef also held director positions at The Sheraton and Le Méridien in Dubai.

The Director of the Chateau de Codignat is now Gianluca Cugnetto.

Personal Life

Gianluca Cugnetto’s personal life includes his marriage to British actress Hannah Waddingham, which began in 2012. Through shared connections, the pair first connected and hit it off right away.

They had been dating for a year and a half when they found out they were having a baby. It was a miracle because doctors had previously said she had fertility issues that precluded her from having children. Both parties experienced intense emotions with the birth of their child.

In 2014, the couple had Kitty, a stunning baby girl. If you didn’t know, Hannah was filming Game of Thrones while her kid was only 10 months old.

Finally, because parenting was as important to Cugnetto as her job, she used to bring her kid along with her to every session.

Giovanni Cugnetto Children, a girlfriend, and a relationship

In terms of Gianluca Cugnetto’s private life, he has been seriously dating British actress Hannah Waddingham since 2012. Due to shared friends, the pair first met and clicked right away.

Some candid pictures of Gianluca Cugnetto and his partner Hannah Waddingham. Photo Source: Live Ramp Up

The couple announced that they were expecting their first child after dating for a year and a half. It was certainly a miracle because she had fertility problems before becoming pregnant, according to the physicians. Both partners experienced mental distress upon learning about their unborn child.

Kitty was the name given to the couple’s gorgeous baby daughter after she was born in 2014. Did you know that Hannah worked on Game of Thrones while her infant was still just 10 months old? She used to bring her daughter along on all of her settings because parenthood was just as essential to her as her career.

Net Worth

Gianluca Cugnetto has a solid handle on his finances and net worth thanks to his job as a hotel manager.

For instance, as of 2022, Cugnetto had an astonishing net worth of $1 million.

The hotel manager reportedly earns more than £63,978 annually at Hotel du Vin in Brighton, according to Indeed. Currently, due to tax, deductions, compensations, and other factors, we are unable to calculate the precise amount.

Hannah Waddingham, Cugnetto’s lover, also makes a considerable financial contribution to the family’s wealth. She has amassed a stunning net worth of $5 million as of 2022 as an actor, writer, and producer.