Gretchen Smith Bolton

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1949
Full Name Gretchen Smith Bolton
Birth Name Gretchen Smith
Profession Financial Advisor
Nationality American
Birth City Kansas
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse John Bolton
No Of Children 1
Networth 500000
Education New York University
Religion Christianity

Some people come to the limelight only after tying the knot with some reputed family. Gretchen Smith Bolton follows the same way of her life. Gretchen came to the attention of the media after tying the knot with a famous American attorney, political commentator, Republican consultant, a former diplomat, and national security advisor, John Bolton.

Gretchen Smith Bolton was born a Gretchen Smith in 1949 in Kansas City. Much about her early life is still a mystery to the public. As she likes to remain away from the media, she has not opened up her personal information. She finished her graduation from New York University.


Gretchen Smith Bolton was born in 1949 in Kansas City, Missouri, and is now 72 years old. Aside from that, little information regarding Gretchen’s ethnicity, parents, brothers, or early childhood experiences is available. Given Gretchen’s reputation, we can assume that her parents nurtured her well as a child in her hometown.

Her LinkedIn page states that she attended American College and Wellesley College. She later earned a postgraduate degree from New York University. John Bolton’s wife also attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. As a result, she was able to attain her academic proficiency at the time. Gretchen’s father and mother are both graduates of prestigious American business colleges.

John Bolton’s Married Life

Gretchen is John Bolton’s wife, as we already said. John Bolton was the 25th US Ambassador to the UN from 2005 to 2006, and he was the 27th US National Security Advisor from 2018 to 2019.

John Bolton and Gretchen Smith Bolton have been married since 1986.
Getty Images is the source.

Gretchen and John, the man she loves, have been married since January 1986. As of February 2021, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton have been married for 35 years, which is more than three decades.

The couple is also not the subject of any rumors that they are going to split up. Gretchen and her husband John had a daughter together. Her name is Jennifer Sarah Bolton.

Jennifer Sarah Bolton is the daughter of Gretchen Smith and John Bolton. She is a body and stamping director at Nissan Motor Corporation.
Source: Aussie Celebs

Jennifer isn’t very well known, but according to her Linkedin profile, she is the director of body and stamping at Nissan Motor Corporation. Jennifer Sarah, who has a BA from Yale University, used to work for ATDynamics, Inc. as a growth strategy.

Molly Beers and David Wright are also very happy with their marriage.

Relationships from the Past

Gretchen was already married before she married John. There is still not enough information about her first marriage and husband. But according to the source, they were married until 1973.

On the other hand, John, who talked about politics, was also married. John was married to Christine Bolton before he met Smith and said his wedding vows to her.

Snap! From 1972 to 1983, John Bolton was married to Christine Bolton.
From the Daily Mail.

In 1972, John and Christine got married. The media don’t know a lot of details about their wedding. Still unknown are the exact date and location of their wedding. 1983 was the end of this short-lived relationship. Sources say that the two people who used to be married did not have any children.

The media doesn’t know why John and Christine broke up because neither of them has talked about the marriage since. John married Smith not long after he and his ex-wife split up.

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Career and Professional Life

Gretchen Smith Bolton is an American Financial Adviser based in Kansas City, Missouri. She also works with AXA Advisors as a Financial Planner. Gretchen Smith Bolton finished her master’s thesis on Nissan’s supply chain. She earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University. Despite this, her political views remain conservative. Gretchen establishes financial security and a methodical approach to prioritization. She, on the other hand, has twice run the Boston Marathon.

Her spouse, on the other hand, served as the United States’ 27th National Security Adviser from April 8, 2018, to September 10, 2019. He resigned from his job. Then, via Twitter, President Trump informed him that he had been fired. In 2005, Mr. Bolton was appointed as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He was able to seize total control of the Democratic Party. He formerly served as Matt Romney’s international policy adviser. Aside from that, he is well-known for his political party affiliations. He was in charge of New American Century-related programs. In addition, he asked for the cancellation of the Iraq nuclear accord.

What is the Net Worth of Gretchen Smith Bolton?

Gretchen Smith Bolton is worth about $500,000, according to estimates. Gretchen is a certified financial planner, according to her Linkedin page. She works for Equitable Advisors. From October 1993 to June 2020, she worked for the well-known American company AXA Advisors in Washington, D.C.

Payscale says that a Financial Planner makes an average of $64226 a year. Gretchen, on the other hand, might make more than the average because she is a certified and experienced financial planner.

Smith’s husband, John Bolton, on the other hand, has a net worth of $6 Million. He made most of his money while working for the United States Government. The average annual salary of a United States Ambassador is more than $150,000. Also, Stacey Abrams is a politician in the United States who has a net worth of $1 million.

What is Gretchen height and weight?

Gretchen stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. Gretchen has dark eyes, blonde hair, and size 6 shoes.