Gus Trikonis

Gus Trikonis is a well-known and adaptable individual. He makes a living as an actor, director, and dancer. Trikonis, who was born in New York City on November 21, 1937, has directed a number of films and television shows during the course of his career. His performance in the film “The Sand Peebles” made him renowned.

In 1990, Gus Trikonis also served as the director of the TV series “Boy watch.” The title of his directorial debut is “Five The Hard Way.” The Sidehackers. As of 2021, he will be 83 years old. He first wed Goldie Hawn, an actress. He marries Barbara after divorcing his first wife.

Quick Facts

When was Gus Trikonis born?

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On November 21, 1937, Gus Trikonis was born in New York City. He resides in the USA with his parents. Details about his parents are unclear. He used to hang around with Gina Trikonis, his younger sister. She plays the part of Graziella in the Westside Story film and is also an actor. Gus finished his education at the local college. Scorpio is his astrological sign. He is an American citizen and a member of the white ethnicity.

Where did Gus Trikonis receive his education?

Gus Trikonis completes his study at the institution of new york city. However, information on his further education and graduation is lacking or not disclosed, but based on his career, it appears that he may have attended acting classes or had a degree in filmmaking. Everyone is unaware of his specific academic qualifications, college name, and degree. Regardless of his academic background and grades, he has made a significant contribution to the film business.

How did Gus Trikonis start his career?

Throughout his career, Gus Trikonis has done a lot of work. He has appeared in several films as an actor, and he has also directed a number of movies and TV shows. Trikonis made his acting debut in the film “West Side Story” to start his career. He also appeared in the motion picture “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” Trikonis did not limit himself to becoming an actor, though; he also began his career as a director. Trikonis knows a lot about directing movies.

What is Gus Trikonis’s relationship status?

In terms of relationships, Gus Trikonis was romantically involved with Goldie Hawn. After a brief courtship, the pair married in 1969. They formally chose to separate in 1976 due to certain disagreements in their relationship. They didn’t have any kids when they were dating.

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Gus Trikonis marries Barbra Andrews following his divorce. When Barbara gives birth to their love’s token, Nicholas Trikonis, they become parents. In 2012, Barbara abruptly withdrew from society, leaving  Trikonis by himself.

Is Gus Trikonis socially active?

Trikonis had an account on Facebook but there no postings. So we are not sure if it is original or not. Coming to Instagram also he discovered to be idle, and the same thing repeats on Twitter. However, he is passive on social media. His name is frequently used as a tag by admirers to promote his movies. He may not enjoy using social media because he belongs to an older generation.

What is the net worth of Gus Trikonis?

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In his career, Trikonis has been in a lot of films and television series. he has directed dozens of tv series and movies. Due to this he has an estimated net worth of roughly $3 million. According to the figures of 2023, additionally he has a net worth of around $4 million.

What are Trikonis’s physical attributes?

Trikonis is in good physical shape for his age. He is becoming older now, although he used to be really attractive. Trikonis stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs a healthy amount. He has silky, average-length hair, and a light complexion tone.

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