Hakuho Sho

Quick Facts

Full Name Hakuhō Shō (former name: Mönkhbatyn Davaajargal)
Date of Birth 11 March 1985
Birth Place Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian People’s Republic
Legal Name Shikona
Nick Name White Feather
Religion Buddhist
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign  Pisces
Age 37 years old
Height 192 cm (6’4″)
Weight 158 kg (348 lb)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Jigjidiin Mönkhba
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Unknown
Education Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
  • 44 (Makuuchi)
  • 1 (Jūryō)
Marital Status Married
Wife  Sayoko Wada
Kids Mahato Wada
Profession Professional Sumo Wrestler
Stable  Miyagino
Highest Rank  Yokozuna
Active Years 2001-Present
Net Worth Over $1 Million
Social Media  Instagram
Last Update July, 2022

Hakuho Sho is a contributing influence on the sumo arena. He is a professional sumo wrestler from Mongolia and the fourth non-Japanese sumo wrestler overall. Likewise, Hakuho Sho depicts a net worth of over $5 million.

Well, he is a Mongolian by birth but later gained Japanese citizenship in 2019. This led him to become an elder in the Japan Sumo Association after retirement.

Similarly, Akebono Taro, Aoiyama Kōsuke, Kotooshu Katsunori, etc., are some non-Japanese sumo wrestlers who have greatly contributed to sumo wrestling.

In fact, Hakuho successfully positioned himself at the top division of the sumo wrestlers’ chart just within three years of his entrance on the field.

Also, by 2007, Sho was already at the highest level in the sumo ranking system, yokozuna.

Indeed, Sho became the ōzeki (champion in the Japanese language) four years later after his debut. For the achievement, historians will surely write Hakuho’s name down in the books of history.

Now, he is the second Asian sumo wrestler from Mongolia to have bagged this level of achievement.

Today, in this article, we will discuss Hakuho Sho’s net worth. Apart from that, we will also talk about his lifestyle, his income, and expenditure patterns.

But before we dive into this article, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Hakuho Sho Net Worth: How much has Hakuho Sho earned to date?

To far, Hakuho Sho hasn’t opened about his net worth professional earnings. Hence, it is projected that Hakuho has a net worth of over $1 million.

Moreover, there is not much information concerning Sho’s career arrangements and contracts. Anyways, to have completed the mile at such an early age, Hakuho is pretty popular.

As per the current survey performed in 2020, in Japan, roughly 18.4 percent of individuals picked Hakuho Sho as their favorite sumo fighter. No wonder, Hakuho is considered one of the finest sumo wrestlers of the era.

But, there is no such information about Hakuho endorsing any brands or products. Yet, we will update you as soon as we get any information regarding it.

Net Worth of Hakuho Sho in Different Currency

Surely, Hakuho is the most celebrated sumo wrestler of the year. Unquestionably, he has garnered a considerable net worth, but there is no exact record of his true net worth. Still, it is likely to be over a million.

Let us check into Hakuho Sho’s net worth in numerous currencies, including the cryptocurrency.

Likewise, this net worth chart will guide you to estimate Hakuho’s earnings in your expected currency value.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €848,615
Pound Sterling £723,545
Australian Dollar A$1,340,770
Canadian Dollar C$1,250,710
Indian Rupee ₹74,564,500
BitCoin ฿31.33

Stable Miyagino

Miyagino Stable is succeeded by Hakuho Sho because every Yakazuno is succeeded by this stable.

However, the current leader, Chikubayama, will retire in 2022, and Hakuho will be named as the new leader of Miyagino Stable. This foundation began with just four wrestlers and has now grown to include a large number of sumo wrestlers.

Furthermore, Miyagino Stable was established solely for the goal of providing parts of training to the top sumo wrestlers. Along with honing their tactics and skills.

Hakuho Sho’s Net Worth: His Way of Life

Hakuho Sho was born into a typical family. Despite the fact that he did not come from a wealthy family, his parents gave him the best life they could.

In addition, his father was an Olympian who earned a gold medal in sumo wrestling. According to Hakuho, one of the main reasons he took up sumo wrestling was to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Hakuho, on the other hand, is more concerned with getting back to his parents. In addition, he frequently gives his parents gifts or money. Hakuho kept his Mongolian citizenship until 2019, believing that his father would not want him to alter his nationality.

However, his mother later contradicted this, claiming that his father just cared about Sho’s happiness and was unconcerned with altering his nationality.

Awards and Achievements

  • Most number of top championship winners.
  • Hakuho has won 1170 matches which is the highest win by any sumo wrestler.
  • Most wins as Yakazona, 882 matches.
  • Six consecutive wins in the tournaments per year, the most number of wins.
  • Nine consecutive wins in the calendar year.
  • Longest-serving Yakazuno, thirteen years.

General Facts about Hakuho Sho

When Hakuho flew to Japan, he was fifteen years old at that time. Likewise, he was invited by pioneering Mangolian wrestler Kyokushūzan.

No stable wanted to accept him as a trainee or train him because he was only 62 kg. But finally, he was accepted by Miyagino stable during his last two-month stay in Japan.

Similarly, Hakuho’s father wanted him to take another career path apart from wrestling.

However, Hakuho was determined to be a wrestler and wanted to be as big as a sumo wrestler one day, which he eventually became.

Social Media Presence

At the moment, Hakuho Sho is not active on social media. However, he has an Instagram account. Sadly, he doesn’t use it that often.

Apart from that, you can see much information on various sites if you want to know more about Hakuho Sho.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hakuho Sho still serving as a Yakazuna?

Yes, he is. Nonetheless, Hakuho is the longest-reigning Yakazuno to date. Also, he has been serving as a Yakazuna for thirteen years now.

Why did Hakuho withdraw from Spring Grand Sum Tournament?

In 2021, Hakuho suffers from a knee injury. As a result, he had to undergo knee surgery and opt-out his name from a match.

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