Hannah Lochner

Quick Facts

Gorgeous Canadian actress Hannah Lochner starred in the 2008–2011 sitcom “Wingin it” as Brittany. She made her acting debut as Dalton’s daughter in the 1997 film Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science.

Hannah’s portrayal of Vivian in the 2004 film Dawn of the Dead contributed significantly to the success of her opening. She also played Young Zoe in Life with Wildcard (2003), Michelle in Derek (2008), and Kayla in The Devil’s Mercy (2008), among other roles. In addition, Lochner made contributions to numerous films and TV shows between 1997 and 2013.

How old is Hannah Lochner?

Astonishing actress Hannah Lochner, 29 years old and born on July 28, 1993. She was born in Canada’s London, Ontario. Lochner made her film debut when she was 5 years old. She started acting and watching movies when she was young. She belongs to the white ethnic group.

Hannah Lochner, a Canadian actor famous for Dawn of the Dead

Along with her acting career, she is also an Etobicoke School of the Arts graduate. She hasn’t made any other details about her upbringing or family history public, however it is known that Hayley Lochner, a well-known Canadian actress, is her only sibling. Both of her sisters’ careers in film were aided by and inspired by their mother.

Which films and television shows has Hannah appeared in?

Hannah was a well-liked actor, and her films and television productions were huge hits at the time. After appearing in her first film, she went on to perform in Traders (1998), Sanctuary (2001), and Wildcard (2003, Young Zoe). Additionally, she is remembered and recognized in today’s society thanks to her outstanding performance in films like Life with Derek (2007–2008) as Michelle, The Latest Buzz (2008–2009) as Caitlin, and Wingin’ It (2010–2013) as Brittany Hanson.

Hannah has maintained a portrayal of a well-behaved off-screen person who is devoid of any rumors, sagas, or conflicts. Additionally, she has never mentioned her next projects or films in her most recent interviews.

Where is Hannah Lochner in recent days?

Hannah Lochner resides in the USA and is single. It’s possible that she prioritizes her profession over her personal life. Additionally, Locher’s mother and friends have a close bond and she currently resides with her family. Punky, a bulldog pet she owns, is more expensive than $4000 in the United States.

Hannah Lochner is she wed?

Hannah is not currently involved in any relationships. She hasn’t made any statements about her love life or been seen in public with any guys. Hannah is significantly less visible in public due to both personal and work obligations.

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Which Instagram does Hannah use?

Lochner previously limited his activity to Twitter. But these days, she frequently maintains her Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram profiles. She writes on her blog about her friends, family, and puppy, Punky. On her Instagram photos, Hannah exudes a sensual, happy, and captivating appearance.

How much money does Hannah Lochner make?

Hannah began her career before anyone else could. She has been gifted since she was young, which has contributed to her enormous wealth. Her holdings and assets are private as of 2022, making it impossible to estimate her current net worth.

Hannah Lochner is single as of now

Her lifestyle and journey have also demonstrated her net worth of between $1 and $2 million at the age of 29. Hannah is still making money from her prior work and marketing, though.

How tall is Hannah Lochner?

Hannah is a lovely and modest woman. She is reluctant to divulge her body measurement because it is private to her. She appears to be 5.6 feet tall at this time, and she has an amazing, healthy body. Hannah’s skin tone is similar to Hazel’s eyes, and her blonde haircut unquestionably enhances the allure of her personality.