Harper Hempel

Quick Facts

Full Name Harper Hempel
Birth Date August 31st, 1997
Birth Place Union, Kentucky
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Ryle High School, University of Kentucky
Horoscope Not Available
Father’s Name Richard Hempel
Mother’s Name Colleen Hempel
Siblings Conner Hempel
Age 25 Years Old
Height 5’8″
Weight 59 Kg (130 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Build Athletic
Profession Freelance Social Media Manager, Photographer
Current Residence Atlanta
Shoe Size Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Jamal Murray
Kids None
Net Worth $100,000
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Last Update August, 2022

Harper Hempel is a skilled photographer, social media marketing manager, and former volleyball player. She is well-known for being Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, an NBA star.

During her college and high school years, Harper was one of the star players on the squad.

Hempel excelled to the point where she was named an All-State player three times.

She also received the 2011 Team Leadership Award and district MVP recognition.

She also served as her school’s team’s captain three times.

In addition, let’s look at a few key facts regarding Jamal Murray’s well-known girlfriend before delving into more detail.

Childhood, Family And Education

Harper Hempel, the girlfriend of renowned NBA player Jamal Murray, was conceived in 1997 by her parents Richard and Colleen Hempel.

Conner Hempel is her brother’s name as well. Union, Kentucky is the hometown of Hempel’s relatives.

eCoach, a website that gives sports enthusiasts access to knowledgeable coaches, is said to have been founded by her father, Richard Hempel.

Conner Hempel, who played quarterback for the college football team while attending Harvard University, did the same.

Hempel has also participated in athletics all through high school and college. In Union, Kentucky, at Ryle High School, she studied.

Hempel participated in the varsity volleyball squad in high school.

Harper pursued her love of volleyball in college and enrolled at the University of Kentucky, where she met Jamal Murray, a Canadian professional basketball player.

Hempel also received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Digital Media upon graduation.

What is the Physical Measurement of Harper?

The formerly active volleyball player was conceived on August 31, 1997. As a result, we can say that she turned 25 in [the current year].

Additionally, Hempel is an amazing 5’8″ tall, which is another plus. The social media marketing manager is 59 kg thanks to her consistent workout and eating routines (130 lbs).

Her appearance would be completed without Blonde hair and Grey eyes. Harper’s physical measurements are sadly not available right now.

Harper is also of white ancestry and American nationality. She reportedly practices an unknown religion at the moment.

How did Harper Hempel Start His Career?

For her high school volleyball team, Harper started every game for four years. The Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association (KVCA) named Hempel the three-time All-State player throughout her high school volleyball career.

Similar to this, Harper was named the district MVP during her senior campaign. In addition, she received three votes from her teammates to serve as team captain.

She was also given the 2011 Team Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership abilities.

Hempel also received the Raider Award, which is granted to the student who has excelled both on and off the court for two consecutive years.

College Career

Harper also represented the University of Kentucky’s Kentucky Wildcats. She joined the team as a setter and defensive specialist.

Harper participated in 13 matches during her sophomore year and recorded a kill, an ace, 20 digs, and three assists.

She played against Illinois and Wichita State and tallied a season-high five digs.

In a similar vein, Harper notched her first career ace and first kill while competing against Northern Illinois and Wichita State, respectively.

Additionally, Harper participated in 17 games during his junior year and had a career-high five assists versus Marquette University.

She joined the select group of six Kentucky players with a 25-point rally score who had played in 45+ helper matches.

She also recorded an ace while playing against Arkansas and tallied a career-high five digs when competing against the Golden Eagles.

Similar to this, senior year Harper played in 13 matches and defeated Louisiana State University with a game-winning ace.

Marketing Career

In terms of her post-college career, Hempel has always been interested in marketing and digital media. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and digital media from college.

Harper works for Fact & Fiction as a social media community manager. For renowned businesses like Voodoo Ranger and Halo Top Ice Cream, she oversees community management and social management services there.

Additionally, Hempel is employed by All Social Jessie as a Social Media Marketing Manager, where she manages content calendars for clients’ social media platforms in her capacity as an independent consultant.

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Photography Career

Harper owns a photography studio called Harper Hempel Photography in addition to working as a social media consultant.

The agency concentrates on senior images, family portraits, couples shoots, kids shots, etc. She excels in fashion photography as well.

She is additionally listed as being available for shoots in Lexington, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati on her website.

What is the Relationship status of Harper Hempel?

Harper attended the University of Kentucky, as we previously discussed, where she met Jamal Murray, a freshman basketball player. Hempel is not new to the world of basketball.

She was raised in a household that followed the NBA, and her father Rich Hempel is active in the basketball world.

It is therefore understandable that Hempel fell in love with a basketball player as her father had a keen interest in the game.

In addition, Hempel and Murray began dating when Hempel was a sophomore and Jamal was still a member of the college team.

They were both top players for their teams. Therefore, it is obvious that they became drawn to one another.

Murray left Kentucky after the Denver Nuggets selected him in the 2016 NBA Draft, while Harper continued to pursue her degree at the university.

The couple continued their romance as well. Murray and Hempel reconnected after Hempel finished her degree, despite living far apart.

Murray had to go to participate in the NBA playoffs, so the pair had to continue spending time apart.

Jamal had to remain within his protective bubble in order to avoid exposure to the virus because of the NBA’s rules about the coronavirus epidemic.

As a result, Harper’s boyfriend Jamal Murray wasn’t present for her 24th birthday celebration.

Hempel used to post photographs of her lover on social media frequently, but after an explicit video went public, the couple temporarily cancelled both of their accounts.

The couple stopped posting images of one another on their accounts after the incident, and they started being very private about their affairs.

Harper currently doesn’t have any photos of herself or her friends on social media.

Video Scandal

A March 22nd, 2020 incident attracted a lot of unfavourable attention to the pair.

According to reports, a graphic scene was shared on Jamal Murray’s Instagram. People believed Harper Hempel to be the girl in the video.

Although Murray soon removed the video, it was still seen by more than 480,000 of the NBA player’s Instagram followers. The video sparked a lot of debate across all social media channels.

Murray stated that the tale was uploaded as a result of someone hacking his Instagram account.

Before sharing the explicit video, the hacker posted four more random stories, demonstrating that his Instagram had been hijacked.

Murray also expressed his regret to his fans and let everyone know that someone else temporarily had control of his account while he worked on the following problem.

The screen recording of the clip began to go viral on Twitter even after Murray removed it from the article.

Hempel therefore begged with people to delete the video if they had it on Twitter.

Harper and Jamal both temporarily cancelled their accounts following the event. Both of their public reputations suffered greatly as a result of the video.

People also observed that the couple didn’t even comply with the lockdown rules.

Social Media

Hempel removed her account because of the negative attention the couple received as a result of the intimate video.

Hempel had more than ten thousand Instagram followers at the time. It’s also possible that she didn’t want all the unfavourable attention focused on her.

She struggled with the issue for a very long time, but now that her account has been activated, she is posting on Instagram as normal.

Additionally, Harper made the decision to make her Twitter account private following the incident, and Twitter subsequently suspended her account.

How was the Networt Value of Harper Hempel?

The former volleyball player hasn’t shared a lot of personal information. Therefore, it is also unknown how much money she is worth.

Harper obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing and digital media, as far as we know. Additionally, we are aware of her employment as a manager of social media marketing.

The annual average pay for a Social Media Marketing Manager position in the United States is approximately $65,834.

Similar to Hempel, who owns her own photography business, a freelance photographer in the US makes about $40,767 annually.

Overall, Harper Hempel’s estimated net worth is therefore close to $100,000.

Net Worth of Harper Hempel in Different Currencies

Here is the Hempel net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 846,325
Pound Sterling £722,350
Australian Dollar A$1,339,011
Canadian Dollar C$1,250,875
Indian Rupee 74,535,800
BitCoin ฿31

Social Media

The former volleyball player uses social media extensively. She interacts with her supporters on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With 77.4K Followers on Instagram

Facebook – 1,000 Fans

In addition, Hempel has a Twitter account that Twitter has suspended due to the uproar surrounding the video that features her and her boyfriend, Jamal Murray.

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