Harrison Wilson IV

A.k.a. Russell Carrington Wilson One of the most well-known players in the American National Football League is Russell Wilson (NFL). Wilson, one of the highest-paid NFL players, has recently attracted new attention and fame among admirers of quarterbacks. Harrison Wilson IV, Russell Wilson’s brother, has also consistently served as the athlete’s biggest supporter.

Quick Facts: Harrison Wilson IV

Full Name Harrison Wilson IV
Birth Date 1983 A.D.
Birth Place United States
Nickname Not Known
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Not known
Profession Chicago-based medical device manufacturer.
Horoscope Not Known
Father’s Name Harrison Benjamin Wilson III
Mother’s Name Tammy Wilson
Grandfather Harrison Benjamin Wilson III
  • Russell Wilson– Younger Brother
  • Anna Wilson- Younger Sister
Wife Courtenay Wilson
Children 3 daughters
Age 39 years old
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Eye color Not Known
Hair Color Light Brown
Pay-range (salary) Not Known
Venture Limitless Mind
Sexual Orientation Straight
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch Russell Wilson TshirtRussell Wilson Poster
Last Update July, 2022

Who is the brother of Russell Wilson?

The renowned football star Russell Wilson’s brother is Harrison Wilson IV. Harry — Harrison IV Wilson, who played for the University of Richmond, is the third and oldest of the Wilson family’s children. Harrison, sometimes known as Harry, currently works for a Chicago-based company that makes medical equipment.

Harrison is the oldest child of his parents Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, a former baseball and football player at Dartmouth University, and Tammy Wilson, a nurse consultant. Additionally, around that time, his father, Harrison Benjamin, was one of the African American athletes at his high school. In addition, he founded the university’s first African fraternity.

Russell Wilson

A well-known athlete and Russell Wilson’s younger brother, Harrison is also the younger brother of Harrison Wilson IV. This professional American football player started his career at the IMG Madden Football Academy. The athlete also agreed to a $4 million, four-year deal with the Seahawks at the 2012 NFL Draft. Russell Wilson won 11 of his first 12 games and was named NFL Rookie of the Year in the same year.

In July 2015, his deal was extended for four more years, totaling $87.6 million, putting him the second-highest-paid player in the NFL. Wilson became the highest-paid athlete in the NFL on April 15, 2019, when he signed a four-year, $140 million contract with the Seahawks, including a $65 million signing bonus.

Additionally, this is the most costly contract in NFL history. In addition, he would receive a fixed income of over $107 million under the provisions of the arrangement. Wilson received numerous honors and trophies throughout his NFL playing career, enhancing his standing as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the position. You may also like Cristiano Ronaldo

Relationship with Russell Wilson, the brother

It appears from sources and other evidence that the two Wilson brothers have a close relationship. The brothers’ relationship strengthened following the death of their father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, in 2010. We can also see that Russell Wilson freely acknowledges the role Harrison Wilson IV played in establishing his profession as a quarterback.

Harrison has also been there for his brother when they were very little. He frequently requested passes from his brother Russell so that he could practice. Russell attributes his success as one of the most renowned quarterback players to his brother’s encouragement. The brothers can be compared to a covalent bond that really comes together strongly.

Why Don’t You?

For the past four years, Harrison Wilson has also been a contributing member of the Why Not You Foundation. Russell Wilson started a charitable organization called Why Not You. As many of you are aware, Russell Wilson’s father frequently posed the question, “Why Not You?” to his children as they grew up, and this gave Russell the idea for the name of the foundation, the Why Not You Foundation.


Unbounded Minds

The founder and CEO of a company called “Limitless Minds” is Harrison Wilson IV. Additionally, Limitless Minds offers knowledge and guidance on what it takes to succeed and advance based on years of experience. After working in the biotech sector for more than twelve years and competing at the Division 1 level for four years, Harrison in Limitless Minds is in charge of corporate strategy and operations.

Harry has also held various sales and training positions with Horizon, Victory, and Stryker. The business was co-founded by Russell as well. Russell, a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and a six-time Pro Bowl selection, credits Trevor’s continued dedication to mental toughness with much of his success.

In addition, Russell founded Tally, anchors ESPN’s QB2QB, and serves as a national ambassador for a number of businesses and organizations.

Personal Life of Harrison Wilson IV

Russell Wilson’s older brother, Harrison Wilson IV, and Russell’s younger sister, Anna Wilson, both have the same parents. Similar to this, Harrison’s early years were simple and comfortable because his parents were able to take care of his basic needs and provide for his schooling.

Harrison’s grandfather A.B. Jackson participated in football for Kentucky State University in the past. In addition, he was appointed president of Norfolk University, a position he held for more than 20 years. Similarly, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, his father, was a sports enthusiast who played baseball and football. Russell’s family has the athletic gene as well.

In actuality, Russell Wilson’s brother possesses a variety of ethnic traits. Harrison’s parents are both Native Americans, and he also has African American heritage. All of his siblings, not only his brother, participate in sports. Russell Wilson is a well-known quarterback athlete, Harrison Wilson IV played baseball and football for the University of Richmond, and his sister plays basketball at Stanford.

Mrs. Harrison Wilson IV and their children

Harrison Wilson IV, a loving husband to his wife Courtenay Wilson, is Russell Wilson’s brother. He is also the father of three incredible, gorgeous girls.

Harrison with his family

It is very clear from Russell’s brother’s Instagram that he has a special relationship with his family. In addition, he uploads images of himself with his wife and kids, which astounds everyone.


When it comes to humanitarian activity, the Wilson family always gets ahead of the game. Harrison often comes out in support of his mother’s and brother’s humanitarian endeavors. Similar like Russell Wilson, the Wilson family is involved in a number of humanitarian endeavors. For their Strong against Cancer event in 2016, Russell’s Why Not You Foundation gave $1,060,005 to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

In 2012, Russell founded the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, with the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association receiving the earnings. Then, in 2013 and 2014, he collaborated with Russell Investments for the “Invest with Russell” campaign, which saw a $3,000 gift made to Wilson’s charitable foundation for each touchdown.

Additionally, Russell sponsors an annual charity golf tournament in Washington that benefits institutions like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Six-time Pro Bowler Russell Wilson and his wife, Grammy Award-winning musician Ciara, provided one million meals to those in need in Seattle during the COVID-19 crisis. The well-known power couple additionally took part in the nationwide “Meals Up” campaign.

Who is the mother of Harrison Wilson?

Harrison Wilson IV’s mother, Tammy Wilson, has many years of experience as an emergency department nurse. Tammy is currently residing in Seattle, Washington, as well. Three mobile hospitals are currently being built across the Seattle area with her help.

Similar to pandemics, mobile hospitals were created in response to them. Wilson’s mother claims that the portable hospital’s main function is to allow visitors to test their bodies for the coronavirus and other diseases. According to Tammy’s children, she has always been in the thick of things and dealt with emergencies since they were young.

Social Media of Harrison Wilson

Harrison enjoys a sizable fan base on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter much like his brother. On Instagram, he has a 15k-follower following under the handle @Harry B. Wilson. In contrast, you can also follow him on Twitter. Harrison frequently posts photos of his family to his social media accounts. Harrison appears to prefer Instagram over other social media sites, since we frequently see him posting there.

Frequently asked questions?

Harrison IV, Harry’s third and oldest sibling, is Harry. He currently works for a medical equipment manufacturer in Chicago after having played for the University of Richmond.

Harrison Wilson IV has how many siblings?

Russell Carrington Wilson, a quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, is Harrison’s younger brother. Harrison Wilson IV also has a younger sister named Anna Wilson, who plays professional basketball for Stanford.

Harrison Wilson is connected to Ciara by whom?

The spouse of Harrison Wilson’s brother is Ciara. Ciara Wilson, Russell Wilson’s wife, is a well-known model, dancer, and singer. 2004 saw the publication of Ciara’s debut album, and in 2016 the modeling firm IMG signed her.