Harry Hadden Paton

Harry Hadden-Paton is a famous British TV series and film actor. He is well known for the TV series Downton Abbey as the role of Bertie Pelham.

Harry Hadden Paton was born on 10 April 1981 in Hadden Paton, England. He is very famous for his other role as Martin Charteris on the Netflix series The Crown.

Quick Facts

Birth Date April 10,1981
Full Name Harry Hadden Paton
Profession Actor
Nationality British
Birth City London

What is Harry Education Level?

Harry is a skilled actor who has received formal training. He works really hard in both his professional and academic spheres.

After completing his secondary school education at Eton College, he graduated from Durham University. He enrolled in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) for acting instruction after receiving his degree.


Speaking about Harry’s parents, Sarah Mellor is his mother and Nigel Hadden-Paton is his father. Bumble is another name for Harry’s mother.

Nigel Hadden-Paton, the founder and CEO of Radio H-P, is Harry’s father. In 2012, he founded Radio H-P, which quickly rose to prominence as Britain’s most popular private networking platform.

What is Harry Height and Weight?

Harry Hadden-Paton is a guy who stands 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall and weighs about 75 kg. With his brown hair and green eyes, he has a really appealing appearance.

Harry Hadden-Paton posing during his film shooting(Source: Parade)

He frequents the gym and appears to be in excellent shape. She is very mindful about her health. He is very concerned about her appearance and looks because he is an actor.


Regarding his sisters, Harry has three: Alice Hadden-Paton, Polly Hadden-Paton, and Clementine Hadden-Paton.

Nicholas Van Custem, the son of a billionaire banker, was married to Alice Hadden-Paton. The personal lives of the three sisters are all quite fulfilling.

What is Harry Relationships Status?

In May 2010, Harry Hadden-Paton wed Rebecca Night, a stunning woman. When he was performing in The Importance of Being Earnest, he got to know her.

Success as an actress and writer also belongs to Rebecca. In Poole, Dorset, England, she was born in 1986. She has acted in films and television shows like Shades of Love and Laura Aird.

Has Two Beautiful Daughters

Harry has two lovely daughters, Martha and Audrey, who are also his offspring.

Alice Hadden-Paton with her husband Nicholas van Custem (Source: Zimbio)

Audrey and Martha come from affluent families. They lived in opulence and didn’t experience a lot of hardship in their daily lives or in their studies.

As a Stage Performer

Harry is a well-known stage actor in addition to being a prominent TV series and movie actor.

Speaking of his theatrical performances, he took part in numerous productions and made a name for himself as a top stage performer. In 2007, he gave a performance of the love story “Romeo and Juliet” at the Battersea Arts Center. In addition, he received the Ian Charleson Award for his outstanding performance in “Romeo and Juliet.”

He also played John Worthing in “The Importance of Being Earnest,” another theater production. Peter Gill was the show’s director. After that, he appeared in “The Prince of Homburg” and “The Rivals” as Hohenzollern and Captain Jack Absolute, respectively.

Career and Professional Life

Additionally, in the 2010 film “Posh,” he took on the character of Harry Villiers. The following year, in 2011, he portrayed the part of Teddy Graham in “Flare Path,” a program that won a “Olivier Award.”

Success in those performances encouraged him to perform in more. He plays Michael Palin in the Jamie Lloyd production “No Naughty Bits” and Marlow in “He Stoops to Conquer” on television.

He also appears in additional television productions like “The Changeling” and “The Pride.”

Acting in movies and TV shows

Harry Hadden-Paton is well known for his roles in movies and TV shows. In numerous shows and movies, he performed a variety of characters.

He rose to fame by playing Bertie Pelham in the television series Downton Abbey and Martin Charteris in the Netflix series The Crown.

Harry Hadden-Paton and Lauren Ambrosen in My Fair Lady (Source: PopSugar)

Additionally, he appeared in a number of other well-known television programs, including Flying Over Sunset, My Fair Lady, Great Performances, Waking the Dead, Grantchester, Informer, Versailles, La Vie En Rose, etc.

He appeared in numerous films, including In The Loop, The Little Stranger, About Time, Walter, The Deep, Vampyr, and others in addition to TV programs.

The Crown is a Netflix series

Hadden-Paton portrayed Bertie Pelham in The Crown, the most watched Netflix series. The show features 40 episodes spread across its 4 seasons.

The show was created by Peter Morgan and his colleagues, with Philippa Lowthorpe directing and Andrew Eaton serving as producer.

This show’s debut episode aired on November 4th, 2016. Following its debut, the series gained popularity and grew its fan base. The celebrity cast of The Crown consistently released forty episodes over the course of four seasons, demonstrating the show’s fan base. On November 15, 2020, the final episode was made available.

Cast Members and Concept

The core themes of “The Crown” are interpersonal interactions and political conflicts. Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth II in the television series.

Some of the series’ leading actors in The Crown include Tobias Menzies, Olivia Colman, Josh O’Connor, Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Daniels, Jason Watkins, Marion Bailey, Erin Doherty, and Charles Dance.

Downton Abbey

Hadden-Paton also starred in the most well-known and popular television show, Downton Abbey. In this show, he portrayed Bertie Pelham. Six seasons and fifty-two episodes make up the whole run of the show.

Michael Engler is the series’ director, and Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, and Liz Trubridge are its producers.

On September 26, 2010, the first episode of Downton Abbey aired. The star-studded ensemble of The Crown consistently delivered fifty-two episodes throughout the course of six seasons, demonstrating the show’s fan base. On December 25, 2015, the final episode aired.

“What’s genuinely going on inside the people’s thoughts and how they’re reacting to other people or the relationships between them” is the central theme of the television series Downton Abbey.

About 84 performers and actresses are included in this series. Lesley Nicol, Mrs. Patmore, Robert James-Collier, Geraldine James, Major Chetwode, Stephen Campbell Moore, Mrs. Patmore, and Michael Fox. Some of the main actors include Queen Mar. The biographies of Peter Morgan and Math Smith may also be of interest to you.

My Fair Lady

Harry had a significant part in the popular television series “My Fair Lady,” which was based on the musical drama My Fair Lady from 1964. In the United States of America, the film debuted on December 25, 1964. In this series, Harry plays the part of Henry Higgins. Bartlett Sher was the series’ director.


Hadden-Paton also appears in the popular TV program Versailles. In this series, he played Gaston. In Canada, the series debuted there on November 16, 2015. It is also made available in Poland, Turkey, and France on the same day.

The show contains thirty episodes spread across its three seasons. On May 15, 2018, the series’ final episode was broadcast. Due to a decline in viewers, the show was later cancelled.

Voice Acting

Harry Hadden-Paton is a talented voice actor in addition to his acting profession. He provided several various characters in movements their own distinct voices. He provided the voice for the eminent JARVIS character from the Marvel film Iron Man.

A well-known MCU character is JARVIS (Marvel Cinematic Universe ). It is an artificial intelligence created by a figure from the film Tony Stark.

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Dragon Age

Harry provided his voice for the video game Dragon Age. On November 3, 2009, David Gaider and BioWare released a video game series in Canada.

Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, OS X Flash Facebook Platform, iOS, Android, Google+, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more platforms support the game for play.

How much is Harry Net Worth?

Harry Hadden-Paton is a well-known voice actor and actor in TV shows and motion pictures. Acting is therefore his main source of income. His estimated $3 million net worth includes all of his assets.

Knowing his net worth, it appears that he lives in a luxurious home and drives a high-end vehicle.

Is Harry active on social media?

Paton, a well-known voice actor, only has an Instagram account. Despite having a legitimate Instagram account, he appears to be highly inactive there.

His Instagram account is now hidden, making it impossible to reveal how many followers he has. On Instagram, he has published more than 800 times. He publishes content pertaining to his job and hobbies.

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