Heidi Andersson

Quick Facts

Full Name Erika Heidi Marie Andersson
Common Name Heidi Andersson
Nick Name Heidi
Birth Date 27 February 1981
Age 41 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birth Place Ensamheten, Sweden
Residence Storuman, Sweden
Father’s Name Kent Andersson
Mother’s Name Jeanette Andersson
Siblings 2 brothers Torbjörn Andersson Frank ANdersson
Religion Christianity
Nationality Swedish
High School  N/A
College N/A
Education Honorary Doctorate
Height 170 cm/5’7″
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Married Yes
Partner Björn Ferry (m. 2006)
Children One son, Dante
Profession Arm Wrestler, Climate Conservation Advocate
World Championships 14 wins
Hobbies Training, Working
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Status Retired
Salary N/A
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Merch Arm wrestler from Solitude
Last-Update September, 2022

Women are no less than any man, despite what many people believe to be the stereotype that they are inherently weak. The Swedish arm wrestler Heidi Andersson must be one of them.

Andersson, 41, has won the arm-wrestling title eleven times! She is a native of a tiny Swedish town in Lapland.

At the age of 11, Heidi began arm wrestling. She went on to become a top athlete and a coach for future arm wrestlers.

In addition to being an athlete, Heidi is deeply committed to environmental preservation. She urges a decrease in the usage of fossil fuels and the promotion of sustainable energy sources.

By 2025, Heidi and her husband hope to live a life free of fossil fuels. They frequently conduct interviews and speeches on this admirable goal.

Childhood And Family

Heidi was born on February 27, 1981, in the Swedish Lapland municipality of Storuman. She is a resident of a place called Ensamheten, which means “Solitude” in English.

There are currently only about 18 people living there. Similarly, the Andersson family has been there for six generations.

Her area was hence isolated, just like her name suggested. She felt a tremendous sense of cooperation and community as a result. Andersson has been taught to appreciate life, sustainability, and responsibility since he was a little child.

Kid Heidi with her grandfather Tore Andersson.(Source=Instagram)

Speaking of her family, Kent Andersson is her father and Jeanette Andersson is her mother. She has two brothers as well.

Heidi Andersson drew a lot of inspiration from her grandfather. He taught her to take ownership of the lovely world she belonged in.

When Heidi was just 11 years old, she began arm wrestling. She took inspiration from seeing Swedish arm wrestlers on television.

Her family assisted her in constructing the tables and other necessities for her first practice. Andersson has been imagining himself as a professional arm wrestler ever since.

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Husband and son of Heidi Andersson

Gorgeous Björn Ferry, an Olympian biathlete from Sweden, and Heidi are married. They were wed on June 23, 2006, in a simple ceremony.

Ferry, like Heidi, cares about the environment and takes action to preserve it.

The spouse declared in November 2017 that he would stop flying because of the well-known environmental impact of the airline business.

Flygskam, which translates to “flight shame” in Swedish, is a term used to describe a movement that urges individuals to avoid flying for ethical reasons.

This movement was initially established by Ferry, but Greta Thunberg’s promotion of it brought it more attention.

Ferry and Heidi are a household name and power couple in Sweden. They serve as a spokesperson for the movement to eliminate fossil fuels by 2025.

Likewise, on July 19, 2011, they welcomed their son Dante Andersson Ferry into the world.

The most recent news is that Heidi is pregnant! The family has chosen to call the newborn Simon/Simona and she is two months pregnant.

An Earth Warrior

In addition to being a great arm wrestler, Heidi is a passionate environmentalist. Fossil fuels are her main area of concentration, and she hopes to be fossil fuel-free by 2025.

She is traveling with her spouse to preserve our priceless world. In just five years, they were able to cut their consumption of fossil fuels by 80%.

On addition, they operate extensively in a 1000-hectare forest that they own.

Heidi is working in the forest.(Source=instagram)

Together, they routinely conduct programs and give talks to inform audiences about the scarcity of fossil fuels and how switching to alternative energy sources may have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Additionally, in 2018, SVT broadcast a series titled “Storuman Forevr” that portrayed Heidi and Bjorn’s selfless efforts to raise awareness about climate change.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences awarded the arm wrestling champion an honorary degree in forest sciences in 2018 in recognition of her contributions.

What is the Physical Measurement of Heidi?

The body and health of a champion arm wrestler must be taken extremely seriously. Heidi weighs 65 kg and has a muscular, athletic build.

She designed her training program to accommodate this need.

Andersson engaged in a more demanding exercise regimen during her competitive career. She exercised five to twelve times per week, having just one or two days off. Her actual straight workout lasted between 60 and 90 minutes.

She has continued to train even after leaving an elite career. Heidi also exercises five times a week on average.

She enjoys strength training at the gym in addition to her regular arm wrestling training.

Andersson exercises with her students in the arm wrestling program at Storuman the most of the time. She also enjoys working out with free weights and towing machines.

She enjoys both jogging and climbing ropes, similarly.

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How did He Start Arm Wrestling Career?

Her career is unknown with certainty, although we do know that she started playing professionally in late 1990. She has so far taken home 11 global titles.

Heidi has also won four bronze medals and six silvers in the world cup. She has also won three times in Europe.

She has also won the Nordic Championships and Swedish Championships numerous times.

Hedi no longer competes in elite arm wrestling, but she continues to train and instruct.

Poster for Miljöhjältarna show.(Source=Instagram)

In a society where the majority of people aren’t even aware that arm wrestling is a professional sport, Heidi works to spread awareness of her job.

Additionally, Andersson visits schools to deliver presentations and live demonstrations of arm wrestling to the next generation.

Besides arm wrestling

The 2004 publication of the documentary Armbryterskan frn Ensamheten (Armwrestler from loneliness) was a dramatic turning point in her life.

Even though Andersson was a four-time world champion prior to the documentary’s airing, her widespread recognition in Sweden was a result of this exposure.

The champion has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Between 2009 and 2012, she hosted five seasons of the SCT television program Miljöhjältarna.

Literally meaning “The environmental heroes,” the program is a kids’ program designed to educate young viewers about environmental protection.

Likewise, Andersson was employed in 2012 as a host on Swedish Radio P1. She took part in the Sommarpratarna program on SVT. (Summer Talks)

In 2016, Heidi and her husband appeared in the eighth season of the television program Mästarnas mästare (Master of Masters).

In this program, a variety of athletes from various sports compete in numerous matches to determine who is the best.

The contestants are eliminated one at a time during the many episodes of the show. The master of masters title is awarded to the last person standing.

Bjorn finished in sixth place, while Heidi moved up to fifth.

How was the Networth Value of Heidi Andersson?

Even though arm wrestling is a popular sport, on a professional level it is not as popular as football or cricket.

Prize money, one of an athlete’s main sources of revenue, is much lower for arm wrestling champions. Heidi has won a total of 10,000 SEK in prizes.

Heidi is now pursuing careers as an entrepreneur, educator, and environmental warrior after her elite career officially came to an end. Andersson has so far appeared in a lot of TV programs.

Andersson is a vocal proponent of goods with a commitment to sustainability. She represents the “Fairphone” brand, for example.

This ethical business, which has its roots in the Netherlands, creates smartphones with little regard for the environment.

In addition to endorsing the device, Heidi exclusively possesses just one smartphone.

The athlete pair collaborated with Volvo trucks in 2019 to discuss making transportation more environmentally friendly.

In addition, Heidi’s net worth is thought to range from $1 million to $5 million.

Lifestyle of Bjory

Bjorn and Heidi are obviously not the type of people that lead opulent lives. They make an effort to have a simple, minimal existence that harms our priceless planet as little as possible.

The view from Heidi’s residence.(Source=Instagram)

The family has a low-impact phone and an electric vehicle because they care about the environment.

Because Bjorn no longer flies, even lengthy holidays are out of the question.

The family also resides in an environmentally friendly home in Storuman, which may not have all the modern conveniences but offers stunning mountain views.

Social Media

Social media: 5.6K Followers

104,000 Instagram followers

Twitter Followers: 818

Website: https://heidiandersson.com/

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