Helmut Strebl

What are your thoughts on bodybuilding? Do you think you can get name, fame, and wealth through bodybuilding? If you are wondering you can’t, then let us clarify that people earn names and fame from bodybuilding; one example is Helmut Strebl. Helmut is one famous person who is very well known for his fitness and adored for his determination and discipline.

Quick Facts about  Helmut Strebl:

Full Name Helmut Strebl 
Birth Date November 6, 1968
Birth Place Austria
Nickname  The Muscle Machine
Age 53 Years Old
Nationality Austrian
Ethnicity White 
Religion  Catholic 
Education Not Available 
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Not Available 
Mother’s Name Not Available 
Siblings Not Available 
Height 6 ft. 3 inches (190 cm)
Weight 93.0kg (215 lbs)
Body Measurements  Not Available
Shoe Size 10 (U.S)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black 
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Profession Professional Bodybuilder 
Active since 2000
Career Earnings $1 Million 
Merch of Bodybuilding Coffee MugJaxx Pack Bag
Social Media Instagram 
Last Update August, 2022

Helmut Strebl’s Net Worth and earnings

He has been involved in bodybuilding for a considerable amount of time, competing in numerous events, and earning numerous awards.

His estimated net worth is therefore $1 million. Helmut has not, however, independently verified it.

Helmut’s net worth is also unknown because it is not disclosed to the public. But be assured that as soon as we learn anything about it, we’ll let you know. You may also know more about Arnold Schwarzenegger

Helmut Strebl: Education and Early Life

Strebl was born on November 6, 1968, in Austria. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding his parents or his education; however, we will let you know as soon as we learn anything.

But when specifically did Helmut feel the need to begin bodybuilding, do you know? Since he was twelve years old, he has known he wants to compete in bodybuilding.

He wasn’t a tough man back in school; he was just a regular kid who got picked on by all the other boys for looking skinny.

Helmut made the decision to pursue bodybuilding in order to overcome those bullies. It all began as a means of self-defense before evolving into a passion. Later, he saw that bodybuilding serves more than only defensive needs.

Two water bottles served as his first weights, which he used to lift and exercise with. The desire to become a professional then manifested itself when he turned sixteen and joined the neighborhood squad. You may also know about  Shannon Seeley

Helmut Strebl: Profession

Helmut has been active in bodybuilding for approximately 20 years. Although it initially served as a strategy to avoid bullying, it eventually turned into his love.

Helmut is currently ranked first among the MOST SHREDDED Men in the World for 2017. In addition to being the leanest man, he is a model, influencer, and bodybuilder.

Over the course of his career, he has won numerous contests and prizes.

The real driving force behind Helmut’s efforts is to use his experience to encourage everyone. Additionally, he is making every effort to behave admirably.


  • United Nations Military Skills Winner
  • 1995 MountainRace Cycling Winner
  • Mr. World 1996, eleventh position
  • Winner of Mr. Austria
  • European Model, Thrice
  • Miami Pro World Champion, thrice
  • 1998, Mr. Fitness

Helmut Strebl’s method of exercise

This degree of physical fitness wasn’t attained overnight; it took years of effort and commitment. Prior to working out your body, you should train and prepare your brain. Building mental strength comes before working out physically.

Mind and muscle training constitutes the initial series of exercises. Strebl takes five breaths in and five breaths out before beginning anything. The other phase is working out at the gym, but he decides on the day he wants to weigh how much entirely on instinct rather than planning beforehand.

But when he has to go for a competition, he creates a Calandra in which Helmut details all of his practicing activities. Before applying excessive pressure to one’s body, Helmut believes that one must first be aware of its capabilities and limitations.

Exercise Routine

Helmut’s days are never the same because he concentrates on a different body component each day. The same is true of Monday’s back, shoulders, calves, and abs.

He performs wide grip lat pulldowns, standing BB upright rows, close grip chin-ups, standing calf raises, and DB rows on Monday.

It will be released on Tuesday and is devoted to his chest and triceps. On that day, he performs bench press, butterfly machine, and dips.

His biceps, hamstrings, and abs are what he works on on Wednesdays. On that particular day, he performs the seat BB preaches bench crunches, incline bench crunches, lying leg curls, and seated leg curls.

He works his quadriceps and calves mostly on Thursday by performing incline leg presses, seated leg extensions, seated calf raises, and standing calf raises.

Helmut Strebl. (Source: Instagram)

On Friday, he performs decline close drip, lying-down machine glutes extensions, and standing machine glutes extensions for his glutes and chest.

Saturday is a day of relaxation, and you should occasionally give your body a break so that it can heal. In order to work his back and calves, he begins his routine on Sunday with a seated row, a reverse grip lat pulldown, and standing calf lifts.

Helmut’s exercise regimen so demonstrates his commitment to and level of concentrate on his career. He now ranks among the role models for many young people, in fact.

What food consumes Helmut Strebl?

His food is carefully planned, just like his exercise routine. He consumes roughly five to seven meals per day with very little protein. He typically eats egg whites, turkey, chicken, steak, and whitefish.

Also he follows a different diet plan while getting ready for a competition, eating more carbohydrates like a lot of brown rice and sweet potatoes. But he abstains from eating carbohydrates in the nights.

He consumes three beagles with jam for breakfast, three egg whites with the yolk still intact, chicken, coffee, mustard, and low-fat spread.

For his second meal, he consumes 80 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein shake.

Typically, chicken or turkey is served with basmati rice for meal number three. Meal four and meal five both consist of basmati rice with chicken, turkey, or fish.

Also he has ten to twelve egg whites without yolks and four slices of brown toast for his sixth meal of the day.

He definitely earned all of his achievements because of his strict diet and rationing programs, as not everyone can modify their lifestyle in this way. He undoubtedly acquired his body as a result.

Routine for Helmut Strebl’s carbon bicycle

One crucial component of Helmut’s training regimen is carb cycling. If you’re wondering how carb cycling might help you achieve your dream figure, keep reading because Helmut’s exercise secret is revealed here.

He typically acts in this manner just before a competition or a title. He hasn’t eaten carbohydrates at night for months.

Additionally, Helmut often cycles his carbs for four days. Thus, he will eat between 150 and 200 grams of carbohydrates each day for the first three days before spreading them out over six meals each day.

Height & Dimensions

Helmut, who is 53 years old, yet has a youthful appearance. It’s all down to the diet he consumes. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall (198cm).

His weight fluctuates between 93 kg during competitions and 100 kg during the offseason, according to his physical measurements.

Helmut Strebl is showcasing his shredded body.

He also has a chest measurement of 55 inches, a thigh measurement of 28 inches, and an upper arm measurement of 21 inches. His calf size is 21 inches, and his waist measurement is 34.

Personal life of Helmut Strebl

Helmut has, regrettably, kept his private life private. Thus, it is unknown if he is married, has children, or is unmarried. Helmut works hard and is here to do his job; he is not, however, obligated to present his family to everyone.

This is unfortunate for his followers, who are curious to learn more about him, but we should respect his right to choose to keep his private life private.

Instagram presence

Although Helmut has an  Instagram account, he rarely uses it. He has only published eleven photos of himself there so far.

And he is featured in every photo, displaying his body. There isn’t even a trace of any relatives. It demonstrates how fervently Helmut want for his family to remain hidden from view.

So, the only way to get to know Helmut better is to read through his interviews or several articles about him online.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Is Helmut Strebl still active?

The answer is no. He continues to be active in his job and take part in many competitions, even though he is in his fifties.

What gives Helmut Strebl his greatest drive?

Helmut is motivated by everything around him. He does, however, follow his gut and accomplishes what he wants to do because he believes that motivation should come from within rather than from someone else.