Hubie Brown

Hubie Brown is a classical wine, ripped with age and full of experience. At present, Brown is such a resume that carries sixty years of gameplay, coaching, and new dimensions.

This enriched athlete is a retired basketball player, a retired coach who currently stands as a television analyst.

Furthermore, filled with work values and the virtue of diligence, Brown is a two-time NBA Coach of the Year.

During the tenure at the Atlanta Hawks, his efforts and ideas and later the Memphis Grizzlies paid those off to him.

Apart from coaching, Brown honed his skills ever since his high school days and professionally with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Additionally, he can be considered as the ‘well of wisdom’ and man of undeniable talents.

“You’re always a half step away from the street.”
-Charlie Brown (father of Hubie)

To date, you can see him running around to cover the matches and even on television networks. For further details, I hope to cover a few through general get-to-go facts and brief information.

Quick Facts

Full Name Hubert Jude Brown
Date of Birth September 25, 1933
Birth Place Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Nick Name No
Religion Catholic
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age 88 years old
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight 160 lb (73 kg)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grayish blue
Father’s Name Charlie Brown
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Education St. Mary of the Assumption High School
Niagara University
Marital Status Married
Wife Claire Frances Manning (m. 1960)
Kids Three daughters, Molly Brown, Virginia Brown, and Julie Brown
A son Brendan Brown
Profession Retired basketball player and coach
Current television analyst
Basketball Team Milwaukee Bucks
Basketball Year 1958-1959
Coaching Years 1955–1987, 2002–2004
Broadcasting Years 2004-present
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2022

Hubie Brown | Childhood

Hubert Jude Brown, sometimes known as Hubert Brown, was born a Libra on September 25, 1933.

He was the sole child of his parents when he was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Later, when he was only three years old, they relocated to Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The accounts claim that Brown’s father had a job at a shipyard. Brown claimed that despite his high expectations, he was the one who inspired him to put in more effort each day.

The greatest individual I have ever known is my father. Buddy Brown


Hubie Brown has been active all entire life. To provide an example, when I was in high school, I played baseball, basketball, and football on every team.

In addition, he earned his high school diploma from St. Mary of the Assumption in 1951. He had won the state championship in every sport by the end of his career.

Hiubie Brown enrolled in Niagara University, where he played college baseball and basketball, to further his education.

In the interim, Charlie Hoxie, Larry Costello, and former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden shared a room with him.

Regarding the academic portion, Brown earned an education degree from college in 1955. He quickly enlisted in the US Army and then retired to Niagara University to complete a master’s in education.

U.S. Army

Hubie Brown committed himself to the US Army after earning his undergraduate degree, serving there for a few years until 1958. He participated in the basketball squad for the US Army during those years.

Brown started playing with the Rochester Colonels of the Eastern Professional Basketball League after being released from the service. He averaged 13.8 points per game in that time.

Hubie Brown | Career as a Coach

Brown started teaching in 1955 and continued to uphold his principles until 2004, when he ultimately decided to stop. Additionally, Brown started out coaching high school teams before moving on to teams.

He has served as both a head coach and an assistant coach throughout his whole coaching career.

“Letting students slip by is the worst sin a coach can commit. Both the court and the classroom apply here.
Buddy Brown

Coaching in High School and College

Due to his talent as a defender, Hubie Brown began his coaching career at Little Falls’ St. Mary Academy. During his time there, he served as a baseball and basketball coach.

In parallel, he served as a coach at Fair Lawn High School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, then Cranford High School in Cranford, New Jersey. Brown worked as a high school coach for nine years in all.

Later, in 1968, he served as a College of William & Mary assistant coach. But after a year, he moved on to Duke University as an assistant coach, thus he didn’t continue coaching there for very long.

Wisconsin Bucks

Following 1972, Brown’s first coaching position was as an assistant. He worked with players including Dave Cowens, John Havlicek, Jo Jo White, and future Bucks coach Don Nelson in addition to head coach Larry Costello.

They performed admirably in the NBA Finals in 1974, but they lost to the Boston Celtics.

Virginia Colonels

After serving as an assistant coach for a while, he was appointed head coach of the Kentucky Colonels in 1974. He guided the American Basketball Association’s Kentucky Colonels to the 1975 ABA Championship.

Later, he led them to the ABA the next season as well; but, because they were excluded from the NBA at the merger, the franchise failed.

Georgia Hawks

He won the top Coach of the Year award after entering the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks. In 1979–80, Brown guided them through ups and downs to their second division title; however, the following year, manager was let go.

Knicks of New York

Brown’s career hit a low point during these years after signing with the New York Knicks. Brown was unable to control the group, which led to the team’s demise following the postseason.

Even the team’s star player missed two seasons due to an injury. Brown joined in 1982 and was ultimately let go in 1986.

Tennessee Grizzlies

Brown had been in the NBA for sixteen years before he joined the Memphis Grizzlies. Brown was chosen as the Grizzlies’ head coach after a careful evaluation of his health and age.

Additionally, Brown turned 69, making him the oldest NBA coach in history. The Grizzlies were doing poorly in the game at the time, but Brown was able to turn things around.

He received the Coach of the Year award for a specific reason. Despite this, the problems persisted. Brown’s health difficulties at that time were a major concern, therefore his son, Brendan Brown, and the assistant coach handled the most of his duties.

Overall, a season-long argument between Jason Williams and Brendan Brown led to problems for the Grizzlies.


Later on in the same season, on November 25, 2004, Brown declared his NBA retirement. On the day before Thanksgiving, he withheld the details of his retirement.

According to the news, Brown claimed to have retired because of his health problems. He had no health issues, it was later revealed, according to the report.

Then, Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal said that James Posey, Jason Williams, and Bonzi Wells’ unfavorable attitudes were a result of his retirement.

“I need strength and vitality on a daily basis, and with me, it’s a spirit. But spirit is the key. You see, your spirit is what fuels your daily passion. You have to realize that it’s time to walk when you wake up one day and realize you don’t have that.
Buddy Brown

Hubie Brown’s ABA championship accomplishments (1975)
Basketball Coach of the Year twice (1978 and 2004)
Basketball’s Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame (2005)

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Hubie Brown | Career in Broadcasting

Brown started his announcing career for the first time after leaving the Atlanta Hawks. He started working with CBS and the USA Network’s NBA coverage at that time.

The first time appeared in the broadcast of the game for CBS while working with the New York Knicks and Brent Musburger.

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After leaving the Knicks, he later worked as a full-time employee with Verne Lundquist at the CBS. At that point, CBS made the announcement that Hubie Brown would be their primary analyst for National Basketball Association games.

In 1988, Brown was given a promotion to become the head analyst for CBS after a few years of working with them. He covered the 1990 NBA Finals and even the Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons’ games during his time there.

Soon after, Verne Lundquist, Brent Musburger, Bob Neal, Ron Thulin, and Pete Van Wieren led Brown to the TNT basketball coverage. For all those years, he covered both regular season and postseason games.

Even after he retired, he agreed to work for ABC as their top NBA analyst. He continuously covered the 2005 and 2006 NBA Finals alongside Al Michaels and Mike Breen.

Work in Progress and Accomplishments

Hubie Brown, Mark Jones, and Mike Breen currently cover ABC and ESPN radio. They covered both the NBA Finals and NBA Playoffs collectively.

Brown was nominated for a Sports Emmy in 1994 and 1999 as he made his way down the path.

Gross Value

Hubie Brown is estimated to have a $5 million net worth as of 2020 and an analyst salary of $58,506 a year. Despite his advanced age, Brown never appears to want to stop.

All told, the former athlete lives in a lavish home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hubie Brown | Some Famous Quotes

  • The greatest sin a coach can commit is to allow kids to slide by. This goes for the classroom as well as the court.
  • X & O’s aren’t worth a damn without a team. If your team isn’t with you, it doesn’t matter what you draw up. The team must respect what the coach is asking them to do.
  • No matter how good you are, at the top of your game, always remember that you’re half a step away from the street.

Hubie Brown | Family and Social Media

Currently, Hubie Brown is happily involved with his family. Brown tied his knot with his wife, Claire Frances Manning, in 1960.

The duo has been happily together since then, and if you count, it’s been sixty years of their strong bonding.

All these periods and the duo have four kids; three daughters, Molly Brown, Virginia Brown, Julie Brown, and a son Brendan Brown.

Hubie’s wife, Claire, is someone who doesn’t like attention; hence, she is mostly out of the limelight keeping her life private.

Among the household, Brendan Brown followed in his father’s footsteps and got involved in the NBA. He is the former NBA scout and assistant coach and also a radio analyst for the New York Knicks.

Last but not least, Hubie Brown and his wife, Claire, are blessed with three grandchildren. As we dive into his social media presence, Brown is not on any platform; thus, we provide you with his hashtag pages.

Instagram hashtag #hubiebrown
Twitter hashtag #HubieBrownNBA


Hubie Brown | Common Questions

Did Hubie Brown play in the NBA?

Apart from coaching, Hubie Brown had his playing career the shortest as he played for the Rochester Colonies from 1958–1959.

Did Hubie Brown suffer from Covid-19?

With the ongoing pandemic situation worldwide, Hubie Brown too had to battle with the virus. He spent 79 days in the hospital and spoke after beating a lengthy battle with COVID-19 “I can remember, I was in my backyard. I was gonna go fish, and all of a sudden, I felt sickly and bad. I came into the house and told my wife I didn’t feel good. After that, I don’t remember anything else.”

Did Hubie Brown have a Stroke?

Hubie Brown had some weak medical condition, but it is not confirmed yet whether it is a Stroke or not.